II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm addicted to the Poll's

Hey guys! I have been having so much fun with the Poll's I've been doing. It's interesting to see what the majority of us do/think and still be incognito.

I thought I would put the results of the past 3 polls that I've done on here for you to all see...and comment on if you want to.

I asked: "How important is having friends to you?"
1 person said "The only friend I need is my husband."
1 person said: "Having friends is nice but not necessary."
9 people said: "My friends are a huge part of my life and I'd never want to be without them.
3 people said: "I just wish I had time to have friends."

I asked this question because I realize that many of us (me for SURE) are at a stage of our lives where our friendships take work. We are busy women with kids, husbands, church obligations, school obligations just to name a few. Having friendships, especially close ones, takes time and dedication. I think most of us agree though...that having our friends is worth the work! Hooray!

I asked: "Should we have another baby?"
5 of you said: "Yes!"
4 of you said: "No!"
1 of you said "Only if you do it soon."

I asked this question because I have REALLY been giving this some thought lately. I realize that Grant (my baby) is about to be FOUR!!!! and if I was ever going to have another child..I better get on the ball. That being said, I am about 90% sure that we will NOT have any more kids. I supposed until one of us is "fixed" there is always that tiny chance that we might change our minds or something might "get through" but for the time being...2 will do. :o)

I asked: "Do you let your kids watch Sponge Bob?"
3 of you said "Yes."
8 of you said "No."
1 of you said "Only if there is nothing else on." (and this was me)

I asked this question because I have started to notice some things on SB that I'm not crazy about here lately and I've started to question whether or not my kids need to be watching the little guy. I'm surprised so many of you said No. I knew some of you were anti-SB...but I didn't realize how many. I would love to hear your opinion on this subject if you don't mind leaving me a comment...!!

And my newest poll is: "Do you spank your kids?"
I am very anxious to see these results and discuss this topic with you all. I won't divulge my stand on the subject just yet (even though most of you who know me personally already know). I will just say that I am definitely having second thoughts about this and am thinking about changing my discipline techniques.


Logzie said...

Well, I was one who said that I just wish I had time to have friends. It's my biggest struggle in life right now, honestly. At the time when I need friends the most...go figure.

As far as disipline...I am for spanking...spanking done correctly that it. It works every time if it's never done in anger and it's consistant. That is key. I also think the children's behavior will speak volumes also. I can usually tell which children have consistant parents and which ones don't. There are exceptions but most of the time.