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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Okay FINE...if you're gonna make me!

Wednesday Weigh-In
One forty stinkin' eight. That's what I weighed today. Grrrrrrr..... I was tempted to assault the scale this morning. How can that BE? I've been working my butt off at the gym lately...going Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri & Sat---all 1 1/2 hours at a time! (of course, that WHOLE order of onion rings after church on Sunday could possibly be the culprit)--but aren't onions some form of vegetable!!!?
{big sigh}
So anyhow..that's where I am with my fatso self right now. 148. I will keep posting these because it holds me accountable at least--even if I don't see any changes in the numbers (except for going up).
I am attempting to make some changes to my eating habits yet again...such as LOTS more protien and 5 small (250 calorie) meals a day instead of 3 (700 calorie) ones a day. I am also going to attempt to keep an eye on my fiber intake and carb intake...though both of those things scare me because I really don't even know what they are...but I'm learning.
I am really happy with these protien shakes (EAS carb control 110 calorie, 17 grams of protien) I got at Sams and the Pure Protien bars (180 cal. 20 grams of protien). You should try them if you haven't.

Oh and by the way....we are actively pursuing adopting little Sadie (the beagle/cocker mix puppy). If all goes as planned, we should be picking her up this weekend. I'll keep ya'll updated.

Now its off to church to the marriage seminar! C U All L8TR!


Amos said...

Ben went to see the nutritionist today. I really think that could help you out! Check her out at www.lifedesignnutrition.com. It's $110 and he says he thinks it will be worth it! She is amazing. I am going in a few weeks myself. Just a thought.

Kate said...

Good choice on the meal/calorie changes. Gotta stay near 1200-1600 to lose. Anything more, like the 2100 you mentioned, and the weight isn't going to go anywhere, even if you are burning a lot during your workouts. My protein is way low too, so I left out an EAS shake for the morning so it's done and then I don't have to worry the rest of the day. For fiber, try the Benefiber tablets. They don't rip up my stomach like other traditional fiber-rich foods. Of course, there's plenty of fiber in apples, grapes, leafy greens, etc, so try to incorporate those too. Thanks for posting. I haven't gone down either since I last talked about it, so reading your is great motivation. Maybe I should write about my weigh-ins too, frustrating or not, they do keep you accountable.

Thanks Jen!

Jenelle said...

The more fiber you eat the fuller you feel. I've been adding lots more fruit and veggies (as well as milled flax seed) to most things I cook and it is making a remarkable difference on portion control because I actually feel full. I got the cookbook "Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Seinfield (Jerry's wife). She purees fruits and veggies and adds them to her cooking. I have only tried a few of her recipes because I think they are a little bland and maybe too healthy for our family to eat consistently so I've been making my own recipes.

My hubby's been raving about the food I'm making and he hates most veggies. I haven't noticed a weight difference yet cuz I'm still eating fast food junk while building the house.

Nutritionist sounds like a great idea.

KC said...

I love those shakes and those pure protein bars. They are GREAT!

Don't be so hard on yourself Jen. You are working out like crazy...but, no matter how much you workout, if you aren't eating a "healthy" diet (and within your calorie range), your weight isn't going to go down.

I'm proud of you for making the change to your eating habits. Eating smaller meals, 5-6 times a day is PERFECT! Especially since you are adding so much great protein to your diet! You go Girl!!!!