II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just in case you were wondering...

After today's weigh-in, I thought I'd research what the world considers the right weight to be for women. This is what I found. (proof that I am indeed overweight---Yippee [insert major eye rolling])

Weight Chart for Women
Weight in pounds, based on ages 25-59 (indoor clothing weighing 3 pounds and shoes with 1" heels)

Small Frame
Medium Frame
Large Frame






124-138 (this is where I SHOULD be)








Wednesday Weigh-In


Sunday, October 28, 2007

I just realized how dumb I actually am

You know, all my life I grew up thinking I was pretty intelligent. I've always made very good grades and pretty much excelled at everything I did in school. I've been put in positions in jobs I've had that were above my level and I thought it must because they could see I was smart and dedicated. But now as I am older and maturing, I see that I am really pretty average in the "smarts" department---if not below average. I honestly don't think I am intelligent enough to carry on a decent conversation with most people these days. I know a LOT LOT LOT less about the Bible than I thought I did. I know (remember) nothing from history or science that I learned in school. I can barely do any kind of math without a calculator and sometimes, I am incapable of even completing a simple sentence because my mind wanders before I get the whole thought out. Most days I feel like a complete "air head."
These thoughts and feelings were spurred today by a conversation I had with my dad that went along the lines of me saying what I thought the preacher was saying at church today and him telling me that I was wrong...that that was not what he was trying to say or even talking about.
It's as if his opinion or his view was absolutely right and mine was absolutely wrong. Whether or not I was right or wrong...I don't know...but I do know that talking to him about it made me feel like I am a complete idiot. (which I know I'm not) but I HATE feeling like that.
Most of the time when Matt and I talk about the Bible, I feel that way too. Just the other day he and I were reading/talking about the story of Abraham and Isaac. There is a scripture that says that Abraham told his servants, "The boy and I are going up to the mountain to worship and then we will return." I told Matt, "See! He KNEW God was going to deliver him somehow from the horrible burden of giving his son as a sacrifice. That's why he said WE will return." To which he disagreed and said he thinks the reason Abraham said that was to keep his servants from thinking anything unusual was up. That just made me feel like my interpretation of it was wrong and I was stupid for even thinking it.
Even when I try to help Brooklyn with her homework from school, I feel like dummy a lot of the time. Guess I'm really not "smarter than a 1st grader". Ha ha
Anyway, I didn't write this to get sypmathy from everyone...it's just a "revelation" I feel like I am having. ---and it's pretty darn depressing. Even when I am with my close friends (yes, even some of you who are reading this blog) I feel like I can't keep up an intelligent conversation with you. Maybe it's partly because I am rarely ever "allowed" (by my kids) to finish a complete thought let alone a whole conversation...I don't know.
Okay, well, I just needed to vent that. Sorry it was such a negative post. It's just how I am feeling today/lately.
Love you all!

Good ole' Family Fun

Friday night Matt suggested we get the kids bundled up and put the cart on the back of the 4-wheeler and tke the kids for a ride while we scout out good deer hunting places for him. I thought that sounded like the perfect thing to do...and the kids were giddy with excitement. Here are a few pics of what we all looked like cuz I know you were just dying to see. he he

Out behind our property is a bunch of land that our neighbor owns. It was beautiful to go out there while everything is changing colors and we did see 2-3 deer. They weren't close enough for me to get a decent picture with my (cheap) camera so you'll just have to take my word for it. It was just such a fun thing to do all together as a family. I wish we would have more nights like this.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Still fallin in love...

After 9 1/2 years of marriage...I can confidently say, I am still "fallin' in love" with my husband more and more every day. I love this new song by Fergie (though I am fairly sure you won't all agree) but I wanted to put it on here anyway as a tribute to how much I still LOVE my husband. What can I say? The girl can't help it!
Ps. If you hate this song, I promise not to leave it on here forever! :o)

Update: 11/20/07---song removed. I'm sure ya'll were getting tired of hearing that one! he he

My UNrealistic Christmas Wish List

Okay folks...here it is. I've been compiling this all year...so it's lengthy..and sure to get longer by as the days go by.

1) GOOD digital camera.

