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Monday, October 27, 2008

Meet Macie

Introducing the newest member of our family, little Macie! (formerly Emmie but the kids really wanted to re-name her Macie, which I like too. And, she responds to it just the same as Emmie)
Isn't she a cutie? We adopted her today and she's a little timid right now, not sure about us all yet and this new place but I think in a few days, we'll be inseperable. She is an 11 month old schnoodle (1/2 schnauser, 1/2 poodle). She's small (16 pounds). She's potty trained (although she did have an accident already!) :o{
She's already been spayed and I have her shot records, which are up to date. Of course, you know us, we've already bathed her, blow-dried her hair, put bows in her hair, got her a fancy-schmancy collar and put Sadie's old outfit on her! At this very moment, she is laying in my lap as I type this!
It's kind of strange---to have another dog already so soon after Sadie..but when I saw her go up for adoption, something sparked inside of me...and I just fell in love with her. I've wanted a "lap dog" for YEARS and now I've got her!
Here she is watching the boys play Super Mario.

I was trying to show you how small she is...but then I think she looks kind of big in this pic.

And my favorite of all...here is what she looks like right now...she is sleeping on top of my hand on top of the keyboard as I do this!


Simmons girlz said...
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Simmons girlz said...

an OOps happened with the other comment.
Miss Macie seems very sweet. Brooklyn looks very happy! We cant wait to met her.
I see why you missed pictures yesterday!

Teresa said...

Good for you...she's so CUTE!! My friend was just telling me the other day that she was considering this mixture in a dog...I guess they are hypo allergenic also!

Welcome Macie! You've found a good home! :)

Kate said...

Welcome Macie! She's so adorable :) Enjoy her!

KC said...

What a Cutie-pie! She looks like a sweet little dog. Cute name to!