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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vacation Time

We are on the lookout for a vacation spot. We are looking for suggestions. We are clueless.
We have lots of options:
Matt has plenty of vacation time built up...so that's not a problem.
We can take the kids or leave them with Grandma.
Potentially we could spend a decent chunk of money...but of course...the less we spend, the better.
We had thought about maybe taking a little weekend getaway in March for our anniversary just the two of us...and then going on a "big" vacation WITH the kids in the summer.
We have considered DisneyWorld in Florida...but neither of our kids is very into Disney...so not sure that's the right route.
We have thought about doing another cruise...but very leery of that one.
We have considered snow skiing in Colorado..but would very much miss the hot sun/water.
We like the idea of a "beach" but don't know where would be a good place.
We need entertainment. We aren't sight-see-ers. (however you spell that)
I have to be able to shop some. Its a necessity! ha ha
We don't have a lot of "hobbies"--so not particularly looking for a golf course or a spa with it.

You know what I need? One of those quizzes that you fill out for other things to help you determine what you like or what you are or what type your personality is...to help me figure out what kind of vacation to go on!

Anyhow, if any of you have any suggestions of places that are good or of places to stay away from...please tell. This will be our first big vacation since our honeymoon other than the cruise we took 2 years ago. And we've never taken the kids anywhere on vacation so we really want this to be something special with lots of lasting memories for them.


Amy said...

How about coming here? Washington D.C is very close (a little less than 2 hours I think) and there are lots of cool things for kids to do there. My nephew LOVED coming to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum (and so did all the adults that came too). D.C also has the National Zoo, the Spy Museum and all kinds of fun stuff for kids and grownups too. Or you could come here and go 2 hours in the opposite direction to Baltimore. They've got the National Aquarium there, a pretty cool (very kid-friendly) Science Museum and lots of shopping.
We could give you directions and show you around and then let you decide what you want to do and where. We've got a whole file folder bursting at the seams with flyers and pamphlets about attractions around this area. We're just waiting for someone to come visit us so they can use it. :) The only thing is that I don't think we'd all fit at my house. My friend Amy has a house she's never at and you all might be able to stay there if I ask her way in advance.
Just something to think about.

Amy said...

P.S. How cool would it be if we could spend our birthdays together like we did that one fun time when we lived in Muskogee?

But we do understand if you want a family-only vacation too. Don't worry we'll get our feelings hurt if you decide to do something else. Just thought it might be fun. :) Love you guys!

smiling's my favorite said...

california is so much fun... especially for Midwesterners who have nothing to gauge it by. The only dilema would be that since you've never been there, you might have trouble navigating around town getting the most of your time. the kids would love it, you guys would love it, it's so much fun. its a bit more expensive and would require saving some, but worth it in the end.

Tammy said...

I'd say come to Ohio... but eh.

We're big fans of the beach!! We take the kids there every summer. So nice to just hang out in the warm sun and surf. My hubby gets bored after awhile, but not me. I could sit out there all day. The kids love it, too. Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington, NC is our hangout. Good family beach - not a lot of hoochies hanging around ;)

I'd skip Disney unless your kids were REALLY into it - a lot of money, a lot of planning, etc.

We just did a 4-day trip to California. Stayed in San Diego (Sea World, beach) but drove up to LA for a day, hung out in Hollywood, etc. Fun to do at least once and we didn't spend a ton of money.

Hope this helps!

KC said...

We went to Colorado last year, in August. The weather was beautiful (70's). We went hiking, and swimming. We went to the Bar D Chuck-wagon (dinner and show). Went to the Mesa Verde, which is old cliff dwellings that you can hike/tour with a guide. We also took an old Steam Engine Train ride from Durango to Silverton. It was amazing! The kids loved it!!! We are even thinking about going back again, it was just so relaxing and fun!

Kate said...

not sure what the kids like. Disney - yikes! That place is just a big headache to me.

If it's just you and the Mr., Arizona is beautiful! We're between that and Mexico for our next trip. And San Antonio is a lot of fun for the whole family. Wouldn't recommend Chicago - way too expensive. That trip to D.C. sounds nice too. Decisions, decisions. Good luck!