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Friday, January 25, 2008

A Plethera of Pictures

Hey ya'll...I've been compiling pictures for a while now and I am finally gonna take a minute to post them all.

These first ones are of Brooklyn on her 7th birthday. We had them taken at The Picture People in the mall. I had some good coupons/credits so I only paid $5 for these two 8 x 10's and a page of wallets.

These next 2 pictures are of Grant reading his favorite books, the "David" series by David Shannon. (they are a MUST-HAVE if you have little ones...they are SO cute!) But I took the pictures because I wanted to show ya'll something funny. Ever since Grant has been old enough to point at things...he has always used his middle finger! It looks like he's giving the "bird" every time he points. We find it hiarious but for him, it's just the natural finger to use. Ha Ha!

This picture is of our dog, Sam, wearing one of Grant's T-shirts. He looked SO funny and he wouldn't move. He just layed there stiff as a board until we took it off of him. Poor guy...we had so much fun laughing at his expense!Here are a couple of pics of my mom and dad. They came over last week one night to play cards with Matt and I while the kids watched Underdog. As usual, I got camera happy.And finally...I will leave you with some scrapbook pictures. First of all...here is my work station. It's quite a mess at the moment since I have been scrapping my little heart out this past week. These are all pages I completed in the past 7 days! (ps. if you blow this picture up and look at that picture hanging on the wall...you can see my big, fat pregnant belly!)

Oh and by the way....I was too lazy/in a hurry to take the pages out of the book....so these aren't the greatest pictures...and sorry about the glare! That one that is black and white with the car is one of my favorite pages but you can't see the detail in the pic. The little block letters say "How We Roll".

And lastly, I have begun a new mini-album to scrap the pictures of our house being built. It's just a 6 x 6 album...so not a lot of room for embellishing and I am going through it FAST. I am doing about 6 pages in it a night! Here are a few of them...

Okay...so that's it for today. I hope you're enjoying your Friday and have a good weekend!


Amy said...

Beautiful pages, Jen! Way to go! Now maybe I can get inspired and start scrapbooking again. Thanks for sharing. They look awesome.

Kate said...

Great pages! You sure are creative Jen! I am so far behind in my srapping :( Still need to do the Bachelorette Party pages and the Honeymoon. I was thinking of doing some from the wedding but since we have the actual album, I don't know. Lots of work ahead! Stay on me to scrapbook and I'll stay on you to work out - how does that sound???

KC said...

Wow, those pages look great. I don't know why but I just can't get into scrapbooking. I would much rather be working out than trying to be creative...it's just not in my genes I guess. :)

Logzie said...

Wow girl...those pages are FAB!!!! I love all of them but especially the "pals" one.

Brooklyn...such a doll!

The doggie...too funny...we used to put clothes on Grover too. He just walked around like it was no big deal...didn't seem to bother him. LOL

Amos said...

Wow, I have some scrapbook competition! You can crack those pages out fast and BEAUTIFUL all in one! How fantastic.

I love those pics of Brooklyn, she looks so grown up, sniff sniff!

Jenelle said...

Beautiful pages. I long to have the time to get back into it. Guess I'll just have til the new house is done and still some of your great layouts.

tori said...

wonderful pages jen. i am so excited that you (among others) have gotten me involved in scrappin. i can't wait to whip out such cute pages like you. however, i am a "scrapper in training..."

you're daughter is precous, i just love the pics, and grant, wow he is growing up so fast. your dog is so hysterical, i can't believe he actually let you guys get the shirt on him.

so when is our next crop?????

Domestic Diva said...

Wow, you have really taken off on the scrapbooking! Great job, but slow it down...I only have 5 pages made!

Wanna join our contest? I will IM you with the details!!!

Brooklyn looks adorable!