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Thursday, January 10, 2008


The other day while Brooklyn was making out a couple of last-minute birthday party invitations (for kids she forgot she wanted to invite at school) I was telling her what to write on the lines. When she got to the line marked WHERE: I rambled off our address to her, which is quite long with lots of numbers. I told Matt "it'll be a miracle if those people can read her writing and actually make it to the right house!" So, finally she finishes and she's onto the next one. Again, she gets to the WHERE: line and I tell her, "Just copy what you wrote on the last one" to which she replies, "I was going to, but I can't read what I wrote!"

Ha Ha

Matt and I CRACKED up! She really needs to work on her handwriting. Anybody got any suggestions on ways to motivate her to take her time and write more clearly?


Amos said...

That is too funny! I am making Logan practice his writing everyday. I got this placemat thing from Target back when school started that has upper and lower case letters. He writes them and then can erase them. It was worth the buck. If you can find one of those that might help her practice. Or just make one up too?

Logzie said...

You could have her write fun things like:

Hanna Montana

instead of her name...just for practice.

If that is not fun...you could really get creative and make a riddle like they do in those workbooks.

For example you could write a silly sentence using nursery rhymes and her favorite characters that would make her laugh after she reads what she wrote. I dunno something like: Barbie ran away with the dish and the spoon. Or Hanna Montana's wicked step mother took her guitar.

I'm stupid, I know but that kind of stuff works on Logan. He loves it.

Otherwise find something like a Homeschool Handwriting workbook (I'm sure Amos could hook you up) and have her do a page a day and give her a reward for it...like 5 M&M's if she completes it.

Hope that helps some...

Amy said...

When I was working at the daycare, we used to print out handwriting practice pages online and put them in page protectors. The kids could use dry erase markers and practice their letters and just erase it when they were done. They LOVED it! If you think you might like this idea, check out http://www.abcteach.com/ and click on handwriting. This website might also be good for your homeschooling friends. I think I did have to pay $35.00 for a membership when I was teaching but there are some free things on there too. Sometime when I have a chance, I'll post all my preschool webpage resources on my blog and share with you.

Amy said...

I did compile a list of my favorite websites I used to use when I was lesson planning for my job at the daycare. They're on my site if anyone wants to check them out. Hope they are helpful! Amy

Tammy said...

I just found your cute blog through another. I went through the same thing with my 7-year-old son, Mason.

He has to write Denelian style (which I had never heard of until two years ago!!) and I found a website that I could put in my own sentences for him to practice with like, "I like football," "Baseball if fun," etc. I printed them out and it really seemed to help and his penmanship has improved greatly. But its still a work in progress :)

Good Luck!