II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lord Have Mercy...

After church today, I spent 2-3 hours cleaning the pig-pen that we call "Brooklyn's Room". It baffles me how a 6 year old little girl can make SUCH a mess in NO time! Almost every day for the past week I have been having her clean her room. Of course, to her that means play with all the stuff that is in the floor for an hour or so and then meander out. Anyway, enough was enough. I couldn't even get inside her room without stepping all over stuff and I knew that somewhere, if I dug deep, I would be able to find a bed in there. Also missing were several shoes, books, movies and who knew what else. At first I had her in there "helping" me...but after a little while, I realized all that was doing was giving me a headache because she inevitably had to play with every single item I handed her to put away and she wouldn't STOP singing. Now forgive me because I know what I am about to say is mean and bad and wrong and probably makes me a horrible mom...but listening to that child sing gives me a headache like nothing else. She has a beautiful voice and is a good singer for being only 6....the problem is that she picks a phrase to sing...and then she sings it over and Over and OVer and OVEr and OVER! AUGH! After about 20 times, I realize I am like a tea kettle that is about to BLOW! I have actually learned this about myself here recently. I can't stand any sound that repeats itself over and over. Even the turn signal on my vehicle bugs me. tick, tick, tick, tick....AUGH!
Anyway, back to the subject. Her room was actually much worse than I had even originally thought. The closet floor was jam packed as was the whole underneath of her bed. That child has more make up and hair stuff than I have ever seen. Seriously for like the first 5 years of her life, I think she got a package of play make up/hair bows and pony tail holders at every holiday and birthday. And me, being the way that I am, won't throw anything away if it is useable...so we have probably 300 ponytail holders at the moment. And that's me trying not to exaggerate. It could actually be more. Another thing I REALLY tried to throw away today but just couldn't was bottles of lotion. There were probably 10 bottles of lotion laying in her floor half empty without lids that I really wanted to just toss in the trash but this little voice inside me kept saying, "But there is still perfectly good lotion in there"...so I kept them. At least now its all organized and it's own place. That is, until she discovers where I put them and then I'll be picking them up again, probably.
I just don't understand why she can't appreciate a clean room. I've explained and explained to her how easy it would be to keep it all nice and neat the way it is right now if she would just put things away as she uses them...but her philosphy is, "I'll do it later". Of course, later never comes and then I end up spending half a day in there trying to clean it all up.
I need to figure out some kind of reward system or something for her room staying clean. Maybe that would work...?!?!
Anyway, that's what's been going on with me today....what fun huh?!
I will say that after all that cleaning, my mom called and asked if I wanted to go shopping with her for a little while and I did and it was wonderful. No kids...just me and my mom (and my aunt came too). It was so nice to stroll leisurly through the aisles...with no list and no whiny kids. yay!


Unknown said...

I had to laugh when I read this! Only b/c this morning the girls and I were cleaning there room too. They share a room, and usually I have them clean it every day. But you just miss onnnee day, and ka-boom!!! It's all over the place. We did a chart before that worked. Part of it was they were to make up their beds and put their jammies away right after breakfast. I have gotten in the habit of making them hang up their own clothes, too. Usually, about 30 minutes before bedtime. My biggest struggle is all of the little crafty things they bring home from church and just have to keep... where am I supposed to put all of that stuff?? I usually wait till they forget about it and throw it all away :(

KC said...

I have been working on "cleaning out/rearranging" Levi's room all day. So I feel your pain. He had so much stuff! I had two huge trash bags full for our g-sale (just of toys!), and then 1 trash bag full of actual Trash! I couldn't believe what a wreck it was. I worked on it all day. Right now all that is in there is a headboard/bed frame/mattress, and his large chest of drawers. I am re-arranging his room while he is at Granny's. my one chance to actually deep clean that room without the boys under-foot, making an even bigger mess. :)

Logzie said...

We make out kiddos clean up their room every night before bedtime so it never gets too bad.

Then in the morning they play again and one of their chores in the morning is to pick it up again before coming out of their room for the day...along with making beds and putting jammies on their beds and turning off lights and CD players...

One thing that helps us a ton though is a playroom. The only thing they have in their actual bedroom is books and only a few toys.

Good luck to you!