II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Shall we Dance???

So....I had SO much fun hearing all of your opinions on the "To drink or not to drink" post I did... I have another question for you all. What's the deal with dancing? I know it's not a sin to dance but my question is...where is a Christian person who wants to do some salsa or line dancing or 2-steppin' supposed to go (other than a bar) to "cut the rug?"
A couple of years ago, Matt and I took some salsa dancing classes. We had SO much fun and got fairly good at it...but there was NO where to actually go dance except for a few nightclubs around here that are in a questionable (to say the least) part of town and are full of people drinking, smoking, etc... We wanted to practice our new skills so badly, I was almost tempted to go to one of those nightclubs anyway and just try to shut out all that junk....but we didn't and now 2 years later...I doubt we could remember anything past the basic steps. It's frustrating! So...I am wondering...do you think it is wrong for a Christian to go to a nightclub? If so...where can we go to dance?
Again, I grew up believing that any kind of dancing except unto the Lord, was un-holy. I never went to a school dance, and even though I did attend my Jr. and Sr. Prom...I didn't dance there either. Now that I've gotten older, I've realized that dancing is SO MUCH FUN and GREAT EXERCISE! It doesn't have to be dirty dancing (though there is PLENTY of that out there for sure!) I've even gotten so bold as to get Carmen Electra's striptease dance aerobics videos and have taught myself some pretty "interesting" dances that way and even though I obviously would never let ANYONE see me working out to these videos...it's still so much fun and really makes me "feel like a WOMAN". There is just something about dancing...of any kind...that is exhilirating (even when you are just dancing around the living room in your pj's with your kids to veggie tales songs!) So what do you all think? What's the buzz on boogy-ing?


Mojonah said...

I think that dancing is okay. Now, let me explain. I am not for rubbing up against just anyone. Dancing with your spouse is fine..even if you do some 'dirty dancing'..I mean, you do more than that in bed right? I wouldn't do that in front of people though. I am with you...Obi and I have always wanted to take dance lessons, and thought it would be really cool, and with just the two of us, sensual as well. The problem is like you said..where to go. You can do it in your home..but then you have to move all the furniture..not so much fun. AFter watching different movies, we thought it might be fun to enter the competitions..but who has time for that? Anyway, my take is that dancing with your kids or hubby is fine. I wouldn't go and dance with some other guy though...probably not even the polka..it just wouldn't feel right to me.

Mojonah said...

I just now read your commment on one of my blogs from a while back. I am sorry... I didn't realize that you had responded...or I would have responded back to you. I knew Logzie, Amos, and Guru back in Tulsa, but I don't think that we ever met. So, it is nice to 'meet' you! I look forward to more of your comments! I love to read your blog! It's nice to know that things happen to other mothers!

Reggie said...

This is opinion of a man who can’t dance or carry a tune in a bucket.

I wish I could dance with my wife. Count your desire and ability with your husband as a blessing. Shut out the outside world and enjoy.

mr zig said...

Search out the club listings and see what there is - you might be suprised with what you find. In our city for example there is on particular night club that has dedicated one of its entire levels for Salsa. And by doing so, the crowd is completely different than that usual "friday night bar crowd" on the main floor. ANother place - which is not really a bar but a restaurant kind of turns into a salsa club in the evenings on the weekends. So, if you can find places like that, you don't really have to worry about shutting out the junk. But if you can't find anything just hit the "nicer" and less "shady" clubs, and enjoy the music - Dancing is definately not wrong, and especially not with your husband! Afterall, if dancing is this case DOES lead to "other things" like so many people believe, then good! cuz... yeah, your married! :)

Make sure to tell us all about it when you finally find a place to dance