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Monday, February 11, 2008

Not Love at first Sight...

okay, so I know many of you have been waiting for me to post pictures of the new puppy. I took some right when we got home Friday so I could hurry and post them on here. But I'm gonna be real honest with you guys. I didn't post them for 2 reasons. 1) Having a new puppy is a lot more like having a baby than I even realized! Up every 3 hours through the night...wants to sleep all day and play all night...poops every half hour. Whew! I could hardly find time to check my e-mail let alone BLOG! ha ha But also...2) She's not as cute as I thought. There I said it. It feels like SUCH an ugly statement. But I'm sorry. I can't help it. I was expecting this:

But instead, I got this:

Obviously she's grown up quite a bit from that first picture...and a lot of the aspects of her appearance that I LOVED in that first picture...have already vanished. She is looking more like a Beagle I think than the King Charles Spaniel...and I'm not too keen on Beagles.


She's got a terrific personality and she is sweet as can be. She is smart and is learning not to potty in the house slowly but surely. The first 2 nights we had her...were long nights. She cried and cried at being in her crate...but last night (her 3rd night with us) she slept quietly in her crate from 10 pm until 7 am without a peep! Hooray!

I feel so guilty for not thinking she's very cute. Am I THAT vain? Maybe I am. I don't know. I just know that I really wanted a puppy that I would fall in love with at first sight and she would just steal my heart...and that little Sadie in the first picture did that...but this one....I'm not so sure. Which is completely ridiculous because it is the same exact dog in both pictures. I don't know what's wrong with me. I think this will all be better when I am not doctoring up my hands from all the tiny little knife-like teeth that are constantly biting me and when I am not cleaning diarrhea out of my new carpet 3+ times a day. She really is gonna be a good dog, I think. I am definitely dedicated to training her properly--and I know that will make a big difference.

I am also a bit bummed that we paid SO much for her. I think she's great...but $300??? I feel like we got ripped off to a certain degree...and I know that is horrible of me to say or think. It's just that right before we got her the people told us that they really don't know how old she is or what breed she is because she was given to them from a lady who found her sitting on the side of the road all alone. Man...why couldn't that have been US who found her on the side of the road? Then we'd have had her in her cute puppy stage AND she'd have been Free!! Oh well...

I don't know why I have such the "negative" attitude right now...I really do love her. I guess she just doesn't fit the "mold" I had in my head. But...that mold'll have to change cuz she's a keeper!


Amy said...

Don't feel bad, Jen. I might be a little disappointed if I were you but she is SO cute! I'm sure you all will get along great and one day very soon you will not be able to imagine life without her.

Tammy said...

I, for one, appreciate your honesty!! I'm sure its hard to admit you're disappointed, but hey, its cool. I don't think its vain at all. Or maybe I'm just a snob! HA HA

The dog really is cute though. Throw a couple of bows in her hair and some cheesy dress-up outfits and she'll be really ADORABLE. I know some dog people would disagree with that, but we've dressed up our dog many-a-times ;)

I'm sure you'll grow to love her as much as you thought you would.... some relationships just take time. Shall I call in Dr. Phil?

Rachael Rae Diaries said...

Jen your puppy is so cute! If you don't want her I will come scoop her up! She looks so sweet!

Kate said...

what a cutie pie! I hope you're enjoying her :)