II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Friday, February 15, 2008

For the record...

For those of you who read my post about not being able to find the key to my wooden box that holds all the $2 bills I've ever received...I STILL CANNOT find the key! I have looked and searched and tore apart every corner of this house practically...and no key. I am tempted to pull the hinges off and rip it apart....but then it'll be ruined forever. It's really silly since I don't even need the money out for anything now...but still...knowing that I can't get into that box is driving me NUTS! ha ha What would ya'll do? Just wait it out and see if the key shows up eventually...or go ahead and tear the box up?

Also, I am completely in love with this puppy. I'l admit...it took me a whole week (we got her last Friday) but I can tell now that I am totally smitten. I know it sounds silly...but I really think she has a thing for me too. She pretty much wants to be with me/near me all the time...and that's just dandy with me!

Lastly, for those of you who keep up with my Wednesay Weigh-Ins. I know I didn't post one this week --and I know I promised I would keep them coming. But it was a bad week for me. I ate great, exercised plenty--and somehow still gained weight. I had a really awful day/experience at the gym on Tuesday and I actually threw my hands up in the air and stomped out of a class I was in! The poor girl teaching it. It was her first time...and I defininetly handled that improperly. It's just that I was having a bad day anyway, I had started my you-know-what that morning and I was cramping. I felt like a blimp and on top of it all...I couldn't get coordinated to save my life. It was a Zumba class and the new teacher was just WAY too smiley and bouncy and IN MY FACE (literally) for me that day. Because I was having trouble with the steps, she came over and stood beside me with a ginormous smile on her face and proceeded to try to MAKE me move like her...which isn't gonna happen. The girl could've been Shakira for goodness sakes. She could move her hips like they weren't even attached to the rest of her body...and for me that day... I couldn't get mine to move at all. I was like a stick figure trying to do salsa. Ya right. Anyhow, after all that..and a rough night Tuesday night at home too...when I got up Wed. morning and stepped on the scale and saw the readout, I was ready to burst into tears. The last thing I wanted to do was post it for the world to see. So, I hope you'll understand. Wednesday Weigh-In's will be back next week though. I am totally certain that this new way of eating I am doing is the right thing for me. More about that later though...for now, I have to get back to work!
T.G.I F. everybody!
Ps. I have several pictures to share with you all so hopefully I'll get those on here today or tomorrow! Have a good weekend!
Hope you had a good Valentines day? Did your hubby/wife come through for you? I will do a whole post on our Valentines Day soon! My hubby did GOOD!


Kate said...

Glad you and the puppy are bonding.

I think we've all had those days when we throw our hands up in the air at this whole weight/healthy thing. And that's ok. I hope it's been a better week for you. I've been sidelined with a cold and can't run outside so I'm major bummed about that. And the emds I'm on make me so hungry - go figure! But, I need to get better so I can get back to it. The earlier sunrises remind me that warm weather is not far off. And neither is a healthy body. Have a great weekend Jen!

Amy said...

About the box...can you possibly unscrew the hinge to open the box w/out damaging it? Just a thought.

YAY! I knew you would bond w/Ms. Sadie! She sure is lucky to have found such a great family to belong to.

And I TOTALLY know what you are going through with the weight loss. Well I don't exactly. See, YOU have been actually exercising and eating right and doing what you should to lose weight. Me? Not so much working at it as wishing for it w/out doing any work. Never gonna happen that way, Aim! :) I said I was going to rejoin Weight Watchers because I had such great success with that last time but we had just gone to the store and completely stocked our pantry with very non-Weight Watchers friendly foods. Of course being thrifty, I couldn't just NOT eat that stuff, right? Wrong way to think, I know but totally what I'm doing. Anyway, way to go for going to the gym and working so hard. I know it will pay off big time for you. Now if I could just get my butt in gear and get w/the weight loss program. Thanks for sharing your stories (and your struggles) with us. Good luck!