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Monday, October 20, 2008

Bathroom-Before & After

So...like I said in my last post, I had never really "done" the kids bathroom downstairs--just always used whatever shower curtain/rugs/towels that I had laying around. I was ready to do something in there and had a $25 off coupon for PBK and I of course could NOT let that go to waste! ha ha....
Here are the before/after pictures!
This is the "before".
I liked it alright...but it was just a little too "mature" for a kids bathroom. Plus, there isn't a whole lot of lighting in that bathroom so that black shower curtain made it feel even smaller and darker in there.
And now...here is the "after". I love this little "Birdy" theme--even if it is maybe a little bit babyish. I don't care, I think it's cute and fun and it's so much brighter in there now! I wanted to order (and wish I would have) this really cute hanging nest with 2 cloth birds (one pink, one green) that went with it...but I was already spending a fortune...I hated to add another $24 for a little decoration. Anyway, hopefully I will be able to find some cute birdy art or decor of some sort for in there. So...here's the rug:

The sink area:

A close up of the handtowel and wash cloth. (didn't buy any of the bathtowels even though they are SOOOO cute--just couldn't bring myself to spend $19/towel!)Looking into the bathroom from the hall. The shower curtain is white with patch-work leaves here and there and one single little birdy at the bottom. (btw--I know...the curtain needs ironed---and hopefully I'll get to that someday! ha ha)A close up of the birdy. Isn't he cute?

And finally...the towels that I had already bought a few weeks ago when I found them for a STEAL at Macy's. They are Tommy Hilfiger--originally $32 for a set of 2. I got them for $8 per set! I got 2 pink and 2 turquoise just HOPING that they would match whatever theme I decided to do in there. Amazingly, they match perfectly--which helps me not be too upset that I don't have any of the actual matching towel with the cute little embroidered birdies on them! :o)


amanda said...

the bathroom is so super cute. i wish we had a seperate bathroom for our girlies to have. i'm sure i'll really be saying that in their teenage years!! thanks so much for your message last week. i've been lurking at your blog for quite some time. :) amanda

Simmons girlz said...

Me likey! You did a good job, and yes I have that color, infact, I have painted a small amount behind my desk...thinking bout painting the office green with some brown and orange accent...mmmm
Totally okay about tonight, make sure to take your camera, would love to see pictures of this..

KC said...

SUPER, SUPER CUTE!!!! You are so creative!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

Teresa said...

Your bathroom is SUPER cute!! You did a great job!! If we ever get our bathroom downstairs finished...hopefully a winter project...I've already got the decor. It's all primary colors and I am thinking of painting each wall a different color...red, blue, yellow and green! We shall see!

Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

SO totally cute! I love the green! Now you just need a little UCL to help finish the place off!! :-)