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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Fold....!!!???

Fold = Fat & Old

Two comments heard by me in the past week:

1) (from an 18 year old girl) "You're only 29???"
2) (from a girl at the gym who in my opinion looks MUCH bigger than me) "You weigh 146? Wow, I only weigh 135!"

Two more comments received by me today by e-mail, both from the same person, someone I've just met recently and who is around my age:

1)"I was reading your blog yesterday and it was funny (ironic not haha funny) about how you were talking about your self image and how you feel about yourself. I see you as confident and thin and you always look so good."

2) "Here is a scripture that I really like...Psalm 45: 10-11 "Listen, O daughter, consider and give ear: forget your people and your father's house. The King is enthralled by your beauty; honor Him, for he is your Lord."

Hmmm....these things have certainly had me thinking....

(BTW Kate...I am still holding at 146 with my weight...but I do feel like I will see a loss by next Wednesday (weigh-in day) because I KNOW I've been working out a lot more and eating a lot better. As for BL, I'm kinda bummed about all the "game-play" going on and not very much focusing on exercise/eating right. I wish they'd show more about what kinds of foods they are eating to lose that kind of weight. I think the earlier seasons were much more focused on the real goal and now it's more focused on who's gonna win the money, it seems. Also, I wonder if they take any supplements? How's you're weight...? You still neck-n-neck with me or have you left me in your dirt? ha ha)

DISCLAIMER: I just want to say that I am adding this disclaimer to this post because I like to think I read my blog objectively sometimes and I realize that to other people, I probably sound like I am completely consumed with weight and looks. I do not post things like this so that I can get lots of sympathy and pats-on-the-back from all of you (although I certainly appreciate all your kind words). I don't want to sound needy. It just happens to be what is on my mind at this particular moment...and so viola...that's what my post ends up being about. I don't want you guys to start rolling your eyes and thinking...oh boy..here we go again...her whining about her weight and me having to try to convince her she's not fat. I don't think I'm fat...but I certainly don't think I'm thin either. Oh golly jeepers...here I go again...diarrhea of the mouth....I think I've said enough.


Kate said...

You and I are still close, fear not :) And with all the working out you've been doing, you'll probably beat me next week. Totally agree on the gameplay on BL. And it's really starting to bug me that they recap half the show after they come back from the commerical - get on with it already. Oh well, hopefully it will get better. I'm rooting for the grey team. They seem to be sleepers to me - like they're really going to start dropping fast b/c they are former athletes. Plus, they don't get involved in all of the drama; and I like that.

YOU are NOT FAT. YOU are NOT OLD! Therefore, YOU CANNOT FOLD!You are beautiful inside AND out. When people have snide comments, consider the source. Then brush it off! YOU are FABULOUS!

KC said...

OK, the girl commenting on you "only being 29"...she is probably thinking "Wow! This woman is successful, has a great husband, kids, and career...all at the YOUNG age of only 29!" :)

Then the girl who is bigger than you, but weighs less. Is she shorter? Also, she probably has a lot more body-fat than you do, and not nearly as much muscle. At my heaviest I was only around 145, and in a TIGHT 13, but I had NO Muscle! I started lifting weights, building muscle, and changing my body composition. I only lost about 25 lbs, but I went from a tight 13 to a comfortable 3! What a difference...but without a huge weight change. I basically exchanged fat (which takes up about 3X as much room as muscle), for muscle. So my whole body shape changed. :)

Hang in there girlfriend. You are younger than me, beautiful, have a great career, a wonderful husband and beautiful children. So NO, You CAN NOT FOLD! I won't allow it! :) heehee

Love ya girlfriend!

Jen said...

Thanks Kate and KC,
I hope I don't sound like I am begging for affirmation and encouragement all the time. It's not that at all..I just don't want to forget that I still need to keep working hard at it...to stay thin and stay looking young(ish). It's easy to let it slip and start looking like an old fart! ha ha

Tammy said...

29, 146 and having good sex? I'd say you're doing alright! HA! Keep rockin' it and have fun! Sounds like you have a pretty good life :)

Amy said...

Girl if there is anyone who is certainly NOT fat or old looking it is YOU! You are gorgeous! And funny and smart and I could go on and on. :) Don't let those thoughtless comments by people you don't even know get you down. They are SO not true! Love you!