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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Is it illegal...

to let a 2 year old pee outside in a public place??? Since my son has started potty training, there have been numerous times that he has announced he needs to go "pee pee" and there is no bathroom in sight. Seeing as how convenient peeing is for a boy...I usually just take him outside, drop his drawers, and let em' go. Now, if he was a girl, I wouldn't even consider such a thing (all females know there is no such thing as easy-peeing for a girl unless you are on a toilet). When I say "outside in a public place" I am talking about such places as the Wal-Mart parking lot, the side of the road or a park. Before your jaw drops (I know it sounds bad) let me just say this...when he says he has to go...we have about 15 seconds before it starts to flow. Also, I never let him do it right out in the open...I always have him stand behind the van or a building or tree or something and I try to sheild him from view as best as I can. However...today I got to thinking about it and I wondered if that might be illegal...? Obviously it would be for an adult...but what about a 2 year old? Today he had to go while we were driving and as I usually do, I pulled over a.s.a.p. Today we happened to be on Riverside Drive...which for those of you who don't live in this town, is a looooooong road that runs alongside a river. So....I let the little guy take a leak in the river....! Is that bad...??!!?? I mean, it seems like a cool thing for a boy to get to do...I can just imagine how "freeing" it would feel for my hubby to be able to drop his drawers and tinkle into the river...(sorry...weird mental image). Anyway, clearly I am up too late and am thinking about strange stuff. It is 4 minutes till 1:00 a.m. and I am up doing my work (except I had to take a break and blog because I was falling asleep). So, what's your opinion. Is it wrong to let him pee in public?


Mojonah said...

I see no issue with 'letting it go' in public. I do the same with my son. Sometimes, it's way easier than making your way into the small, stinky public bathroom with two kids. I just make sure that he is covered. My son usually loves to pee against the tires on our car...for whatever reason. If our son is in the back yard and has to pee, he just goes to the back corner and let 'er rip. We have no one behind us, so he has privacy. Anyway, I see nothing wrong with it at all.

Reggie said...

I happen to be an expert on this subject. We frequently have to go pee pee on the golf course. Being grown men we go to great lengths to hide as we should.

As far as a little boy its just one of those perks of being a male. I think you are doing fine.

I certainly would continue to be discrete and he will learn discretion.

I wouldn’t imagine this would be illegal for a child of this age.

kc said...

Stephen is a Police Officer, and he lets Levi pee outside all the time. If we are in the van, we just pull over on the side of the road, and let him stand in the van and shoot it out the door! haha Of course we do live in the country so no one is ever around to see. I haven't let him pee in a parking lot before though. Just be careful, Levi didn't know there was anything wrong with it, and one day when we were at Stephen's softball practice, Levi dropped his drawers and peed right there in the dougout, in front of 3 little girls who were a little older than him and they were totally embarrassed. So I caught him doing this, and ran over to try and shield him some, but the other officers little girls got an anatomy lesson that day! haha I had to sincerely apologize to these little girls mothers.

As for being illegal, I don't think so, for a 2 year old. However public nudity is illegal....but for a 2 year old's potty training emergency it should be fine. You just want to be careful of who might be watching....especially with all of the perverts out there these days.