II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Monday, October 16, 2006

One Fine Day

This morning I got up and rushed the kids out of the house. We dropped Brooklyn off at school and then Grant and I headed to Wally World to do our way-overdue grocery/household stuff shopping. I was armored with a baggie of fruit loops and a full cup of chocolate milk so I expected this to be a managable trip. In the first 5 minutes of being there, I got a phone call. (I hate trying to shop and talk to someone...I just can't "price compare" items AND think about what I am saying or what the other person is saying to me). Anyway, I ended that call fairly quickly and off we were ....until the phone rang AGAIN. It was the warranty guy who works for the company who built our house calling to say they were going to call the countertop people about our "problem" (our quartz countertops are un-even and have a funky seam). So as soon as I hung up with him...the counter top guy called. He was just wanting to tell me that another guy would be calling in a minute to schedule the work. So....5 minutes later, my phone rang again. While I am on there talking to that guy setting up a time they can come repair the countertop, my phone beeps. By this time, Grant is trying to climb out of the cart so I am holding him in with one hand while I hold the phone up to my other ear with the other one and I am missing half of what this guy is saying b/c my phone keeps beeping (call waiting---gotta love it! ugh!) So I finally hang up with him and sure enough, I have a voice message. I listen to it and it is the warranty guy calling wanting to make sure if the counter top guy called yet...and would I please give him a call and let him know. So I do that. By this time, Grant is shrieking and people are pointing to the fact that he is halfway out of the cart. Like I DON'T know!!! I am the one trying to hold him in with my free hand. ERGH! Anyway, I shop a little more and then decide to call my mom for a quick second and ask her if it's pork or beef ribs that we like...but that turns into a looooooong call b/c we haven't talked to one another in like 4 days and we keep thinking of things we need to tell each other. I finally have to tell her that I'll call her back later because now Grant IS out of the cart and running down the isles. So I finally grab him and head for the check out regardless of whether or not I have everything I need and sure enough...the phone rings again. This time it is the TV repair people wanting to know when they can come pick up our new tv. (did I mention to you all that 2 days after we got our big new 52 in. TV that it quit working?? and now we have to send it into the shop and wait a MONTH till they can even look at it!!??) Anyway, so while I am trying to schedule that, check out and keep an eye on Grant who is running in circles around my legs...I get another beep on my phone. I look at the cashier, who thankfully is a sweet teenage girl who is being very patient with me, and give her an "I'm really sorry" look. Anyway....after that, I picked Brooklyn up from school and we went to the post office to mail a package. Of COURSE...there are 6 people in line ahead of me so we have to wait in line for like 10 minutes and the kids are acting horrible...being loud and running all around and I probably look like a complete idoit b/c I am whisper-screaming at them to STOP it and BE STILL!!! which they are totally ignoring. So...we finally get home and I am already so frustrated so I pretty much just ignore them for a few minutes while I try to bring in the groceries. Well, they start chasing each other which means they are running recklessly through the house and running into me, knocking things over and making me almost drop my groceries. So I start screaming at them to just be quiet and sit down for a couple of minutes at which time Grant picks up one of Brooklyn's Hello Kitty shoes (those foam kind with the holes all in them) and throws it at my face. Well OH BOY! I AM MAD NOW!!!! I drop my groceries right there in the floor and take off after him running and throwing the shoe at him---but I am so mad I keep missing so I just keep picking it up and running after him and throwing it at him over and over till I finally hit him with it! Now is that pathetic or what????? I mean...I know it probably sounds bad....but actually...the shoe probably only weighs like a few ounces and he thought it was hilarious. He was giggling the whole time...which was making me even more ticked off. So..then, I finally settle down and Brooklyn begins in on me with her "Dr. Phil" mode...telling me that (and these are her exact words) "mom, you earned this. You probably wished when you were a little girl that you would grow up and and have kids and now you've earned it! You have two loving children and you can do anything you want to them. You've earned it mom! You are a good mom and you've earned it!"
Well...thankfully....finally....the giggles came to me. I cRaCkeD uP!!!!!


Amos said...

Holy cow what a day. Four words.
Turn the phone off! I can do that but I know that a lot of people can't, but when I am grocery shopping it is hard enough paying attention to myself much less everything and everyone else. Yep, have had days like that and now I just ignore the phone. At least Brooklyn made you crack up.

Mojonah said...

Whew....that wore me out just reading your blog! I totally feel your pain! I have to say though, when it happens to someone else...it sounds funny! Oops..sorry!

Logziella said...

I want to cry for you...I have been there...all too often! Don't feel bad about the 'throwing of the shoe'...we've all done things like that...and the way I look at it is...atleast you didn't do what you wanted to do and actually hurt him. Let's face it...you're real and mothering is tough!! We should exchange stories some day!

Mojonah said...

I am sooooo sorry! My comment about being funny was sooooo very wrong. I only read part of the blog, was distracted by my kids, came back thinking I had read it all..then left my totally wrong comment! I left off at when you were trying to check out, and all the phone calls struck me as funny because that has totally happened to me. When I saw Logzie's comment, I thought 'Huh?", and went back and re read your blog. What a tough time! I am sorry for being so insensitive, please forgive. I've I had similar things happen, and there is nothing funny about it! Please accept my apologies.

M, J, B, G...and Sam. said...

Don't feel bad about your comment! I went back and read my post and cracked up! I thought it was actually pretty funny once I had calmed down. I wouldn't have ever thought you to be insensitive! Thanks for being so sweet though!