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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday Weigh-In

I SO did not want to get on the scale this morning. I feared the worst---seeing the big 5. (150) BUT...after that whole jeans trying on experience the other day, I knew I needed to hop on there and see what I was dealing with. It rang me up at 147 today. Not good-not bad. Certainly better than the 150 I was fearing. I NEVER want to see the 150's again...ever~! My goal for a couple of years now has been to get down to 130. BUT..I think I am going to change that for now. I am going to make getting down to 140 my goal for now..for 2007. Losing 17 pounds sounds daunting...but losing 7 sounds do-able. If I can get to 140...I will be able to fit into all of my jeans, including the new ones I bought the other night. Then come January..I can start thinking about 130 again.
I started tanning yesterday. I can't stand this pasty white skin. Yes, I know....you're all thinking..."but you told us to use the Dove Energy Glow to get rid of that"..and you're right, I did. And I still LOVE the stuff...but...I want a "real" tan. The kind that is all over my whole body--not just the parts my hands can reach. At the gym I go to, I can tan in the nicer, 10-minute beds for $2 a pop....and that's way cheaper (and more convenient) than any of the tanning salons around here...so I am gonna do it..for a while anyway.
I just had SUCH a "down" kind of day yesterday--about my looks. Here I was at the gym for the first time in a week standing in the front row of my class feeling like a HIPPO. Usually I am one of the more "fit" people in the class..but apparently every skinny/buff girl that has a membership to that gym decided to come to class yesterday morning. and...not only that..but 2 of them were wearing barely-there sports bras showing off their rock-hard abs and gigantic fake round-as-a-cantelope boobs. They are all also really tan and pretty and just pretty much disgusting! ha ha Me on the other hand...I was wearing probably the most unflattering pair of shorts I own...gray cut off sweat-shorts from AE that are a size too big, a brown tank that is too tight and whose straps KEPT falling off my arms. I just felt so out of place and I HATE that feeling. It reminded me of when I first started going to the gym and I weighed 190 pounds. I was so miserable being there surrounded by all those tiny, muscular people...but I used that as my inspiration to keep going and it worked.
Anyway, I didn't mean to ramble about that...but for once, the kids are at school and I have a minute and I just let my fingers go wild.
So...the other thing I wanted to talk about in this post is last night's eipsode of Biggest Loser. I was so bummed to see B go. He was trying SO hard to keep the red team in the race. I would've hate to see Hollie go too-or any of them (except Julie) for that matter, but I will miss Kim. I wonder what will happen with her now? I SO would LOVE to try all of those challenges that they do on there. It would be so fun and interesting to see how in-shape I actually am. I think I am probably a lot less "in-shape" than I should be for having worked out on a consistent basis for the last 3 1/2 years. Maybe that's why I liked B so much---he and I struggle with the same thing--nutrition.
Okay, well, I should really make good use of this time at home alone and get some work done. Bye for now!
Ps. Did you see that they are coming out with BL work out DVD's on December 18th? That is now the #1 thing on my Christmas Wish List!


Kate said...

J, I am right there w/ you. But look how far you've come from 190!!! That's awesome! I was saying to my DH last night as we were watching BL - "Look at Julie - that's how big I was at my heaviest!" And he just kept saying "No, it wasn't!" But certainly it was. We've both come a long way, so don't let those top-heavy blonde bobbleheads at the gym distract you. They may look good on the outside, but who knows what they've got going on on the inside. Your health/your body/your mind is the greatest gift and it's our responsibiltiy to keep it up. I too go to the gym all frumpy b/c I'm not there to socialize, find a man, or compete. I'm there to get my ass in shape and the clothes I wear have little to do w/ that. Our goals are eaxctly the same - 130!! I was once at 135 and it was just too much to keep up w/ FT work, my grad school schedule, wedding planning, and house hunting. But now that time has freed up a little, I can get back to it. We both can girl!!! Hey, do you belong to Cardinal Fitness? Just wondering b/c that's where I go and they have really cheap tanning too. BTW - love the Dove lotion!

KC said...

Hey girl! I haven't watched BL yet...but can't wait!
I am so proud of you, you have come so far! Just look, you have lost 43 lbs since you first started trying to lose weight. That is huge! So you can definitely lose 7 lbs, and then 10 more later. You CAN and WILL accomplish your goal. I have faith in you.

Who is actually confident enough to dress like that for the gym? I mean I can understand wanting to show off all of your hard work, but still. I would never be brave enough to workout in a sports bra/shorts without a T-shirt over it...I would be so self-conscious and I have better things to do during my workouts than to worry about how I look. Plus I workout outside, early in the mornings, no makeup, bundled up with layers of clothes, coat, hat, gloves, etc. So I am usually looking like the abominable snowman! hahahaa :)

Love ya girlfriend!

Beverly said...

Look how far you have come, that is an amazing acomplishment. You can do it. Baby steps! This isn't exactly the best time of the year but as long as you not adding right now you doing great with all the temptation out there right now. Maybe you need to find some exercises you can do at hom that you can enjoy enstead of just depending on the gym, if your anything like me there is no way I would be able to get to a gym daily. Just remeber we believe in you and you are inspiration to so many.