II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

It's been a while since I've had time to write a post on here...so I'll start by updating you all on what we've been doing. Saturday night, Matt and I went to a corn maze out in the country. I hadn't heard much about it...except that our youth group from church was going and I had looked it up on line and saw that it is "haunted" during the month of October. Well, being the big SCAREDY CAT that I am, I was leery of going...but Matt is all about scarey kind of stuff and he always misses out because I am such a chicken...so I thought I'd do it for him. The website shows pictures of little kids being there...so how bad could it really be, I thought!? So...we got there at about 8:45 pm and it was already really dark and getting a little chilly. First we stopped off at the little store they have and bought me a hot chocolate. (the kind where the water comes out of a coffee pot thing...so it was scalding hot!) It was such a rip off b/c you pay $1.00 for a little packet of Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix but then you add it to this LARGE cup of boiling water and you end up having brown water basically (and no marshsmallows either :o( ) Anyway, so we approach the maze and there is a big sign that says "Haunted Maze Entrance" and I can already hear people sreaming!!! We start off and everything seems fine...no big deal...except I can still hear people screaming and I can hear a chain saw now so I am getting all freaked out. We keep walking and I finally tell Matt that I know I should put the (ridiculously hot) hot chocolate down because the minute someone jumps out and scares me...we are going to be wearing it. SO....reluctantly, I put it down (I haven't even had a sip of it yet) and we walk on. By this time, I am gripping Matt's arm SO hard and my heart is pounding. Finally we get to the "haunted" part of the maze which I figured out when I looked behind me and there was somebody with a FUUREEEEKY mask on standing RIGHT behind me looking right at me following us!!! From that moment on, I put my head inside of the coat I was wearing (Matt's huge work coat) and honestly, that was the last thing I saw until we were completley out of that whole area. We even walked through a haunted "tent" thing they had set up and I didn't see a single thing...I just keep my head hidden and held onto Matt's arm. Ha Ha! I know I am such a big sissy...but I just don't understand the rush people get from looking at greusome masks and blood-stained clothes! That is just sicko to me! (Nothing against my hubby...he isn't really into all that either...but he does enjoy a little "thrill" every so often). Anyway, after that...we cuddled up by one of the bonfires they had going and just talked. We mentioned how quiet it was...and then we just laughed. What we meant is "how quiet it was in our little space"...but actually there were kids running around everywhere screaming and laughing. It's just that our kids weren't there...so for him and I...it was nice and quiet. We were kind of sad we didn't take the kids because there were so many fun things for the kids to do and really...there was hardly anything scary about it. Matt said that there were only 3 people wearing masks in the maze and that one of them was holding a (running) chainsaw...but they weren't jumping out at people or making scary "GRRRRRRR" noises or anything. Even though the kids would have enjoyed it...it was nice to just be alone too. It reminded me of when we were first dating (maybe because there were so many teenagers there). If I were ever going to do a corn maze again though, I'd go during the day so I could actually try to make my way through it. When it's pitch black outside...all you really do is wander around and you have NO idea where you're going. For all we knew...we might have been going in circles the whole time! ha ha

Last night, we took the kids to the high school for their trick-or-treat night. The basketball players got to pick out their favorite costume and Grant got picked right away. Then all the girl players came around and handed out candy to the kids. It wasn't a "blast" but it was fun to get out of the house for half an hour and do something all together.

Today, I did my first party as a "homeroom mom" for Grant's class. There is another mom who shares the "job" with me (who has also become a good friend since we live about 1 block from each other and have little boys the same age). It was fun but I think we alloted too much time and not enough things to do. It only took them about 5 minutes to eat their cupcakes and drink their juice and then we played the bean-bag toss that I made and that was it. They spent the remaining 30 minutes playing with the toys in the classroom...but it would have been nice to have a few more games. I guess next time, we'll know.

Tonight, we will be running lots of different places and getting more candy than I care to think about. What exactly are you supposed to do with all that candy? I mean...it's just now Halloween and already we have a HUGE bowl full. After tonight, I am guessing we'll have so much there will be enough to last at least until next Halloween! Do any of you have any suggestions for how to dole it out to the kids? I just yesterday threw away a bowl of candy that was left over from last Halloween, Valentines and Easter!! and even that was hard for me to do because there was nothing wrong with it...other than that it was a year old! ha ha

Tomorrow is November! Wow! That just amazes me! I think I will probably put our Christmas Tree up in the next week or two! Crazy, I know...but I just can't wait ANY longer! ha ha Plus, we are having Thanksgiving at our house this year...and I want to have my house all decorated for the holiday's then anyway...so I might as well do it sooner than later. Normally, we put our tree up ON Thanksgiving Day, but this year, since we are hosting...we have planned a big bonfire that evening for our family and we will be playing games and making smores! Fun, huh?! If I have any "takers" I am offering to take all the girls shopping the next day...but so far, I don't think anyone has "signed up" for that! hee hee

My dad's birthday is Sunday. It's been about 2 1/2 months now since we've seen him. He's still in CA working and the kids are missing him SO much! We sent him a little package yesterday for his birthday so that will be nice...but I hate it that he'll be spending it ALL alone. I wanted to make a video of the kids singing happy birthday to him and of them just being cute and playing..but I didn't get around to it in time! :o( We don't know when he'll be home again...but we are hoping sometime around the holiday's he'll get to come home at least for a quick visit. Too bad it costs so much to fly or we'd just go see him! Matt and I have never flown...so I keep saying one of these days...we ARE going to!

