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Thursday, October 19, 2006

What's that smell?

I am doing a poll. I want to know what everyone's #1 FAV smell is? Mine is, hands down....Downey Fabric Softner. Strange, I know. I could huff and puff on a fresh towel from the dryer (washed with Downey, obviously) for hours. I actually stand outside my moms house when she's drying clothes just so I can inhale the exhaust from her dryer. Crazy, right?! Well anyway, there are some close seconds for sure...like the smell of my babies right out of the tub and I love the smell of my husbands cologne (Fierce from A & F). I also dig the smell of a brand new book and a fresh, crisp apple. I once remember a smell I liked....that "new car" smell...but I haven't smelt (is that a word?) that one in a looooong time. (I guess that should be "smelled" but smelt is how I say it).
Since we are discussing smells, here are a few I despise: vinegar, poopy diapers, skunks, cigarettes and coffee. (coffee doesn't rank nearly as high on the stinky-scale as the poopy diapers or skunks...but I DO NOT care for the smell of it---especially on someones breath! ick!)
So that's it for me. What about you guys?


Ali said...

Hmmmm, good question.
I love the smell of vanilla, freshly washed babies, burning muskeg, rain, my husband's deodorant (it smells very musky and manly) and chocolate.
I hate the smell of morning breath, gasoline, the paper mill near my hometown, hamburger cooking and rotting vegetables.

Amy said...

I love the smell of:
my husband, fresh out of the shower, the purple rose in my garden (which I can't believe I haven't killed yet!), Victoria's Secret "Very Sexy" perfume, bread baking, garlic and onions cooking, coffee brewing (sorry, Jenni!), and Playdough.
I hate the smell of: a litter box, eggs cooking, cigarettes, licorice, raw meat.

mr zig said...

mmmm I LOVE the smell of fresh coffee brewing... I can actually smell it right now because there is a fresh pot brewing right outside my office door.

I also love the fabric softner smell.. And when the laundry is going at my house I also like to hang out near the exhaust vent....

Smells I hate... the smell of my dog after he comes in from playing in the snow/rain... wet dog...gross!!! I also can't stand the smell of wet peanut butter....

Anonymous said...

I'm with you about the smell of Downey...hmmmm..it's great! I also LOVE the smell of sheets that have been hung to dry on the clothes line. Obi just thinks I am crazy when we get into bed and I just 'snort' the smell over and over. The love of freshly laundered clothes has spread to my children. They smell clothes that have just come out of the dryer just like I do. Obi thinks we are all crazy..but at least we out number him :)
I also really like the smell of the kids and hubby fresh out the bath/shower. I like the smell of vanilla, but I tried a vanilla smelling fabric softener once, and found I was hungry all the time because I kept thinking something good was baking. A weird thing...I really like the smell of gas...I guess I should be more specific..I mean gasoline.
I don't like the smell of skunk, fish, manure(we back onto farm field and get that smell frequently!)

Logzie said...

Smells I hate:
-someone else's vomit (heck, even my own vomit for that matter!)
-the smell after someone burps (you know my motto...a burp is a fart coming out of your mouth!)
-the mixture of all the different leftovers sitting in your sink as you are turning on the garbage disposal to get rid of them!
-when you open the dishwasher full of dirty dishes that have been sitting there for a while
-the smell of clothes that have sat in the washer too long before you remembered to put them in the dryer
-a dentist office
-brussel sprouts (smell like feet)
-rotton eggs
-an old nasty dollar store
-an old person's house or nursing home(same thing).
-But the worst is: WHEN MY DOG FARTS!!!!!!!! NASTY!!

Smells I love:
-yes dryer exhaust
-sharpie markers
-coffee shops
-cigar smells
-a freshly peeled cucumber
-the few times a year that my husband wears cologne
-and the BEST smell would have to be Cabbage Patch dolls! remember the smell?

Ali Kat said...

I'm a little worried. Those of you who love inhaling Downy should be too. Downy softeners and Downy sheets have TONS of Carcinogens. They cause many illnesses, the main one being CANCER. Please, if you want to use an alternative, check out Norwex or email me at: a2loewen@mts.net

Amos said...

Lilacs! I grew up with a huge bush of Lilacs in my parents home. And I could smell them all day long. That and right after a rain. It's so fresh and awesome. And we went to Colorado, and in St. Elmo at 12000 feet, PINE TREES! The smell was so fresh and amazing.