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Monday, November 05, 2007

Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder

So, Logzie mentioned on her blog about how hard it is to find a good bra. Since I've been on my soapbox today about finding a good pair of jeans...I thought I'd share my "secret" on bras. I have found what I believe to be the TWO best bra's out there---especially if you are well endowed...but even if you aren't...you won't find anything more comfy and more supportive than these 2 bra's. And believe me...I've tried a LOT! Since I've found these 2 bras, probably about 2 years ago...I have not bought a single other bra since. I have 3 of the sport bras and 4 of the "regular" bras and I LOVE them. Even after 2 years, the first one I bought, is still in great condition and I am actually wearing it right now. So, here they are: For an every day bra: GAP's Hidden Wire Full Support Bra. They are regularly priced at $36 and I've paid that a couple of times. Believe me when I say...they are WAY worth it. However, you can also find them on sale pretty often. Right now, if you look online, they have the "cinder gray" one on sale for $17.99. I have beige, black, pink & turquoise. I WANT the red one though! (and her abs!)
For a Sports Bra...I promise you..this is the best one in the WORLD! Not only does it keep your ta-ta's from touching one another...but it also provides lift and support and you can do jumping jacks all days and those puppies won't be going anywhere. This is the ONLY Sport Bra I will ever wear again. It is made by Moving Comfort and it is their Maia Bra. Online it sells for $44 but I buy mine at Academy Sports and I pay $34. Again, they are worth EVERY PENNY! I started with one but then once I started working out 3-4 times a week, I just HAD to have another one. Then just a couple of months ago, I splurged and bought a 3rd one. I have a blue, white and now a black one. This bra is SO comfortable, you could easily wear it as your every day bra too. I do that sometimes, especially when I am wearing a tight-fitting t-shirt and I don't want any spillage...since this one comes up pretty high...it eliminates any extra bumps. This bra is "made by women, for women" and they know what they're doing. I actually wrote a letter to this company asking them to consider making swimwear since they make such great fitting bras. They sent me a reply that said they'd turn in my request.

Anyway, I hope that might help some of you. If nothing else...now you know what's under my shirt! ha ha


Logzie said...

I'm a likin that sports bra!! But that other one doesnt' look like it could handle my "job". I need something that keeps them in on the sides! But...since you have never let me down before...I just might have to go to the store and try one on for myself! Ha!

P.S.-read my post today...I gave you kuddos for the free undies from V.S. Thanks for that tip...I have 4 pairs already!!

Jen said...

Okay...In that picture of the girl wearing the red bra....it really doesn't show how supportive that bra is. I wear a 34DD bra too so I know what you mean about the girls trying to get out on ALL sides. As a matter of fact, in some of the cheaper bras I have, where I do spill out the sides...it looks like I could have 4 boobs--2 in the bra and 2 off to the side. Ick! That bra holds it ALL in. As a matter of fact, now that I remember--I actually bought that bra SPECIFICALLY for the way it held the sides in and for the fact that it is much higher cut and doesn't let anything spill out the top either. I will admit, it is NOT very sexy...but sometimes you just have to choose one or the other (or all the time when you're as big as we are).
Try it on. I can almost guarantee you'll like it.

KC said...

Oh, I like that sports bra! I wear one just about everyday, but I really like the way that keeps them separated! I use the Frog Bra from Title Nine Sports when I run...simple because it squishes me down and allows NOTHING to move, even at a full run! I love it, but it does squish me..so I might have to give this one a try. :)
Frankly I love my Fredrick's of Hollywood Bra, and the T-Shirt Bra from Victoria's Secret. I am a 32/34D (it is hard to find 32, so I usually settle for 34 and put it on the tightest notch) and these give me great support and look good under clothes...no spillage! :)

Logzie said...

You guys are funny!!

I love all the names we have for "them"...ta, ta's...girls...boulders...Ha!!

Can we think of anymore? Come'on let's do it! LOL!!

MJ-I am so glad you wrote again...you now have me convinced!!

Kate said...

damn - all you "big" girls are making me jealous :(

ha ha! D cups - ha, maybe when I'm prego

Beverly said...

I found a great deal on the top bra on ebay. Brand new with the tags still on them. It was 2 of them for $24.99 no shipping. Just thought I'd share, you might keep your eye out next time you get to needing a new one.