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Thursday, February 07, 2008

puppy anxiety...

This is so ridiculous. I am totally anxious/nervous/butterfly's in my stomach about this whole puppy thing. We are wanting to adopt Sadie, the beagle/spaniel mix. Technically she is considered a "Beaglier". How they came up with that name, I have no idea. She is a "Beagle Hybrid." (I've been doing my research...can ya tell?)
Anyway, the place she is being kept is an hour and a half away. They require her to be spayed before she can be adopted...and so the money (for her spaying-$45) has to be paid to them in cash in person or else through Western Union (who charges a $20 fee). Anyway, basically, I am either going to have to pay before seeing her and just HOPE that when we do see her we have a bond/connection...or I could wait until I can actually physically go there and see her...but then I risk the chance of her being taken by someone else. The girl who has her said there have been over 50 people interested in her and that several are supposed to be "sending the money." Once she receives that initial deposit (for spaying) from a person...the dog is then placed on "hold" and the person has 5 days to come pick her up. Ugh!
This is just totally stressing me out...which is what I SWORE I wouldn't let happen.
Even though I know I want a puppy and I'm almost 100% positive she's the ONE....I still keep thinking about how much all of this is going to cost. Not so much "having a puppy" as just the "start up" costs. I will need to buy a crate, bowls, food, collar all immediately---and she costs $295!!! BTW, I asked why she is so much seeing as how I am getting her from an animal rescue place. She said that usually the dogs have a $75 adoption fee....but since Sadie is a "high demand dog" meaning that LOTS of people want her and are willing to pay to get her...that they use those dogs to recover some of their costs. Basically they lose money on all the other dogs that they rescue but on these "high demand" dogs...they make some extra to even out the difference. Whatever. All I know is that I want her, I am tired of looking and it actually makes me feel a WHOLE lot better to be giving this place $300 (since it's run by volunteers and they rescue dogs) instead of buying a dog from PetMart.

Okay, I know that was a bunch of jibberish...but I just needed to get it all out of my head and sorted out on paper. If any of you have any advice...feel free to share.


Kate said...

Jen, you're doing the right thing by adopting. And yes, it sure is costly in the beginning. If it really does hurt the finances, then you shouldn't feel bad if you cannot adopt her. She's in high demand and there are other families out there willing and wanting to take care of her. The best thing to do would be lay out all of the costs on a sheet of paper and see how that will affect your household budget. And not only the finances, but the extra time and attention she will need as a puppy. Are you willing to invest that extra time to train a puppy again? Who's going to be responsible for her care?

I know you'll make the best decision for you and your family. Good luck.