II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Self-inflicted Pain

I remember in junior high and high school, my motto was "Beauty before comfort." I think I came up with that when I was wearing jeans so tight I had to lay down, suck in and have someone else zip them up for me. Even though I could hardly bend to sit in them, I looked good and that was ALL that mattered to me! ha ha Oh the things we'll do in the name of "beauty"!!
So...for my big "THREE-OH" birthday this year, some of my girlfriends went together and bought me a gift certificate to Steve Madden. If you aren't familiar with that store (and neither was I), it is a very pricey, super sexy shoe store. Everything they sell in there is trendy and SOOO cute...but I had never set foot in there before because I am pretty much a tennis shoe or Payless kind of girl...but since I had the gift certificate and I was needing a pair of sexy shoes to wear in my "special" pictures I was having done, I went in there and found these beauties!
Aren't they FABULOUS??? What's more, when I tried them on, they actually felt GOOD! And---I could walk! No kidding! They were on sale too! I was SO excited. So, I bought them and wore them in the pictures which turned out great. But...since then, they've just been sitting in my closet. I look at them all the time and think "oh how I love those shoes!" but I've never put them on again--until this weekend! A friend of mine had suggested wearing them with jeans to kind of "down-play" them a bit...but still be kind of edgy and sexy. So, on Sunday morning I decided to wear them with a cute new gold/black top I had gotten and a pair of slim-fitting, long, super-dark-wash jeans. It looked adorable! I felt like a 'total hottie' as Brooklyn would say! ha ha
It was all good until I'd been wearing the shoes and walking in them for about half an hour. All of a sudden I noticed my 4th toes were KILLING ME!! Sure enough I looked down and saw that the seam of the shoe was cutting my toes right in half. But what could I do? I was 30 minutes from home! I had to wear them for another 2 hours (through church and then out to eat afterwards). As I walked to the car from the resturant, a good 3 hours into wearing them, I thought "WHY in the WORLD would anyone do this to themselves?" Any ounce of "cuteness"I had was ruined by all the LIMPING I was doing! ha ha
Oh what a shame! I still LOVE these shoes. Guess I'll just have to find ways to wear them when I'll only be on my feet for 30 minutes at a time! ha ha


KC said...

That was exactly what I was going to suggest...pair them with some dark wash jeans, and a cute top...very "in".
Really? They hurt? I have a pair of Steve Madden Boots that I absolutely LOVE! They are the most comfortable, adorable boots I've ever worn. I LOVE LOVE LOVE EM!!!! :) (Can you tell I love them?! LOL!)
Have you ever tried Antonio Melani? He is my absolute FAVORITE designer. http://www.antoniomelani.com/ I find his stuff at Dillards, so I can't afford it often, but when I find it on sale, I'm like a kid in a candy store! :) All of his clothes fit me like a glove, and his shoes to...very comfortable and SUPER CUTE! I love shoes...(don't ask my husband about my shoe addiction..he thinks I'm crazy because I have more than 2 pair of shoes! LOL!)

Sometimes if I have a super cute, yet somewhat uncomfortable pair (because of the super high heel), I'll wear them to church, but then take lower heeled shoes to wear out after church (if we are going to lunch, or shopping or something)..that way I can wear my super cute shoes for awhile, but don't have to wear them ALL day. :) Just a thought for ya.

Teresa said...

Those shoes are so lovely! But...I'm with ya on the hurtin feet!! It seems like any shoes that are cute...HURT!! IMO. I do what KC does...I wear the CUTE ones to church and suffer and then change into more practical ones for lunch afterwords! :)