II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saturday Musings

Good Morning! It's Saturday, 7:14 am. I've actually been up for about half an hour now which is a RECORD for me on a Saturday morning! I'm excited though because I get to go hang out with my girlfriends today for a couple of hours! I am "hosting" a "baby shower" today for a good friend of mine. I say "hosting--baby shower" because really all it is, is a group of 7 girls meeting up at Panera bread for breakfast and to celebrate her last months of pregnancy. This is her 3rd baby, so she's pretty set as far as things she needs...so we are all just bringing a pkg. of diapers to give her. I did send out invitations though (as you saw a few posts ago) and I am giving each person a petit four. Now, do any of you know what the heck a petit four is? Originally I thought it was spelled "pedifore" but that sounds like either some kind of sex offender or else something you'd use on your feet to me. Thankfully MissGotWings gave me the correct spelling! But actually, they are these little individual cakes I bought from our ritzy bakery here in town. Since we are having breakfast, I thought it might be weird/silly to get a cake....so, I got each person their own little petit four and I am wrapping them up all pretty so they can just take them home with them. Cool huh? I just think that is the WEIRDEST name for something EVER!

So anyway, I really shouldn't be on here writing, but its been a couple of days and I was feeling like I miss you guys! ha ha
By the way, I've been doing my twists (with the broomstick)! Have you? I sure can't tell it's gonna help anything...but its certainly easy enough so I am gonna continue on with my commitment to do it for 21 days and then remeasure.
Also of interest: We FINALLY upgraded ourselves and got a DVR! I haven't even read the instructions yet so I don't know how to record something yet...but I am already sold on it just from being able to hit pause! That is amazing! Now when I am watching something and the kids come in and say "mom, he hit me" "mom, she slapped me" mom, he called me stupid" andonandonandonandon......I can just hit pause and say, "I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!" and then I can go back to my show! How cool is that?
Okay, really, I better go get showered and get my pedifore's all wrapped up and ready so I don't be late!
Hope you all have a good Saturday!


Kate said...

Have fun at the shower! And enjoy the petit fours. They are so good. We usually get some at Christmas. They're like little tiny cakes on the inside - so yummy!

I'll going to workout now and will be doing my twists. Does seem kinda easy though, doesn't it? Hopefully it works :)

scatty said...

hello from the UK. Are peddifores what we call Petite Fours in England? The little favours given to you after a meal with coffee? Normally bitter chocolate or a small cake?
I love your blog, I have been a silent reader for a long time now. And I thought, well maybe I should leave a message. Keep blogging it is great reading.
I love your invitations for the baby shower. This is something we dont do in the UK very much, but I think it is catching on, brides showers and baby showers. As is crafting i.e. card making and scrapbooking. Unfortunately it is very expensive in England.
Thanks for the great reading!

Logzie said...

Those are adorable!! How fun is that? I think it's so awesome that women celebrate their friends pregnancies. It's a hard time when you are carrying that extra load around and your hormones are raging and for your friends to celebrate that probably just makes you feel so special!!

Tammy said...

Mini-cakes? I'm in!!!! I don't care what they're called :)
And on that note.. I should go and grab my broomstick. I have yet to try this but I will. Eventually.