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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why can't everything be like scrapbook paper?

I have been searching for months for the perfect bedding for Brooklyn's room. I know what I want. I can see it in my head. I thought I had made it up but now I know where I got this "idea"....scrapbook paper! They have the most beautiful scrapbook paper imaginable out there right now and I could probably find a hundred different sheets of it that would satisfy this "idea" of what her bedding should look like. BUT...no one (that I can find) makes anything like this--and believe me, I have spent countless hours in front of the computer screen browsing websites after googling the terms: Funky, retro, swirly, unique, unusual teen girl bedding. It's about to drive me nuts. I know I am asking for a lot. I want this totally awesome, completely unique quilt that no one else has or has ever seen and I want it for CHEAP! Ha!! If ONLY I could sew!! I know I could find plenty of perfect fabrics too--but I can't afford to pay someone to make me a custom quilt. Grrr....Why do I have to be so picky? Why can't I just go to Wal-Mart and buy her a butterfly and flowers Or Hannah Montana bedding set for $59 and be done with it? Just thinking of having something like that makes me wanna gag. I despise "themes". Sorry to those of you who have such a thing in your kids rooms. I PROMISE YOU...this standard ONLY applies to me. I might walk into someone elses "themed" room and LOVE it..but for me and my house...we will go ala carte! ha ha
I am SO NOT into matchy-matchy. I am all about mixie-matchie and funky. Plus...seeing as how this room is NOT about ME anyway...this is also very much what Brooklyn likes. The girl has her OWN sense of style..let me tell you..but if anything, she is less "normal" than I. The funkier..the better in her book. We are both into over-the-top designs. Stuff that other people would never be brave enough to do. That's what I like. That is why I put brown paper bags all over my sons room to make a "leather" wall. No one else I know has that.
Anyway, I have spent the last hour and a half looking AGAIN for the perfect bedding and I haven't had any luck.
In a way I think to myself "why am I making such a big deal out of this? it's just a 6-year-olds bedroom...not a showcase." And then the other side of me says "yes, but this is going to be her room for the next (at least) 5 years and we might as well do it right and make it something she'll love."
I know me...I will never be satisfied with something mediocre.
So..on that note..if any of you have any suggestions, advice or websites for me---please share.
If you're interested, the top contender right now is at www.sweetpeachesbedding.com and it's the one called Hot Chocolate. I don't like the sheets or any of the accesories...JUST the quilt.
For those of you who know "Somebody's Nobody" over at http://lilahsnobody.blogspot.com---her style is exactly what I am looking for! Jaye...I need your help!!!


Logzie said...

I KNOW exactly what you mean about the Scrapbook paper!!! The same thing happens to me. And I hate "themes" too.

I say go look at Amy Butler fabrics and make it yourself. It's not that hard. I've never done it myself but I think I could. Do you have a Grandma that sews? A neighbor? You might just save some $$ doing it this way. Keep us posted!