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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fabulous Friday

So it's Tuesday and I am going to finally take a minute and blog about the Fabulous Friday I had last week. Matt took off work and we got up bright and early and dropped the kids off at my moms before we headed out for breakfast at Panera Bread. That is my ABSOLUTE favorite place for breakfast. I got a spinich, egg and cheese soufle (sp?) and a cinnamon crunch bagel with honey almond spread and a pumpkin spice latte!!! Y-U-M! Who knows (or cares) how many calories was in all that!
I ended up giving the latte to Matt because as you all probably know, I am totally disgusted and grossed out by anything that even remotely resembles coffee...but I was going to give it an honest effort and try it. As long as I was drinking the cream part on the top...it was manageable...but once it got to the real coffee part...Ohhh--NASTY! I think I took 3 sips in all. Oh well..I tried. Anyhow, one of the errands we had to run was to drop my van off at the shop to get the blower fixed. I was thinking it was no big deal...but to my complete dismay...they told us it would probably be around $500!!! We decided to go ahead and get it fixed because there is no way I can go all winter without having my heater blow. (BTW--it ended up being $404 so that was a little better than $500.)
Anyway, after our breakfast, we did a little shopping and then went to get a couples massage! We found a really good deal at the super-nice beauty college here and it's only $60 for an hour for both of us. The place is absolutely beautiful and you'd never know it isn't a real bone-a-fide spa. It had a huge stone fireplace in the "Serenity Room" and almost a whole wall that was a waterfall in the entry. Anyhow, we get into our room and get undressed and get situated on the tables and we're kinda nervous and giggly because this is the first time we've ever done anything like this together. The ladies come in and and begin the massage and everything is going wonderfully until all of a sudden I got the worst case of GAS you can imagine. I am laying there on my stomach, squeezing my butt cheeks together PRAYING that nothing escapes and all the while my stomach is churning and groaning and I am knowing that if I don't let the thing out..I am going to have a miserable stomachache for the next 55 minutes and won't be able to enjoy the massage. So..I try to let it out in small doses...just a teensy little bit at a time so maybe it won't make her pass out. I never did smell anything myself so I am hoping she didn't either...but then of course--my face was smashed down into a pillow....!!
Ha Ha Anyway, I know that's gross..sorry. All in all, when it was over...I wasn't too impressed with the massage. It was relaxing, yes...but she didn't ever go deep enough to actually work out any muscle soreness, which is what I was really hoping for. Matt liked his girl though..so I am still glad we did it. The people giving the massages are senior students...so neither of them will probably be there next time we go anyway.
So, after the massage, we did some new-car shopping just for fun. It'll probably be another year before we get rid of the van..but it was fun to look and see what all is out there now-a-days and how much it all costs. My dream vehicle is a Toyota Sequoia but they are pretty pricey. We looked at the Toyota PJ Cruiser which I think is absolutely adorable...but they just aren't cushy enough for me. Nothing really stood out to me so I am going to just believe God that a Toyota Sequoia will come along at just the right time for just the right price.
Next we went to Zio's for a light (late) lunch. We halfed a side-salad and a calazone ring. It was super yummy and just the right amount of food.
That night after we had picked up the kids, we headed over to our friends, Rich & Teya's house for a bonfire. It was SO much fun. There were lots of people there and we all gathered around the fire and sang praise & worship songs and some people gave testimonies. It was wonderful time and a FABULOUS FRIDAY!
If only they could all be that good!


Logzie said...

Oh my gosh...You had me cracking up laughing about escapie you had during your massage!! LOL!!! My blogfriend Kuckie is a massage therapist and she says it happens to everyone. Reggie has posted about the same thing and I can attest that it happens to me also! So funny!!!

And oh my...our blower is out too!! We only have the HIGH setting and I hate it!! But we just can't stomach the $500! We replace the fuse just before we gon on a trip and it lasts a couple months and only costs about $20. That's our idea of fixing it!

So, it must be a universal Dodge thing then. Does you automatic side door only work when it's warm out? Ours does. I just have Chuck dismantle the automatic part of it for the winter so it's not so hard to open and close.

Hmmm...what else...my speedometer is working intermittantly now. I find I get places faster when it's not working. Ha!

Oh yah and last but certainly not least...our back door only works with the key in it. Frusterating!! But we LOVE our van so we deal with it...

Anyway, sounds like your FAB Friday was truely FAB!!!! I'm jealous! But so glad you got it! :0)