2) Laptop (I will probably buy this for myself since it will be primarily for my business and will be a tax deduction)

3)2 bicycles--one for Matt, one for me

4)Kitchen-Aid Stand up Mixer

5)Perfume (DKNY delicious)


7)Brown & blue tennis shoes

8)Body Wrap from Khols (heating pad thing for sore muscles)

9)Bath & Body Works wallflowers refill things (apple) and candles

10)Clinque "Take the Day Off" make-up remover

11)Clinique Colour Surge Bare Brilliance "Precious Pink" Lipstick

12) Red Cast Iron Cookbook Holder (from Target)

13)Adidas green/pink ball cap at Lids. (or any women's baseball cap).

Sorry, I couldn't find pix for them all. Anybody think I like red? ha ha I didn't plan it out that way!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday Weigh-In

So...I am not happy...nor am I surprised with this weeks weigh in. It was 146. So I gained a pound. Whatever. I haven't been really trying this past week...ever since I went to my neice's house last Wednesday, I have kinda just been eating whatever I wanted...so it's no shock to see I put on a pound. Plus...the scale always fluctuates some...so you never know what it might say tomorrow. Either way, I am going to start again today watching my calories. My boobs are tender as heck today...so it's probably about THAT time again. Oh Joy!
So those of you watching Biggest Loser...what do you think about last nights show? CRAZY! I hate it how things are so "Hollywood" this season. Way too much drama for my liking. Can't we just keep it about losing weight and being healthy? What in the HECK is with all the temptations to eat the junk food? Are we trying to help these people LOSE weight or GAIN it? I mean, come on! It's like "if you'll eat this big pile of crap...we'll reward you!!" Grrrrr.....
Anyhow, I was really bummed/shocked that Neil gained 17 pounds---no matter how/why he did it. That is NOT the goal/purpose of this show. Or should I say game? Maybe that's all it really is to these people. Kae is about the only one who I think is truly completely sincere and dedicated to this. Otherwise, more people would have opted out of that temptation. Haven't they learned ANYTHING?
Jez unknowingly decided his own fate by picking Neil and Isabeau. What a bummer for him...but then I don't have much sympathy for him since he hate 2000+ friggin calories to get that "opportunity". What a ding-a-ling!
So, what do you guys think about how this season is shaping up?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mandisa: God Speaking

If any of you followed American Idol last season, you'll remember Mandisa, the large, black lady who had an Amazing voice! Well, now she's come out with her own CHRISTIAN!! CD and it's a winner. I went to Mardel's Friday and got it. Here is one of the songs that I LOVE:
(I canNOT figure out how to get the song (music) on here...but if you'll look at the links on the side of my blog and click on the one that is for my MySpace page...you can hear it there!)

Have you ever heard a love song
That set your spirit free
Have you ever watched a sunrise
And felt you could not breathe
What if it's Him
What if it's God speaking
Have you ever cried a tear that
You could not explain
Have you ever met a stranger
That already knew your name
What if it's Him
What if it's God speaking

Who knows how He'll get a hold of us
Get our attention to prove He is enough
He'll do and He'll use
Whatever He wants to
To tell us I love you

Have you ever lost a loved one
Who you thought should still be here
Do you know what it feels like
To be tangled up in fear
What if He's somehow involved
What if He's speaking through it all

His ways are higher
His ways are better
Though sometimes strange
What could be stranger
Than God in a manger

