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Thursday, January 03, 2008



So, here is the finished product. I'm not "in-love" with it...but it's cute. I think it will grow on me. I am probably just being too critcal since I did it all by myself and I haven't had any affirmation from anyone yet. I do love the color on the walls. I am just not crazy about the quilt. It's not nearly as cute as it looked in the magazine. Anywho...let me know what ya'll think.
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Logzie said...

I think it's cute!! But...I am with you on the comforter. I guess I was expecting to see more circles or something. It's NOT bad, I still LOVE that comforter and I DO think the room looks FAB!!! Good job!!

Logzie said...

I just had an idea...I think maybe the walls need some pink or teal pictures or decorations to break up the brown. How about getting a cute/cheap vase from Michaels or Hobby Lobby and putting pink and teal (fake of course)big Gerber daisy's in them? Or you could make a cook scrapbook page with those colors in it and put it in a white shadow box (wait till it's 1/2 off at Hobby Lobbby or course but they are only like $14.99) and hang it.

Just some ideas... :0)

KC said...

Wow, ya'll are just full of great ideas...why couldn't I get any a 1/4 of your decorating skills?

I love this room Jen. It looks so cute! I especially like the brown walls in there with these colors. It just really makes everything pop.

Ok, y'all really need to share some of your decorating skills...I really stink at that kind of stuff. :)

Amos said...

I love that comforter, I think it is so Brooklyn. To add to Logzie's ideas, you could make a cornice? I think valance for above the window, the box thing, that they pad and put fabric on, and use teal and pink and that will pop the color. Did I describe that enough? I can't remember if that is what it is really called. The Diva would know.

Unknown said...

Wow! It turned out great! I love brown too! I think the quilt is bright and fun - great choice of colors. :)

Amy said...

Ooh, those are GREAT ideas! Jen, I LOVE the brown on the walls. You know I love the blue/brown combo. And I really like the comforter but I do agree that maybe some color on the wall with the brown paint would look good. Did you ever see the 4 paintings I did? They're not really OF anything in particular. They're just 2 colors on each page. (Check out the pics of Easton's room to see what I'm talking about.) Maybe you and Brooklyn could do something like that. Or get some cheap canvases at Hobby Lobby or the dollar store and paint funky flowers or circles like in the comforter. It wouldn't be too hard to do and would really be a cute pop of color against the pretty brown color. Just an idea.
Wish I could help in person! :)

Logzie said...

Oh oh oh!!!!! I just got another idea after reading your friend Amy's comment!! She said the word 'canvas' and that reminded me of a GREAT decorating trick. I did it in my bedroom and I think this is EXACTLY what you need.

Go get you some canvases in different sizes and pick out so OH SO CUTE funky fabrics that go with your bedspread and then wrap the canvases with the fabric tightly and staple it to the back. It's a great and cheap way to add color and pattern to any wall and it will totally compliment the brown walls. If you want I can send you a picture of the ones I have on my walls in my room. Then you group the canvases together spreading them the same distance apart kinda like a collage.

I hope you like that idea!