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Monday, November 12, 2007

Glow like a ghost OR Glow like you've been to the beach...it's your choice!

Okay, I am pushing one of my favorite products today. It's Dove Energy Glow. You need this. Yes, you. You have no excuse for that ashy white skin. This is not damaging to your skin. It only costs about $5 and it doesn't smudge or smell bad. It will make you feel thinner because every one knows tan skin looks thinner and also hides those yucky stretch marks and dimples. It's a win-win situation. AND...if you go over to www.doveglow.com you can click on "See yourself Glow" in the top left corner. In about 30 seconds, you can upload a pic of yourself and then watch yourself instantly get a tan! I'm pretty sure there's a place on there too where you can sign up for them to send you a free sample in the mail. I did it and got mine about 2 weeks ago.
If you're leery of an orangy looking tan, I don't think you'll have to worry about that. After years of "self-tanners" being on the market, I honestly believe Dove has perfected it.
Even if you don't want to bother with doing your whole body...AT least put a little on your face, neck and chest in the mornings before you apply your make-up.
If you don't like it for some reason, you won't have lost much...but I'm telling you--at least for me--it's the difference in being ghostly white and almost "witchy" looking to being healthy and vibrant looking. People ALWAYS notice that I look "better" when I use this stuff. You don't need it in the Summer so much since you'll probably have a little bit of color from just being outdoors...but when winter rolls around, if you're like me...it's like almost overnight all my color fades. I am trying to be careful of what I do to my skin now-a-days since I am getting OLDER! (augh!) so I try not to do too much tanning in tanning beds.
I also really like Jergens and Vaseline Intensive Care brands...but I don't think they smell as nice or color quite as evenly as this new Dove one does.
Good Luck! Let me know if you're gonna try it! Take a before and after picture. It only takes 7 days to achieve your "full tan."


KC said...

I usually use the Jergens Natural Glow...I used it again for the first time in months, yesterday. I forgot how much I hated that "tanning" smell though. I ran out yesterday, so I was thinking I needed to buy some more. I will definitely give the Dove brand a try. :)
Thanks for the tip!

Kate said...

It's already on my list of things to buy. Good to know the smell isn't too noticable - that's always the killer for me.

Unknown said...

Wow MJ! You are quite the salesman... girl...! I am a firm believer in tanning my legs. Do it all year long. They look way better, even in the winter when nobody else sees them! I've been using something...hmm... coppertone I think. Anyway, you sold me, I'll have to give Dove a try. Always been scared to use it on my face, but maybe I'll brave up after I see it's effects on my legs!

Logzie said...

You should go into sales my friend! I have always tried everything you say to. I just got my Kashi snack thing in the mail last week (that took forever to get here!) and I bought that Victoria's Secret crackling stuff...the bras are on my list and now this!!

I am excited to try it. Thanks for sharing! :0)

KC said...

I finally went to the store today, and I got some of this...I can't wait to give it a try. I did open ti and smell it in the store, and it smelled really good!

Kate said...

used it for the first time this morning and I've got to say, the smell is not bad- I really like it! can't wait to see how I look in 7 days. Thanks for the recommendation :)