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Friday, November 09, 2007

Pancakes anyone?

I went to the gym yesterday...first time in a week and boy oh boy...it was bitter sweet. It felt so good to be back and yet, I had NO energy and I felt like I was dragging the whole entire time. Thankfully, I have lots of gym-friends (people I only know from working out with them for the past 3 years) and they all cheered me on and helped me get through an hour and a half work out session. Yay!
So after dinner and dishes and bedtime with the kids last night, I was feeling pretty sore/tight in my shoulders and back so I begged my sweet hubby to give me a massage and try out some new massage oil I had bought. It was the warming kind that heats up with motion. ***Get your mind out of the gutter ya'll---that is NOT where this story is going!! :o) *** So anyway, I get all ready, he opens up the bottle and trys to squirt some on my back and the stuff comes out looking like Molasses! He starts trying to rub my back and the stuff is like so thick, he had to practically use half the bottle just to cover my shoulders and back! As he is rubbing I can hear the stickiness. Like when he lifts his hand, it kind of makes a sound from the suction! Finally he is done with my wonderful massage (the guy should totally go into business doing this---he's AWESOME---but of course I wouldn't want him touching other women--so no---never mind--rub that out). Anyway, I'm laying there on my stomach just relaxing and I say "Hey babe, why don't you go cook up some pancakes and we can eat them with all the syrup that's on my back." For some reason I found that ridiculously hilarious and I cracked my own self up. Ever since that moment last night...I've been thinking "I have to blog about this."
Now that I'm typing it--it doesn't seem nearly as funny...but oh well...I wasted a whole night thnking about it and how funny it was...so I'm leaving it.
Ha ha!
Anyway, I was going to pose a question to you all: Does anyone have a favorite massage oil or lotion that they could suggest? I love the stuff they use at the spa's because it seems like one drop covers a lot of skin...but I don't know how to find that stuff myself.


Logzie said...

I have that a lot of times too where you are in a certain situation and you like "excellent blog material" and then when you go to write it, it doesn't seem as funny! We went out for coffee with some friends a while back and Chuck ordered an expresso and when the guy handed it to him...I just about peed my pants in laughter...the cup was as tiny as Kenzie's play tea cups...Chuck was like "are you serious?" and our friends were like "you never ordered an expresso before?"...apparently they always come in tiny cups. But just sitting there looking at my manly husband try and hold this teeny tiney cup that even his finger would not fit thru the whole in the handle and his dumbfounded face was priceless!

Beverly said...

I love BioFreeze, but it's not something you would just use for an everyday massage it's more for sore or damaged muscles. I love it. It goes from being really cool when you first apply it to after a while it gets really really hot.

Amos said...

I almost asked you this morning how the pancakes were the other night. I certainly know what you mean and I would've chuckled then too. Beverly talked about BioFreeze which I love but what she says is totally right. I have some B&B Works massage oil that works pretty well and it smells good too.

Kuckie said...

Hi, I popped on over from Logzie's blog, and I can help you with the massage oil question! Being a professional massage therapist, I can tell that I prefer a line from a company called Biotone. Their oil does not leave a greasy residue on your skin. You can order it at Massagewarehouse.com . Also, if you have a Body Shop near you, their massage oil is nice, and you can pick your own scent. I like Satsuma!