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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In (on Thursday)

Okay so I waited to do my Wednesday Weigh-In post until today because today marks the beginning (the first day) of my current "goal". My 10th wedding anniversary is exactly 1 month from today. (3/28) So I am setting a specific goal for myself for the next month to see how much weight I can lose by that big day. I weighed 147.4 yesterday morning and then again this morning...so that is my starting weight. My DREAM would to be at 135 on 3/28 and then I could "brag" that I weigh exactly the same at my 10 yr. anniversary as I did on my actual wedding day...but I know that is asking a lot. 12 pounds in 29 days is almost a pound every other day. If only I could train with Jillian (from biggest loser) for the next month!! My "game plan" for the next month is to exercise every day..including my usual days off (Wed. & Sun.) and to not have ANY cheat days. It's just ONE month...surely I can have that much self control, right? I am going to continue my current regimen of eating every 3 hours and trying to watch my protein & fiber intake as well as my calorie intake.
As usual, if any of you have any suggestions, please pass them along. I have really appreciated all the feedback and ideas you have all been giving me. Amos, I am seriously considering seeing the nutritionist if I don't lose weight after this month.
Okay, so that's it. You guys hold me accountable okay? If I actually reach my goal, I am going to attempt to put on my wedding dress and see how it fits 10 years later! That'll certainly be interesting!! ha ha
Wish me luck (and for lettuce to taste like chocolate!)


KC said...

You can do it Jen! You have a definite goal, and that helps tremendously.
Hang a picture of what you want to look like, in your kitchen, or at your computer, so you will be reminded everyday of your goals. This way it will motivate and encourage you to keep it up, and also to not throw in the towel and eat everything/anything you want.
You CAN do it! (Oh, wait, you need the whole reverse psychology thing...if someone tells you that you CAN'T do it, then you will work extra hard to prove them wrong...so here ya go "You CAN'T do it Jen. Just try to prove me wrong!") :) Love ya girlfriend!

Tammy said...

Good Luck! Not too many gals can get back to their wedding weight.. so that would be HUGE! Word of caution with the wedding dress though.. if it doesn't fit exactly the same its because stuff has shifted into different places. Thanks a lot, kiddies :)

Amos said...

I have said it before but I swear it would help. Lorrie Medford.
www.lifedesignnutrition.com, Ben lost 5 pounds in the first week. Her appointment is $110 and then any natural supplements she decides will help you, not really that expensive. I know all that you are doing now will help, but this woman knows her stuff. Still my suggestion, and I will get off the soap box from here.

Kate said...

Jen, you ARE going to make this goal a reality. This was the first step - writing down a date, an ideal weight, and making a plan.

Be sure to take pics of you in that wedding dress!

I'm right there with ya. They key is to take one day at a time and not get too overwhelmed by a goal. Like today my goal is just to get in a run after work. The laundry can wait. Dinner can be a little later than usual. The world won't end. Take care of YOU! Keep us posted on your progress. YOU ROCK!

The Me No One Sees said...

I'm new around here so I could be way off...but it sounds like you have put too much pressure on yourself. When we make a law for ourselves, it's human nature to break it...and then to feel badly about it. I'm rooting for you, but think you're a beautiful woman whether or not you succeed this time around.