God is speaking
I love you

Miserable Monday

Sunday night,like I mentioned in my last post, I was feeling a bit on the "frisky" side so I decided to dig out some lingere. Great--terrific---until I made the HORRIBLE choice to wear it to take Brooklyn to school on Monday morning. Here's the deal: I take her to school, which is 3 miles from my house, in my van with dark tinted windows. I don't have to get out or even open the door...she just opens her side door and lets herself out and then I am back on the road home again. Normally I put on clothes JUST in case anything were to happen but we were running late and I thought...what's the chance? So, I throw on my robe and my house shoes and we head off in the POURING RAIN. Everything is going fine and I drop her off. Then I turn around to head back home and BOOM! all of a sudden my van is going, ka-jump, ka-jump, ka-jump. I hop out and run around and look and Yep, I have a flat. In my lingere, in the pouring rain, in the 46 degree weather. Just marvelous! My dad had come down to my house to sit since Grant was still in bed sleeping so I called him and told him the deal. Now you have to know my dad. He is Mr. Practical and Perfect. You'd think he never makes a mistake because he SURE doesn't let one slide if anyone else makes one. Sure enough, I have to tell him that not only am I stuck on the side of the road...but that I am only wearing a nightie and slippers! He had to go get Grant up and come "rescue" me. Imagine my embarrasement as I climb into his big deisel truck in my sexy jammies! Anyway, Matt ended up coming home from work and he and my dad changed the tire. It turned out I had this big peice of pipe or something sticking in it (picture a metal straw) which is why the air went out SO quickly. Anyhow...that was my Monday morning. Fun, Fun!

Skater Sunday

Sunday we headed off to church and actually got to sit in service Finally! It's been like a month since I've gotten to be in service because I am either teaching the 3-year-olds or else we've missed for one reason or another. Anyway, it was great to be back in church. After church, we had lunch with my parents and then we came home and started getting ready for the costume skating party that we were invited to. Some friends from our Sunday School had rented the whole entire skating rink and everyone was going to dress up and they got to choose all their own music. It was SO MUCH FUN! Matt was a TOTAL show off. I had no IDEA he was such a good skater. We've never been skating together before this. I found myself lusting after my own husband after that! He looked so sexy out there dancing around, spinning circles and skating backwards. Plus, most of the music was 80's stuff and he knew all the words. He looked so good. Okay, enough of that. I'm probably grossing you all out. Just never underestimate the power and sexiness of CONFIDENCE!
The kids looked absolutely adorable in their costumes. Brooklyn is actually going to be an angel for halloween this year...but her angel costume would have been way too hot for the skating rink..so she just went as a fairy princess and Grant was our OU Football star. They both fell down about every 10 seconds...but they had a great time. I am proud to say, I didn't fall down once! Hooray! I had several close calls...but I think all that core strengthening has done me some good. I was able to regain my balance amazingly well. Yay! I ended up (at the LAST second) deciding to dress up like an 80's punk rocker.
Here are a few picks for your viewing enjoyment! ha ha

Super Saturday

Saturday morning Matt and I got up and as usual, loaded up the kids and went to the gym for our workout. Saturday is my "big" day since I do an hour of kick-boxing, 30 minutes of latin dance and then 25 minutes of abs. By the time we leave there, I am usually drenched from head to toe but it feels so good to work my body that hard. After that, we went home and picked up limbs out of our yard for about an hour. Last Wednesday night we had a big storm here and trees were everywhere. The road that I take to get home was almost completely closed off in several places where whole BIG trees were laying across the road! Thankfully there was a police man in front of me and he turned his (red&blue) lights on each time he came to a tree so those behind him could see how to get around it. Anyway, so we picked up all the fallen limbs from our yard and then Matt left to go hunting with his buddy, Shawn. I showered and then took the kids upstairs to play for a little bit while I scrapbooked. I got some new stuff (clear stamps and new distressing chalk) at Hobby Lobby and I couldn't wait to use it. After that me and the kiddos went over to Shawn's wife and my good friend, Rachael's house for dinner. They have 2 of the cutest little girls and our kids get along wonderfully. We were there from 5-11 pm and they played the whole time! It was SO much fun and we feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends in our lives these days!
So...that was my SUPER Saturday!

