II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

3 year olds x NINETEEN

Whew! What a morning! I taught the 3-year-old class this morning at church and we had 19. With only 2 adults (me and my mom) and five that were extra-unruly this morning...I am POOPED! We didn't even get out of church until 1:22. Then I had to run to Kohl's and return something and then to the mall to the Gap to return something and then to eat. We just got home about 40 minutes ago and we have to leave again in 45 minutes to go back tonight! At least tonight, we get to be spoiled. They are having a volunteer banquet and we get a free meal and entertainment. If I weren't such a sucker for free stuff..I'd probably just stay home since all I really feel like doing is chillin' on the couch...BUT...I have been saving up (my calories) all day so I can enjoy this nice probably steak dinner tonight. My big worry is the dessert! They always serve these gigantic peices of turtle cheesecake with each plate. It is like my favorite thing in the world...but I can just imagine how many hours on the treadmill I'd have to do to burn that one single peice of dessert off! I don't know what to do. Should I just take a bite or two or just steer clear from the dessert all together? I don't know if I could do the just a bite or two thing. One bite just makes me want it all the more! uhhh...why can't I just be naturally thin? At the mall today while I was sitting there eating my protien bar from home I watched my kids scarf down Popeye's fried chicken and biscuits...and I also noticed a zillion teeny-tiny girls all eating pizza and chinese and sonic burgers and soft pretzels and ice cream cones. How the heck do they eat that stuff and stay so teensy?
It's just so irritating to feel like I have to be thinking about this all the time. If I'm not though, I slip up and eat what everyone else is eating and then pay for it later on the scale.
Well, okay, I probably better get off the computer and start getting myself ready. The theme for tonight is "A Night on The Town." I have NO IDEA what that means for the dress code but I am thinking maybe a cute casual dress with a sweater/jacket and heels? Anyhow, catcha later!


Jen said...

For the record...it was gross frozen lasagna instead of a nice steak dinner. (pooh-ee) and I did eat the whole peice of cheesecake. I guess they are cutting back costs because the peices were cut WAY smaller this year...so I didn't feel as guilty as I would have if they'd been 1/4 of the pie. What stinks is I'm actually hungry right now! Oh well...I'll just get me a big glass of water and head to bed.

Jenelle said...

If I'm tempted to eat more than I should I ruin the food. Dump a ton of salt on your dessert, or pepper/hot sauce, left over lasagna. You won't be so tempted to eat it if it is gross.

Kate said...

Good call. Don't load up on the calories before bed :) Still hope you had a nice night out.

Chantel Dawn said...

There was something about the time change, I think, that made the kids crazy. I taught my preschool class 3-5 year olds. We had about 12 with only 2 workers- and I'm pretty sure that they were all un-ruly! Ha Ha. Hey-we got through it!!

MLM said...

NINETEEN KIDS!?! Oh my. Sounds like the natives were running the village! :o) Bravo to you and your mom for living to tell the story.

Sorry there was no steak, after all that calorie-saving, but at least you could have your dessert and eat it too!

And don't forget that some teensy teens are eating [whatever] and staying skinny because they go throw it up afterward. It's hard because all that the rest of us see is the yummy pizza and the tiny body, but we have no idea the torment that each woman deals with when it comes to her self-image.

I'm rooting for you!

Logzie said...

I know...Sunday's can be one of our busiest days too. Frozen lasagna?...Euwww... :0)

Amos said...

You weren't the only one who was hungry at bedtime, and I ate the whole thing too. Oh well, all in the name of savings I guess??

smiling's my favorite said...

I just have to know, what gave you the idea that they would serve steak? When you are planning for 600 people, cooking steak is out of the question. Sorry you were disappointed, I didn't get to go... still tending to a sick kid and a "getting better" me.

Unknown said...

Oh, and I was going to say how delicious dinner sounded! Too bad as you were wanting to just veg on the couch :(

You know those teensy girls eating all that food won't be like that forever! Just wait till there metabolism catches up with them!

19 3 year olds?????!! WOW