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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Straighten Up!

Okay, my friend Beverly over at http://beverly-rucker-town.blogspot.com/ asked me how I get my naturally curly hair to go from this:

To this:

So I thought I'd post what products I use in case anyone else is interested too. I know what a chore getting curly hair to go straight is (without it being insanely frizzy) so it's taken some time, but I believe I've got a good set of tricks up my sleeve now.

Here it is:
#1. You need a big, fat, bristly round brush.
#2. You need a good, quality ceramic straightening iron.
#3. After washing, put some of this Joico K-Pak smoothing balm in your hair. (sold only at salons)
#4. Brush your hair constantly while blow drying. Once dry, add some spritzes of this Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight Flat Out Finishing Spray.
#5. Straight iron your hair section by section starting with the underneath first and ending with the top layer.
#6. Finish off with a bit of this Garnier Fructis Fiber Gum (putty) to the ends of your hair to kind of "chunk" it together and not have a zillion frizzy strands.
Then lastly, I usually put a quick spray of Dove Hairspray over the top...just to keep it in control..but never enough hairspray that it feels crunchy.
Hope that helps for those of you who were interested! If you have any secrets about hair...(or make up for that matter) please do share!!!


Logzie said...

Ah...I like this kind of stuff!! I can't wait to see what everyone's tips are.

I don't have any tips, I don't think anybody is interested in hair like mine...me either unfortunately...HA!

Beverly said...

Thank you so much. It worked like a charm.

Unknown said...

Too cute both ways! I love my flat iron... don't know what I'd do without it!

Logzie said...

Hey Jen-
I hope it's o.k. but I have to do something here on your blog for a minute. You don't mind do you? :0)

KC-I couldn't find your blog to tell you Thank you for your awesome inspiring words to me the other day regarding my husbands situation. What you wrote made me cry and it also boosted my faith! It's just so awesome that God works in those ways...thru people I don't even know...amazing! Seriously, Thank you for taking the time to share that word with me. I will remember it forever!
Logziella (Teresa)

KC said...

Jen, Your hair is so cute curly! I love it that way. I have naturally straight hair, and would love to have curls like that. I used to perm it, but it would never hold, so I finally gave up....now I am addicted to my chi flat iron. Well, I was, before I chopped off all of my hair. Now I just wash it, put texturizer in it, blow dry, spray with texture spray, and go. It is so easy! I do miss my long hair so bad though!!! :(

You are so welcome. I had felt like I was supposed to go see your website that day, and then that (about your husband) was what I read. I started to cry, because I felt that God had lead me there for this reason. I felt that he wanted me to share that message with you. I hoped you wouldn't mind. It is so amazing how awesome our God is...how much he loves us and cares for us. If he can save an Axe Head and make iron float, simply because it was borrowed...imagine how easily he can heal us through the blood of Jesus. I have never met you, but the times I have read your blog, I am amazed by how much alike we seem to be. My blog is: http://coomercountry.blogspot.com I would be happy for you to drop by anytime! :) You will remain in my thought and prayers. I am having faith with you, that God CAN and WILL heal your husband!

(Thank Jen, for letting us use your blog! :) Love ya girly!

Amy said...

You've always been such a style maven, Jen! I love when you recommend products on your site because I immediately have to go out and buy them myself. As "hair-styling challenged" as I've always been (remember those good old jr high days?), I could always use a new trick or two.
:) Love ya!