Fabulous Friday

So it's Tuesday and I am going to finally take a minute and blog about the Fabulous Friday I had last week. Matt took off work and we got up bright and early and dropped the kids off at my moms before we headed out for breakfast at Panera Bread. That is my ABSOLUTE favorite place for breakfast. I got a spinich, egg and cheese soufle (sp?) and a cinnamon crunch bagel with honey almond spread and a pumpkin spice latte!!! Y-U-M! Who knows (or cares) how many calories was in all that!
I ended up giving the latte to Matt because as you all probably know, I am totally disgusted and grossed out by anything that even remotely resembles coffee...but I was going to give it an honest effort and try it. As long as I was drinking the cream part on the top...it was manageable...but once it got to the real coffee part...Ohhh--NASTY! I think I took 3 sips in all. Oh well..I tried. Anyhow, one of the errands we had to run was to drop my van off at the shop to get the blower fixed. I was thinking it was no big deal...but to my complete dismay...they told us it would probably be around $500!!! We decided to go ahead and get it fixed because there is no way I can go all winter without having my heater blow. (BTW--it ended up being $404 so that was a little better than $500.)
Anyway, after our breakfast, we did a little shopping and then went to get a couples massage! We found a really good deal at the super-nice beauty college here and it's only $60 for an hour for both of us. The place is absolutely beautiful and you'd never know it isn't a real bone-a-fide spa. It had a huge stone fireplace in the "Serenity Room" and almost a whole wall that was a waterfall in the entry. Anyhow, we get into our room and get undressed and get situated on the tables and we're kinda nervous and giggly because this is the first time we've ever done anything like this together. The ladies come in and and begin the massage and everything is going wonderfully until all of a sudden I got the worst case of GAS you can imagine. I am laying there on my stomach, squeezing my butt cheeks together PRAYING that nothing escapes and all the while my stomach is churning and groaning and I am knowing that if I don't let the thing out..I am going to have a miserable stomachache for the next 55 minutes and won't be able to enjoy the massage. So..I try to let it out in small doses...just a teensy little bit at a time so maybe it won't make her pass out. I never did smell anything myself so I am hoping she didn't either...but then of course--my face was smashed down into a pillow....!!
Ha Ha Anyway, I know that's gross..sorry. All in all, when it was over...I wasn't too impressed with the massage. It was relaxing, yes...but she didn't ever go deep enough to actually work out any muscle soreness, which is what I was really hoping for. Matt liked his girl though..so I am still glad we did it. The people giving the massages are senior students...so neither of them will probably be there next time we go anyway.
So, after the massage, we did some new-car shopping just for fun. It'll probably be another year before we get rid of the van..but it was fun to look and see what all is out there now-a-days and how much it all costs. My dream vehicle is a Toyota Sequoia but they are pretty pricey. We looked at the Toyota PJ Cruiser which I think is absolutely adorable...but they just aren't cushy enough for me. Nothing really stood out to me so I am going to just believe God that a Toyota Sequoia will come along at just the right time for just the right price.
Next we went to Zio's for a light (late) lunch. We halfed a side-salad and a calazone ring. It was super yummy and just the right amount of food.
That night after we had picked up the kids, we headed over to our friends, Rich & Teya's house for a bonfire. It was SO much fun. There were lots of people there and we all gathered around the fire and sang praise & worship songs and some people gave testimonies. It was wonderful time and a FABULOUS FRIDAY!
If only they could all be that good!

Monday, October 22, 2007

I challenge You...

To make Christmas about JESUS this year MORE than it is about gifts!
This is what our family is going to do to keep Christ the center of Christmas. We are going to build (as a family) a wooden manger to put beside our Christmas tree this year. We will probably get some hay to put inside it and maybe even a boy babydoll. We will purchase some special gifts to give to OTHERS this year that we will put inside or beside the manger. How many of you will do this with us?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Don't Worry 'bout a Thing!

Dedicated to MLM and Logzie and all my peeps out here in blogland. Girls...we worry too much! I love this song! Enjoy!

[I removed the song so I could put a different one on. But it was SheDaisy "Don't Worry 'Bout A Thing"]

