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Friday, January 25, 2008

I can't believe I'm showing ya'll this...

Many of you never knew the "before" me. My mom gave me this picture here recently of her and I taken on Mother's Day almost 4 years ago. I was pregnant, so I have a little bit of an "excuse" but really, this is about how I looked for several years while I was at my heaviest (202). My friend Teya reminds me to look at these pictures when I start feeling down about how I look now...and she's right..I really have come a long way from then. BUT...I could also show you some pictures of before this when I was in my 120's and THAT is where I am trying to get back to.
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Kate said...

Wow! Look at you now - Jen! You are fit and healthy and beautiful! I am with you on trying to get back to my high school 120s. But I also have to remember that back then I was playing tennis everyday - all year long. Sure, it's possible to get back there. But is it really worth all of the work to maintain such a low weight? For now, let's work on the 130s. That's challenging enough. Again - wowie!!! Kudos to you for sharing the picture. Maybe one day I'll share some of my "before" pics too :)

KC said...

WOWSERS! Shortly after this was when I started encouraging you and working with you, to help you lose that extra weight. I can't believe how much you accomplished. You've come a LONG way girlfriend! I didn't realize you were ever at 200lbs though. That is scary.

But you have come so far, and learned so much! You don't need me anymore. I've taught you everything I know, and you've put it to use. Just look at how far you have come. If I was you, I would hang that picture somewhere, so you can be reminded daily, of how GREAT you look now, and how much you have accomplished!

You are strong, fit, and beautiful Jen! Remember that! (Who cares what the scale says, as long as you look fit!)

KC said...

BTW, I am in the 120's. It is pretty easy to maintain, once you get here. But I do watch my calories and I workout 4-6 days a week. Running, Walking, Weight Training, Plyometrics, etc. If I miss a workout I feel drained, cranky and tired...so I actually crave working out now..it is my "therapy"! haha

But I have a workout buddy, so that keeps me motivated and on track. No skipping a workout when someone is waiting on you. :)

Jen said...
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Logzie said...

You are a brave woman~! I don't think I have the guts to post mine. I think I am still in denial that it's actually me b/c I was at my heaviest (200 lbs.) when I was on a steroid. I just want to act like that part of my life never happened. Being on that steroid was one of the worst things that ever did happen to me! I'm still bitter about it. But I guess it's impossible to act like it didnt' happen b/c I still have another 30lbs. to loose to be back where I was before that wretched thing!

Okay, enough babble...a sincere thank you for posting that picture as it gives me much inspiration.

Love you girl!