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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More ???'s

Okay so that last post prompted more questions for you all:
I provided my answers for you in white italics (if you couldn't tell!) ha ha

1) When will you put your tree up?
probably around December 1st
2) Who puts it up? Just you? the whole family? Does hubby help?
Mostly me..but the kids will help a little with the lower half
3) When will you take it down?
Somewhere between December 26th and the 30th
4) When will you begin putting presents underneath it?
The day I put it up--a tree with no gifts under it is just downright depressing! ha ha
5) Do you put lights on the outside of your house? and when?
Yes. Either Thanksgiving Day or the day after usually.
6) If so, who puts 'em up?
Just me (usually)
7) When will you send out your Christmas Cards?
As soon after Thanksgiving as possible
8) Will you write a hand-written message in each?
absolutely. I NEVER send a card without at LEAST a paragraph. No message is just insincere, I think. (no offense!!)
9) How many people will you buy gifts for this year?
I think I counted 56 on my list!!!
10) Do your kids still believe in Santa?
They never have. As a matter of fact, Grant still think's his name is Noah! ha ha

By the way, I wanted to remind everyone to avoid using the term "X-Mas" . It directly crosses CHRIST out of CHRISTmas and that is the LAST thing we need to do--especially as the world tries so hard to do just that!


Kate said...

1) This weekend b/c next weekend we'll be hleping both sets of parents w/ their decorations.

2) DH and me

3) After the Feast of the Three Magi (January 6th)

4) As they arrive and I wrap them (I'm strictly an online shopper b/c I have no patience for shopping in a store)

5) Yes


7)Week after Thanksgiving

8) Perhaps

9) My parents, MIL and FIL, grandpa, goddaughter, 1 grab bag gift for his side. We already got eachother our gifts (a weekend downtown and tickets to a play).

10) N/A

Unknown said...

1. The week of Thanksgiving. Usually the day after, but this year I'm pulling for the day before.

2. Always a real tree. Kozman drags it in, I help center it in the bowl thing, always ends up crooked, always say next year we're getting a fake tree, but ends up looking good after it's all decorated. Kozman puts on the lights and the kids and I hang the ornaments.

3. New Year's Day or the day after.

4. As soon as we have some usually. But I might wait longer this year b/c of Nuggy and Ellie.

5 & 6. Sometimes Kozman gets the urge to put lights outside, but usually only on the bushes. Sometime in December.

7. Unfortunately, the week of Christmas. But maybe talking about it this early will help me get a move on it!

8. No way! Take a pic of the fam, go to shutterfly.com, design a card, and wahlah - Done!

9. Family first, then we'll see what's left.

10. Yes. My oldest recently said, I still believe in Santa, but I don't believe that reindeer can fly. What?!

Thanks MJ, that was fun!

Amy said...

1) This weekend...our nephew and niece will be here to help. Yay!
2) Both of us. We listen to Christmas music and make a fun night of it.
3)Hopefully by the end of the year.
4) As soon as J gets his Christmas bonus and we can start buying them.
5) Yes. As soon as J gets around to it.
6) Usually J...unless I get really ambitious. But after last year when I almost gave myself a concussion when the ladder fell on my head, I don't think I'll be doing any more light putting up for a while. :)
7) As soon as we take our Christmas picture.
8) Yes. I totally agree w/you Jen about the message.
9) So many that the idea of having to mail them all makes me slightly sick to my stomach. Wish we lived closer to everyone!
10) Easton's too little but I can't wait until he's old enough to love Christmas and the idea of Santa. Of course we won't forget to tell him about the REAL reason we have Christmas...but I do look forward to the excitement on his face the first time he sees what "Santa" brought him.

mr zig said...

Hi Jen... I sent you a message on MySpace (not sure if you check it very often,) but I wasn't sure where else to send it.. (it was in regards to this post) :) :)

Anyway, I was gonna answer all your post questions, and typed it all up, then tried to post and it all disappeared , and I didn't feel like re-typing it all... :)