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday Weigh-In

Finally! This morning I weighed 145. Now...only 15 pounds to go till I reach my first goal of 130. If I can keep up at least 1-2 pounds per week...I should be able to be there by Christmas--no problem. BUT....it's hard...and the holidays are on their way...and I don't feel very "strong" lately. Ergh! Why does this have to be such a battle for me ALL THE TIME? I never get to take time off from it. It'd be so nice to just have a period of time where I could quit thinking about exercise and calories obsessively and just be me. Like right now, I am at my neice's house and when her and I are together...we love to eat. Usually chips and queso. It's like our "signature" dish and sure enough, last night we made a Chile Con Queso recipe out of her Rachael Ray cookbook and pigged out. Now this morning, I've already had a sausage McGriddles and hot chocolate from Mickey-D's to start the day off. I've probably consumed 2000 calories just since I've been here. And I feel horrible about it. Which really stinks. I wanna just have a good time and not worry about it...but I feel bloated and fat and exhausted and guilty. And...guess what else? we are in the process of getting ready right now...so we can GO OUT FOR LUNCH! AUGH! Food is everywhere and it's always calling my name.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Today Grant got out of bed, got on his Thomas The Train boots and dug his cd walkman thingy out from under his bed. He owns one single CD which is Veggie Tales with his name in it. My (WONDERFUL) sister-in-law got it for him for Christmas 2 years ago and he has LOVED it ever since. He's heard it a hundred times and he still gets surprised/excited when he hears them say his name! ha ha Anyway, today, I walked into my office and there he sat, just like this and he was singing along and clapping his hands (to "If you're happy and you know it". ) It was so cute..I wish I could've caught it on video tape because you couldn't hear the cd...just him singing. But...I have lost the cords to my camcorder and the battery is dead...so this picture was the best I could do.

Last Sunday night, Grant's preschool hosted a (free) spagetti dinner for all the parents/grandparents and then we attended their church service where all the preschool kids did a little song. Here are a couple pics from that night. My kids are so cute when they're not fighting.

Junie B. Jones may just be my child...???

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Junie B. Jones, so you may not know what the heck I am talking about in this post...but if you have heard of her...you'll know she's a lot like my little Brookie K. Jones. Anyhow, last week Brooklyn's first grade class went on a field trip to see Junie B. Jones LIVE and I had the pleasure as going with them. It was a really cute play. Anyhow, on the way to the performing arts center, the busses went to a park for lunch and to let the kids play. I snapped a couple of pics of Brooklyn and her buddy, Kennedy. Also, the lady behind them with the dark hair is Brooklyn's teacher...just in case you were wondering! ha ha

The Pumpkin Patch

Here are a few pics from last weekend when we visited the pumpkin patch. The kids had fun feeding the animals and riding the ponies--and of course...on the hayride.

Matt & Grant were in front of me & Brook on the hayride. I had them turn around and say "cheese."

Brooklyn by the witch...and mom and Grant watching all the kids running in and out of the maze.

Here are the kids on the ponies, enjoying the ride.

Feeding the animals...and a certain goose or duck or whatever that I thought was cute.

Me and My mommy.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

What a productive day!

Whew! It's only 2:53 in the afternoon and already I've done my work on the computer, been to the gym for 2 hours, push mowed the front and back yard and riding-mowed the rest of the acre and I just got done getting showered and primped. Ahhhhh...it feels nice! Now, I am off to pick Brooklyn up from school and then I think I'll scrapbook for a bit before I whip up a yummy, healthy supper for the little fam. The weather is GORGEOUS outside today! I wish every day could be like this. Plus also, to add to my optimistic attitude, I got back on the scale today because I just couldn't believe I'd only lost 1 pound in this past week and guess what it said today? 144!!! Yesterday it said 147! I even got off and on 3 times to be sure I was seeing it right and it said the same thing every time. Now, I am not getting too terribly excited because I know the numbers always fluctuate...but it was certainly encouraging. Plus, yesterday I weighed before I had eaten anything and I was totally nude. Today I'd already had breakfast and lunch and was fully dressed! It's crazy.
Anyhow, I hope you're having as good of a day as I am. I have lots of pictures to post if I ever get around to it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Grant screaming at me:

You're a bad doctor.
You're not a special actor.
I don't like your voice you're talking about.
You're a mean guy.

This is what I am listening to right now from my VERY mad and frustrated 3-year-old because I won't allow him to have a peice of candy before lunch.

What the heck?

He says the FUNNIEST NONSENSE when he is mad...no matter how hard I try, I can't keep from CRACKING UP! I am supposed to be mad at him and on the verge of spanking his little disobedient butt...but instead..I end up rolling on the floor in laughter because of the goofy stuff he says. It's awful because he ends up getting away with a bunch of stuff...like hitting and kicking me..and calling names. Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping from laughing at this stuff???

