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Monday, October 20, 2008

Apron Obsession

Did you guys know that I have an apron obsession? I just realized the other day that I have probably never talked about my LOOOOVE for aprons on my blog before! I wear one every single day. Not only are they cute, but they also protect your clothes, make you look like you've been working AND they hide your belly when you don't want to suck in!! Woohoo!
I have about 12 aprons currently...but I am ALWAYS on the hunt for more! I have my every-day ones (solid black and a solid pink) that I wear most days which hang in m pantry. Then I have my cutsier ones that I wear when I have company or just want to look extra cute--and then I have a few that I pretty much never wear...but I love them and they just hang here on my hooks. I used to have a clothesline in my laundry room that I hung them on with clothespins...but that was getting too heavy and "junky" looking so I bought this cute little hook shelf thingy at Hobby Lobby the other day (@ 40% off of $13.99!!) and now my aprons have a sturdy place to hang while I'm not donning their cuteness!
So...if any of you ever come across a unique, super-cute apron CALL ME! I will probably want it. Or at the very least...think of me! :o)


Kuckie said...

I like aprons too! I remember seeing some really cute vintage aprons on Pioneer Woman, but darn it if I can remember where she got them!

KC said...

I didn't know you had an apron obsession. That is so cool! I have some cool Pampered Chef Adjustable Aprons, but rarely wear them. I always forget to put one on, until I've already splashed something onto my clothes...by then the damage is done.
What a great collection though! I love those! Very Cute and Chic! :)