Well, I've exhausted my brain. I can't think of anything else to tell you all right now so I guess I'll end. Hope you all have a fun night collecting candy with your cuties!

Monday, October 30, 2006

My halloween cuties! Brooklyn (a.k.a. the cheerleader) was so excited to cheer for little brother when he got picked for the costume contest! I know they're my kids and I am supposed to think they are cute...but really...they are just adorable in their costumes! Posted by Picasa

Tonight we took the kids to the H.S. to watch the kids play some basketball and they were giving out candy to all the little kids in costume. (doesn't my hubby look handsome?) Posted by Picasa

Grant (a.k.a. Elmo) and me at the H.S. Halloween night. Posted by Picasa

They had each of the basketball players pick out the child who they thought had the cutest costume. #45 picked Grant for his "buddy." He looked so cute and little out on that big basketball court!! Posted by Picasa

Grant with the basketball player who picked him.  Posted by Picasa

Brooklyn found one of her friends from school at the H.S. tonight. They were both dressed as cheerleaders! Oh and hey Grant, I think that little red-headed cutie is checkin' you out!  Posted by Picasa

Just because you don't take the wrapper off for your kid when they ask...don't think he won't still eat the candy! ha ha... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Okay Logzie, does this answer your question about whether or not I just had my hair dyed and highlighted! Ha Ha...I am SO far overdue!!! Thanks for the compliment though! I think it's because I am doing my hair a little straighter that it looks different.  Posted by Picasa

Daddy's Little Girl

While I was in the shower today (having my daily prayer time), I was talking to God about my relationship with Matt and how desperately I seem to need his approval. For some reason, I have never felt quite "good enough" for him and I am always looking for ways to be "the perfect wife." I never want him to be able to look back and say, "If only she had been _______(a better cook, a better mom, a better housekeeper, more attractive, more tom-boyish, more fun and on and on)_______." And while I do think it is important to desire to make your spouse happy and to "make all their dreams come true"....I am realizing that it is in God we have to find our approval. It's no major revelation...I've always known that deep down...but I think I am beginning to realize how BADLY I need to apply that to my life. If Matt's not happy...I'm miserable. I never want to upset him or hurt him or give him any reason to not trust or love me. But I can wear myself plum out trying to be his happiness and he still has bad days and gets irritated with me. That doesn't make him bad or at fault...that just makes him HUMAN! Only God will love me 100% unconditionally. I am His Princess! I am the apple of his eye. Just like my natural daddy on earth thinks the world of me....even SO MUCH MORE does my heavenly daddy think the world of me!
Think of your kids and how you sometimes wear your "rose colored glasses" where they are concerned...but when other peoples kids start throwing fits or acting sassy or being brats...off come the rosy glasses and they are just plain, downright IRRITATING. I'm not saying God doesn't see us as we really are...or that he is wearing "rose colored glasses" but he isn't out to get us...and he isn't trying to nit-pick at all our little imperfections (like humans do).
Anyway, I feel like I am kind of going in a hundred different directions with this post...but what I am really trying to say is PRAISE THE LORD that we don't have to earn God's love and mercy. We don't have to "measure up" to get him to be in love with us...He already is and always will be! HOORAY! Looking to any man (even our husbands) to meet every need we have (especially emotionally) will always leave us wanting more...but God can meet every need beyond what we even comprehend!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Am I a bad mom if...

I leave my kids in the car alone for a minute?

I am not talking about leaving them in the car while I go shopping or something...I know that's a NO-NO. I want to know...is it bad for me to leave them in the (locked) car while I run in the post office and mail something? I am talking about being gone (them out of my sight) for no more than 3 minutes max. Other instances are like when I run into the video store to grab a movie or into the library to return books or into the gas station to get a coke or pay for my gas. There have been times when I've done something like this...and it ended up taking longer than I expected...and when that happens...I just leave and go out and get them and bring them back in with me. It's just SUCH a hassle to bring them in for trips that are SO quick. Usually we have the DVD player going in the van anyway...so they don't even notice that I've gotten out. Also, I always lock the car (and take the keys with me-Duh!) so no one could get in. Most of the time...I can even see them the whole time..but not always. I've just really wondered lately if I am doing something "wrong" by doing this. I try to use good discretion and not ever do something like this if I am not in a good, safe area of town or if there are un-safe looking people lurking around. I know sometimes terrible things happen even in supposedly safe places and by safe-looking people...but I don't know where to draw the line between being safe and being over-protective. What do you all think?