Wednesday Weigh-In

1 pound = 147. That's all I have to say about that. UGH!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

You don't realize what ya got...till it's gone!

I would like to take this opportunity to give a warm welcome to all the little baby eyelashes that have begun to poke their little selves out of my right eyelid. I appreciate you coming and I assure you, you will not be taken for granted, dear little eyelashes. I've missed you so much while you were gone. You have my solemn vow, I will curl you with more caution than ever! Thank you again for coming!


Why is it that I can toss and turn all night long but as soon as the alarm goes off I am suddenly insanely sleepy? I hit the snooze button and then finally! fall into a deep sleep---for 9 minutes anyway---until the dang thing starts breep-breep-breeping again. Hit snooze---and then I am back in wonderland, sleeping soundly (for another 9 minutes). It just doesn't make sense.

Why is it that when we are broke I find everything I've been looking for at the mall/store...but when I have a little extra money in my pocket...I can't ever find that perfect thing? Or when I am in a huge hurry racing to get out of the store, I'll spot the CUTEST shirt or dress...but when I actually get a chance to go shopping and take my time..I can't find anything?

Why is it that all week I work hard on my diet and exercising and then the last 2 days before my Wednesday weigh-in..I eat like a HOG?

Why is it that when life gets busy and I don't have a minute to spare to sit down at the computer and blog...I can think of things left and right that I want to blog about, but now that I am actually sitting down to do this...all of those wonderful topics I was going to write about are out in the never-never land of my brain? Guess I should write'em down when they come to me.

Anyway...happy Tuesday morning to you all. As you can tell by my questions above..I've been having trouble sleeping lately...I've been doing some shopping and I've been pigging out the past couple of days. Ugh. And I actually have plenty more interesting things to tell you all..but I just can't remember what they are right now! ha ha---so more to come later...! :o)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My handsome little man

Grant Harrison--3 yr. 5 mo.

No Espanol

Okay, I think it's about time to call it quits on the Spanish class at church. It is getting HARD! Tonight they had a group of Spanish people there to serve us cookies and drinks. The catch was...we had to ONLY speak to them in Spanish and we had to ask correctly for the snacks and be able to have a short conversation with them. Whew! It was WAY harder than I expected. I was all set before I walked up to the table with what I was going to say. But after I said it...the girl said something back and I just stood there looking at her like a deer caught in the headlights. Like---duhhhh....what? I felt my face flush to a deep red instantly and I just kept standing there looking at my notes trying to figure out what in the heck she just said and what I should say back. Eventually I think she felt my discomfort and explained to me in English. Turns out all she said was "Uno galleta, Dos galletas or Tres Galletas?" Which you guys can probably figure out means "one cookie, two cookies or three cookies?" The thing is...they say it SO FAST that it just sounds like a bunch of syllables all stuck together. BTW...galleta, which means cookie, is pronounced guy-etta. The double "L" makes a "yuh" sound.
Anyhow...I really want to learn more...but they are getting into conjugating verbs and pronouns and tenses and it's very intimidating. Plus, I totally don't get that whole male/female thing.
One thing I've learned that I know I will put to good use:
Te Amo = I love you
Te Quiro = I want you
Amore = love
Those are all fun to say---and if your husband digs it...could be kinda sexy too!

I really wish I had the guts to go over to my Spanish neighbor's house and just tell her that I am taking a class and try to talk to her some in Spanish...but it's SO scary when they say something to you and you don't know what it is. How can you respond if you don't even know what you've been asked!?! and it takes FOREVER to look up each individual word in my little Spanish/English dictionary. Like, even though I know the word for drink (Bebido) I don't know how to say the rest of the sentence "Do you want a bebido?" Argh! I wish I had just taken this in high school when I had a chance!

Oh well..anyway, that's all for tonight! Hasta Lavista! (see you later!)

