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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

That Really STINKS!

Last night my good buddy Rachael called to see if I wanted to go Christmas shopping with her while the guys watch the kiddos. Woohoo! Now that's my idea of FUN! he he
Anyway, on the way to her house which is just a 2 mile feild from mine...I took a little back road. It was super dark even with my brights on and I was going...hmm...oohh..probably a teensy bit faster than the 25 mph speed limit when a SKUNK ran out in front of me! I swerved and slammed on my brakes (bad, I know) to try to miss it...but I hit it anyway. "Ba-Bump!" I felt my car go! ICK! But that was nothing compared to the SMELL! My car stinks so bad that we can smell it inside the house!!! I don't know what to do! I have had a headache ever since it happened because that smell is so strong and it's disgusting.
Any body have any suggestions?
Other than the skunk incident, it was a great night though. We went to the mall first and we split up so she could go where she needed to and so I could go in the GAP and try yet again to find a pair of jeans that fit right. I hated that I felt like I had to buy them there...but I had a $20 gift card plus somehow I overpaid my GAP bill by like $17 last month...so I had almost $40 to spend. I decided to take 1 pair of every style they sell and go from there. I picked up all size 8. Now...the last pair of jeans I bought from the GAP are a size 6...but I knew better than to try that. For one, I've gained about 10 pounds since those fit comfortably and besides that...everything has been feeling tight lately. GRR! Anyway, after about an hour of taking jeans on and off, on and off..I finally decided on a pair of boot cut indigo wash (real dark). They're really a tad bit tighter than I'd like...but...the salesgirl INSISTED that she has these same jeans and that they stretch out really bad. She promised me that if I bought the sz. 10 (that felt wonderful) that they'd be way too baggy within an hour of wearing them. She actually told me to wear them around the house for a few hours before I take the tags off just to see. Which I will certainly do. I got them on sale for $49 (down from $69) so they are only going to cost me about $11. Yay! Now...of course, I am back on the weight-loss wagon. That was totally depressing last night to see that I am almost back in a size 10. I'm not trying to be a size 4...but I was comfortable with 6 or 8.
Anyway, time to get the kids ready for school! I'll write more later! Bye!


KC said...

Wow, it looks like ya'll had a great Thanksgiving! Congrats! Were you in your home town? We were there visiting Stephen's family, and that is where I hit the sales at Wal-mart.

Girl, I don't know what to do about skunk smell in a car. I know if you get sprayed by a skunk you can take a bath in tomato juice and it takes the smell away...but don't know abut a car. Would febreeze take it out? Or make it worse? Humm...you definitely know how to come up with the dilemmas! haha :)

It sounds like your shopping trip went good. Don't be to hard on yourself on the jeans, this is a very hard time of year to lose weight, but it is possible. If anyone can do it, you can. And hey, what's wrong with being a size 4?! :p haha
Love ya girlfriend!

Logzie said...

Those pictures are GREAT!! Thanks for sharing them!

One time Grover chased after a skunk and it sprayed him and I will never forget that smell...EVER! We bathed him in vinegar and it worked pretty good. Vingear stinks too but it doesn't last and it's way better than skunk!

As far as the skunk smell...hmmm...I have heard that vinegar takes those smells out...so...I would put vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it all over your van and leave all the doors open for it to air out for like a whole day.

P.S.-you may want to check with someone else before you try that...I am almost positive that vinegar won't hurt your fabric or stain it but not 100% sure. You might want to ask Mojonah...she is the one who told me that vinegar will take out the smell of urine from a child's mattress. I will put a cup of vinegar into my laundry when I wash the dish towels and rags that have that nasty smell from sitting wet too long. I have not had any problems with doing that but I would hate to be responsible for your van! Let me know what you come up with!

Beverly said...

I use odoban for everything! It gets the odor out of everything. I buy it at Sam's. I searched online and read that is also gets rid of the skunk odor so you might give it a try. I love the stuff.

Unknown said...

From my experience, the sales lady is right! Lucky Magazine also says to buy your jeans a size too small. I've never gone to that extreme, but I have learned to buy them tight, otherwise I'll be hikin' them up all the time ;)

Great pics from Thanksgiving!