Me and the kids at the Pumpkin Patch. (whew! it was COLD!) Posted by Picasa

Brooklyn was proud of the "perfect" pumpkin she found. Posted by Picasa

Grant had fun running through the pumpkin patch picking out pumkins. Of course, he fell down and got all muddy...but I guess that's what little boys do! ha ha Posted by Picasa

Brooklyn with all her friends on the hayride. Posted by Picasa

What FUN this is! Posted by Picasa

Cutie Patootie! Posted by Picasa

Grant was having SO much fun throwing the baseballs into the baskets! Posted by Picasa

Cute kids....what a lucky mom I am! Posted by Picasa

Me helping Grant put the apples on the tree. Posted by Picasa

What a CUTE scarecrow!! Posted by Picasa

Me and my hubby bundled up together at the Pumpkin Patch. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Isn't It Ironic...

how sometimes the thing you think you want turns out to be not so great? Well, if you remember in one of my previous posts, I mentioned that our brand new 52 inch TV had "gone out" just 2 days after we got it home from the store. We ended up having to have it shipped off to the shop where they told us it would be 3 weeks before they could even look at it. (and we were SO bummed out!) BUT....While it has been gone, we have started going upstairs (in our new playroom) to watch TV and we've gotten to where we REALLY enjoy watching TV up there. For one...there is only 1 couch...so we tend to cuddle together--whereas downstairs Matt usually sits in his recliner and I am on the couch alone. And for two...when we are up there...I actually SIT down and watch TV instead of trying to wash dishes or fold laundry or paint my toenails (multi-task) too. That is good because I can finally relax for a bit...but of course..it's bad for the "getting stuff done" part of my life. Anyway, much to our surprise...the TV repair guys called last night and said our TV was ready already and they brought it back this morning. You'd think we'd be so happy...and we kind of are...but already Matt and I have both commented that we have LOVED this past week of cuddling together on the couch upstairs and we are actually kind of sad that the new one is back. For this past week...we have spent a lot more time together as a family not watching TV since there wasn't one downstairs and now it seems like that is just going to be over. I know we could WORK to keep it that way..but with the TV sitting right there...we just tend to turn it on. Anyway, I am certainly not trying to complain...this was actually supposed to be a post saying HOORAY! We got our TV back early! ... but I just thought "How Funny!!" that we have a sense of sadness about it too!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Here's a picture of my hubby in action. He "set" a pole out by my parents barn so he could put a security light out there so it's not so dark for my mom. He had to climb the pole to "run" the wires. So for those of you who have no idea what a "lineman" is...here are some pictures.  Posted by Picasa

It's scary (to me) that all that is holding him up there is two little spikey things (his "hooks") that are sticking out of his boots into the pole! Once they get up there, they put their safety strap around the pole and then let go with their hands!! Posted by Picasa

I took this picture just so you could see how high up he is. That is Brooklyn standing at the bottom of the pole. Posted by Picasa

Oooh La La....mommy is wearing daddy's work gear. Wow! I could not believe how heavy his tool belt is! I could barely lift it and hold it in place while I buckled it. I told him I should borrow that thing and do squats or something. Talk about a work out! Posted by Picasa

Me wearing Matt's camo hat. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 21, 2006

What do you suggest?

So....it's Saturday afternoon(12:00 noon exactly) and we are having a lazy day. To my astonishment, we opened our eyes for the first time today at 9:37!!! That is the latest (by at least an hour) that we have slept in YEARS! So, at 10:45 we ate breakfast which would have been really yummy if I hadn't poured half the shaker of salt in the eggs. I don't know what happened but I salted them so heavily that we had to throw them out! (and I even chopped up fresh onion, green pepper and tomatos from our garden to put in them---and added shredded cheddar on top) They were just unbearably salty. Anyway, we got plenty full on jelly bisquits and bacon and chocolate milk. (real healthy, huh?)
Anyhow, now I am wondering if any of you can suggest a good movie to rent? I think we'll just go to the video store later and lay around and eat popcorn and have a day IN for a change! So, please.....send me some movie suggestions. (and if you don't end up reading this till after today...I still would love to have your suggestions for another time!)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

What's that smell?

I am doing a poll. I want to know what everyone's #1 FAV smell is? Mine is, hands down....Downey Fabric Softner. Strange, I know. I could huff and puff on a fresh towel from the dryer (washed with Downey, obviously) for hours. I actually stand outside my moms house when she's drying clothes just so I can inhale the exhaust from her dryer. Crazy, right?! Well anyway, there are some close seconds for sure...like the smell of my babies right out of the tub and I love the smell of my husbands cologne (Fierce from A & F). I also dig the smell of a brand new book and a fresh, crisp apple. I once remember a smell I liked....that "new car" smell...but I haven't smelt (is that a word?) that one in a looooong time. (I guess that should be "smelled" but smelt is how I say it).
Since we are discussing smells, here are a few I despise: vinegar, poopy diapers, skunks, cigarettes and coffee. (coffee doesn't rank nearly as high on the stinky-scale as the poopy diapers or skunks...but I DO NOT care for the smell of it---especially on someones breath! ick!)
So that's it for me. What about you guys?

Since I am one of the homeroom moms in Grant's class, Brooklyn and I spent yesterday afternoon making this giant pumpkin for a bean bag toss for Grant's fall party. It turned out pretty cute, I think. Now I just have to make the bean bags..............if only I had a sewing machine..........:o) Posted by Picasa