Grrrrr.....Wednesday Weigh In

Man, this SUCKS! I only lost 1 pound this week. WASSUP WIT DAT? So now I am back down to 148---which gives me a total weight loss of 5 lousy pounds in 4 weeks. I am going to try to set weekly goals now I think. My goal is to be at 145 next Wednesday. I know that sounds like a lot since I haven't been doing any good these past 3 weeks...but I have faith. I am going to add a few extra things to my current regimen and hopefully that will make the difference.
By the way, how many of you are keeping up with The Biggest Loser? What a bummer last night for the red team. I mean, it was great that they had the immunity since they obviously needed it....but I wonder why their numbers were so low...!?! Man how I would LOVE to have Jillian for my trainer! Actually...I like Kim better...personality wise....but I think Jillian is probably a little tougher than Kim is.
Anyhow...next Wednesday is October 10th. 10/10. If you know me very well...that number is a BIG DEAL in my family. It's always been our "lucky" or "blessed" number. It's bizarre, I know...but ever since I was a little kid we've had a thing about that number...so I especially have FAITH that my weight will be better next week! Anytime we see 1010--whether it be on a clock, an address, a phone number, our hotel room number, etc...we always quote the scripture John 10:10 which says, "The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy, but I (Christ) have come so that you might have life and life more abundantly."
Hooray for abundant life and having "immunity" from the theif!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

mean, lean, multi-taskin' machine

Today as I sat on the toilet at Grant's preschool and "tried" to pee...I thought...Man, this beats all. Here I am, don't even have to pee, but I have probably 30 seconds to a minute to spare before he gets out of class and I am trying to think of what I could do to save me time later. I thought...."hmmm...maybe I should try to pee and then I won't have to take the time to do it when I get home." This got me to thinking...I am pretty much like that all the time. My mind is always working...always thinking. I am constantly finding ways to use EVERY single second of every minute for SOMEthing. For instance, when I stop at a red light...I check my phone for messages, put on my lipstick, put on lotion, file my nails...etc. When I have to sit in the car for 5 minutes (like while I am waiting on 8:45 so I can drop Grant off at school in the morning), I balance my checkbook/enter my debits, clean my purse out & clean my car out. Also at home, I never walk into the "children's wing" of my house without first taking an inventory of what all I can load my arms up with to put in their rooms. God forbid I should make a trip in "vain" and not accomplish at least 3-4 things. Some people like to "kill 2 birds with one stone". Ha! Try killing 5 birds with one stone! That's more like it!
Even if I take time "out" to just chill and watch TV (like tonight --Biggest Loser-- ) I still do something the entire time...like fold clothes, paint my toenails, manicure my fingernails and I get up at each commercial break and put clothes away, feed the dog, load the dishwasher, make lunches, etc. Here's a bad one for ya...anytime I make a phone call, I try to be sure and sit at my desk so I can do double-duty and check my e-mail/read blogs at the same time! I know that's awful...but I hate talking on the phone...and usually I can pretty well carry on a conversation and still be able to read/think about something entirely different too!
I only clean the shower when I am taking a shower.
On the rare occasion that I do go #2, I always make sure and take something that I need to read like the kids homework papers or the mail.
While I am cooking dinner, I always study the pantry and the fridge for items we need and make a grocery list.
You get the point, I'm sure. While I am proud that I can do so many things at once...sometimes I wish I could just relax. Totally---with nothing hanging over my head. It's like if I could ever just get it ALL done..then I could really relax...but that day hasn't come yet--in 10 years and I'm not sure it ever will. I envy my husband sometimes because there can be a hundred things going on, kids crying, tv blaring, phone ringing, dinner cooking, dryer buzzing and he'll be over on the recliner snoozing away. Of course, at the moment envy is not the exact emotion I feel...it's more like DISGUST...but really, I'd love to do that sometime. Just walk out on all of it and take a nap. Aughh......how nice.
I'll leave you with a little conversation that me and hubby had a while back about this subject:
In the midst of one of "those" times...I said, "You know, if there was such a thing as reincarnation, I would LOVE to come back as YOU so I could just lay around and have everything done for me!" To which he replied, "Ya, but then you'd have to listen to YOU whine and gripe about it all the time!"
Ps. I hope it's not "illegal" for me to use that picture since it says "copyright" on top of it..??!! If somebody knows....leave me a comment and let me know! I didn't figure it would let me copy and save it...but it did...so I wasn't sure!?!?!?!