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Monday, November 05, 2007

Valuable Time Saving Tip for ya

(that's a old lady trying to swipe her credit card in the attendents crack)Ha Ha!

So I got a few hours to myself on Friday and I went shopping for a new pair of jeans. I had a $20 rewards certificate to spend at the GAP and a $25 gift card to spend at American Eagle. I figured SURELY I could find a pair of jeans at one of these 2 places. Wrong. I found some I liked alright at the GAP...but just couldn't bring myself to pay $69.50 for a pair of jeans I just like "okay." (even with $20 off)
But at American Eagle....What a JOKE!
Here's my "Valuable Time Saving Tip" for ya: Don't even BOTHER trying on jeans that have a zipper length of less than at LEAST 2 inches. At AE, their jeans come in 3 cuts: Low-Cut, Super Low-Cut and Ultra Low-Cut. That translates to zipper lengths of 2 inches, 1 1/2 inch and 1 inch. ONE INCH! What's even the point? Take your fingers and make an inch with your pointer and your thumb. Now, imagine that being how much fabric you have to zip up over your tummy---or on the flip side---your butt crack. What a JOKE! I promised myself I wouldn't buy a pair of jeans that showed my butt crack if I bent over...but Good Heavens...these jeans practically showed my butt crack when I was standing straight up!
I just don't get it. WHO (teenager or not) would want to wear jeans like this? It's so digusting and offensive to me. Besides that...it is TOTALLY unflattering on everyone. Even the skinniest of skinny look like they have a little innertube around their middle with these super low cut jeans.
Now don't get me wrong, I am not into those jeans from the 80's that button just below your bra strap and have pockets 6 inches higher than your butt cheeks...that's almost as gross. But can't we find a happy medium somewhere in the middle? There is one brand that I can always find jeans that LOVE by...but it's Lucky and they cost a small fortune. Like, if I wanted a pair right now, I'd probably have to take out a loan. They range anywhere from about $85 to $135 for a pair! But, they fit perfectly! I may have to feed my kids mac-n-cheese and hot dogs for a few days so I can get a pair. Ha ha. (they'd LOVE that!! (seriously))
Anyway, what a waste of a day. I ended up going home empty handed and being completley frustrated.
So, I want to know...what are ya'll's favorite jeans and how much will you spend on a good pair?


Kate said...

Good topic! I got some new jeans on Saturday. The Limited / Sexy Cassidy Fit. They're a real dark finish, you could almost wear them as pants to work (which is what I'm going to do) and the dark wash makes you look especially slender in the leg. They have plenty of room in the hips and seat (where I need it), but the waist is also flattering w/ enough room to zip, covering your arse, no muffin top, w/o being ugly mom jeans. They were $85 but since I had a coupon and I really liked how they fit, I opted to get them. Good-fitting jeans are so hard to find, that I don't mind investing in them a little. Trendy tops and stuff I'll buy cheap b/c they'll be out by next season, but good fitting, classic jeans and pants are worth the $. I've succumbed to the fact that since I have curves, I'll never look good in the skinny jeans. I know what loks good on me now, bootleg, wide leg, and it's worth the extra $ for a good quality pair.

KC said...

I prefer the Wrangler 20X Houston Lowest Rise (they are NOT real low, they cover everything and I can sit in them without worry..but they do not come up to my belly button either). These are boot cut jeans, and run about $25 a pair.

I also love Cruel Girl Low Rise, Slim Fit, boot cut jeans! They fit me PERFECT! They are around $35-$45 a pair (depending on the wash, etc).

For just running around in t-shoes, I prefer my Levi's 518 SuperLowRise, Boot Cut Jeans...they are usually $29, but I can sometimes find them on sale for $19.99. :)

I'm all about saving money....so that I can afford all the other things that we REALLY need....so I usually go try on jeans, find some I like, then put it on my Christmas list. Over the years I have got so many jeans for Christmas that I don't need to buy anymore. :)

Logzie said...

Jeans!...ARGH!$^#$^^&#...I HATE Jeans...or I should say...I hate shopping for jeans! I wish I could offer help but...nope!

I did just buy a pair of Apt. 9 jeans from Kohl's the other week and I do love them. I have been buying that brand's dress pants for a while so I was thrilled to see them come out with jeans. They are normally $40 but you know Kohl's...never pay full price...I got them 1/2 off at $19.99...DEAL!

Beverly said...

I love Levi's but I have the price. So the last time I bought them they had the boys jeans on sell for $19.99 and being I'm barely over 5'1 anyway I and they come in waist and length sized I was able to get them out of the little boys department and get a really good deal. The same pair of jean was $45.00 in the ladies dept.

Amber said...

lol yuck! i know i hate the jean style right now. ;)