II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Noses (and puppies)

By the title of my post, you guys are probably thinking this is going to be about that pointy thing sticking out of your face that you breath with...but you're wrong. It's about a famous character in the Bible.
You see, today while we were out having breakfast at a local restraunt there was a picture of The Last Supper up on the wall. I pointed it out to my cutie-pie 3-year-old son and asked him if he knew who that was in the picture. He correctly answered, "Jesus". Then I asked him if he knew who all those other guys were too. To which he answered, "Noses and the disciples." It took a minute...but then I realized he was saying "Moses."
He he he

One more quick thing while I'm rambling...
We went and looked at a puppy tonight. Not the one I talked about the other day. For some reason that deal hasn't worked out. I've been waiting since the day I posted that for the lady to call me back to come see that puppy...and she still hasn't called. (even though I've left several messages)
(here is a pic of a Golden Retriever Puppy at 11 weeks)
So anyway, today I looked online at our newspaper classifieds to see what puppies were in there (after checking all the local pounds and shelters) and I came across an ad for 2 Male Chocolate Springer Spaniel puppies. I told Matt that I KNEW I would love these puppies and could we please just go look at them. He said yes so we loaded up and drove about 30 minutes to another little town to see them. and Oh. My. Gosh! You talk about CUTE! They were the color of a Hershey's Dark Chocolate bar...and as precious as could be. I fell in LOVE with BOTH of them immediately. The only question I had was how are we EVER going to decide which one to take. One was named Duke and one was Prince Edward! So, I tell the lady that we are gonna go eat and talk it over and then we'll call her. But, when we got in the car and started talking...it becames apparent that I was the only one in the fam who was completley smitten with these little guys. Even the kids didn't act like they cared one BIT whether or not we got one! I just couldn't believe it. They were SO excited about going to see/maybe get a puppy....and then they turned out to be cuter than I had even imagined...so what was the problem? I still don't know...but we decided that since the kids weren't "in love" and neither was Matt really...that we'd give it a couple of days and see how I'm feeling then. So far...I can't quit thinking about them. I'm curious to see if I dream about them all night long too. I bet I will. The big downer about them is that they cost $200 and they aren't neutered yet, not registered (though they are full blood), need their shots, don't come with anything like a bed or crate or anything and they aren't potty trained either. Ugh. They are crate trained, she said though and that they stay in a crate all day long while they are at work and they do just fine with that.
(here's a pic of a chocolate springer spaniel puppy...a little younger than the one we are looking at.)

Then there is another puppy we've been eyeing...but it's even MORE expensive at $295!!! It's a female beagle/cocker mix and her name is Sadie (which I love!). Here is a picture of this one: (this is the actual dog)

So which one do you guys like the best...by just looking at them?

And how much would you pay for a dog?


Amos said...

Well, we are on the same page for one thing, the name! Ben said that if we ended up getting the golden that he wanted to name her Sadie! How ironic is that! Boy, I would have a hard time picking any ones of those, they are all adorable! Especially the springer puppy, too cute!

Logzie said...

I definately vote for the GOLDEN RETREIVER puppy!!! They are just so darn cute!!!

Tammy said...

They are all adorable! Goldens are such great dogs, but the faces on those other two - oh my! Especially that little chocolate nugget. Too cute!!

P.S. That Noses story is very sweet. Definitely one to write down!

KC said...

I'd be leaning more toward the Golden Retriever. They are adorable! Plus they are so great with kids, and would be Matt's "Big Dog" and "hunting buddy". I think it would be more of a whole family dog. :)

As far as paying for a dog. I never have, and probably never will. We got Toby for free from the Animal Shelter because Stephen works for the City. You've seen him, he is our big black lab. We did have to pay to have him neutered. He is a GREAT dog! Around here, labs run a couple of hundred each also.

mlm said...

We had a golden when i was growing up...adorable as a puppy, not a puppy for long, and faithful as can be as an adult. But HAIR EVERYWHERE. I don't think beagles shed as much?? Go with what YOUR HEART desires, because in the end (no matter what promises you hear), it will probably be YOU that takes care of it. :o)