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Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break

It's Monday morning, 8:30 am--the first "official" day of Spring Break and I have NO idea what we are going to do this week. I know what I don't want to do...which is nothing. I don't want to spend this week like every other week (get up & go to the gym, come home, shower, eat lunch, kids occupy themselves while I work, cook dinner, watch tv, go to bed) ICK! I REALLY wish I had planned something for this week...but it snuck up on me and now here I sit, Monday morning trying to figure something out. I had thought about taking the kids down to our hometown to visit family...but I'd have to go without Matt and I hate doing that. About the only thing that comes to my mind is stuff like the movies, Incredible Pizza, bowling, skating, zoo, aquarium. Probably would be fun for them...but not for me. That's okay though...this is SO NOT about me. I want them to have mommy to themselves this week. I just wish I could think of something different to do than the everyday stuff we already do and have done several times.
Well, anyway, that's what I'm up to this morning. Guess I should probably get off this computer and straighten the house up before the kids get up. (can you believe it's almost 9 am and they are still asleep???) Hooray! On Thursday night (since there was no school on Friday), for something fun, Matt and I hauled Grant's full-sized mattress upstairs to the play room and let them sleep in there. We popped popcorn, made chocolate milk shakes and put on a movie for them. We have been doing that every night since then (minus the popcorn and shakes) and they have been sleeping so GREAT! Maybe it's quieter up there??!!! Maybe I'll permanently make that their little apartment--as they like to call it! ha ha It is pretty 'set-up' up there. They have a full bathroom, TV/DVD/VCR/Satellite, couch, recliners, air hockey, all the toys/crafts a kid could ever want, a refrigerator, a stereo. Gosh...maybe I'll just move up there!!! hee hee
Anyway, off I go. Hope you're having a fun spring break with your kiddos!


tori said...

hey you. i am going to comment and then i am going to call you. we are just hanging out here too. elijah spent the night with belle and grace, alex and i hung out last night in our jammies watchin tv. alex will be going to his grandma's tomorrow and i still have to find some time to work this week while the kids are home. we should get together...
ok i am calling you now..

KC said...

Yea for Spring Break!
My kids have played so hard today. Seth just loves having Levi at home.
Hope ya'll have a wonderful week.

Tammy said...

Our spring break is next week and we'll be spending it in the great state of Wisconsin. Sexy, huh? We're actually visiting our dear friends which will be cool - but why did he have to get transferred to Wisconsin?? Nothing says spring break like snow and cheese :)

P.S. The kids must love their little "apartment." Anything out of the normal routine seems to work wonders. And they probably think you're so cool because you did that for 'em.

Kate said...

Have fun with the kids! I bet they're stoked to have mommy all to themselves this week :)

Unknown said...

How fun to make the play room in to a sleepover room! Love that! Hope spring break is going good. If the kids are having fun that's all that matters right! We'll kick off our spring break this Friday - yay :)

Logzie said...

I think we are foregoing an official Spring Break as we had 2 weeks off from school when we moved. Spring Break is only 1 week so we will be running a week into the summer. That's okay though because I plan to do a little bit with them each day or atleast a few days a week thruout the summer anyway.

The play room sounds awesome!