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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


By request:
Here are just a few of the names we've given "boobies" in our house:
If you're especially small : mosquito bites
If you're pretty small: ant hills
If you're pretty large: Twin peaks

Miscellaneous nick-names:
the "girls"
the "twins"

So, what do you call 'em?

Ps. Both of my kids think nipples are actually called "nibbles". Ha Ha!


Beverly said...

Eli has called his nipple his "nickels" since he was little bitty so that is what they are around here. Our breast on the other hand are just boobies.

KC said...

Levi has always called my boobs "feeders"! hahaaaa It cracks me up!!! He remembers me breastfeeding Seth, and he would say "Mommy, whatcha doin?" and I would tell him I was feeding his brother.
Then about a year or 2 later he came to me one day and said "Mommy, you got big feeders!" hahaha So I never corrected him, they are just "feeders". :)

Logzie said...

Mine is boring...my kids can't say breasts so they say brestisis. Kenzie used to nurse her dolls whenever I would nurse Ella.

My kids refered to their nipples (gosh that is a strange word to type!) as 'buttons'. Ha!!

Domestic Diva said...

Hey, my kids used to say brestisis too...now they dont say anything about them....but they are 6 and 10

For the boy part, they call it a tallywhacker....a word courtesy of their step grandma!!!

KC said...

Hey Girl,
Where is "Wednesday's Weigh-In?"??? :)

Amy said...

This post cracked me up! We don't call 'em anything around here right now except SORE! Why in the world is breastfeeding so HARD?! For something so natural, it sure doesn't come naturally! We're getting the hang of it, but man sometimes it hurts! It's getting better though as both of us get more practice.

I think we'll probably call them "boobies" when Easton gets big enough. One of the gifts I got was a onesie that says "Mmmm...boobies!" I can't wait until he gets big enough to wear it because I think it is hilarious. :) J doesn't seem to find it as funny as I do. He said "You mean you're actually going to let our son wear that?!" Yep. And he's also going to wear the onesie I bought him that says "My mommy ROCKS...my crib."

Jen said...

I told Matt about this post last night and he said, "You mean you forgot to put "taters."
Oh ya! I guess I did.
That's his favorite name for them:
"Taters". Just imagine Mater from the Cars movie saying "Taters" (rhymes with Mater) and you'll hear my hubby talking about my boobs.
Just what you always wanted to hear, I know!
ha ha

Bridgett Hayes said...

This post was too cute! Found you through Logzie... love your blog btw