II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's in the little things that lets me know He loves me!

My God is an Awesome God!
It's late...12:21 am to be exact and I have to get up in less than 5 hours...and I should TOTALLY be going to bed now...BUT...I have to share a quick story with you while I can (meaning kids are sleeping and the house is quiet).
Monday started out as a BAAAAAD day for me. I woke up later than intended and started my work. I had a lot and should have gotten up extra early so I could get it done before the kids woke up...but...I hit snooze on the alarm oh...about 10 times and ended up getting up about an hour later than I had planned. Anyway, after only a few minutes of working, Grant got out of bed. Then followed Brooklyn. Once they are up, it's nearly impossible for me to sit at my computer and work. Someone needs something every 3 minutes and it's majorly frustrating. So, 2 hours later and lots of cartoons and mommy saying "Go AWAY from my DESK! I am WORKING! Go watch cartoons for a little while longer PUH-LEEZE!" I finally got finished. It was nearly 11 am by that point. Poor kids. So I quickly do my spell check, line count and then sent it off (by e-mail) to the dr. office. I left my office and ran to get a shower. My plan had been to get the kids and me all ready and spend the day "in town" doing some shopping and maybe a park for a picnic lunch. After my shower and getting the kids all dressed, I ran back to my computer for something real quick and noticed that I had a new e-mail from the dr. office. It said, "Jennifer, we are unable to open the work you sent today. It says the password is incorrect."
I pulled up the work that I had just done and entered the password to open the document. Sure enough, I got the same message. HOW could I have typed in the wrong password? I have been typing in this password every single day for over a year...AND...not only did I type it in wrong, but I had to have also typed in the password verification wrong too. At about this time, my heart sank into my stomach as it became clear that I would either have to miracuously figure out what combination of letters and numbers I had typed OR start ALL over!!! I tried everything I could think of. I entered in the correct password over and over and I tried all the keys close by to see if maybe one of my hands was off center, but no luck. I called my brother who is an IT tech...but he was unavailable. I called my husband and my mom, but of course, all they could do was listen to me cry. At about this time, Brooklyn came running to me saying that Grant was going to hit her with the paddle. In our house, we have a wooden paddle that is made out of a 1 x 4. Its in the shape of a paddle and it's OFF LIMITS to the kids. They are not EVER allowed to touch it and we only use it for major punishment. Well, sure enough, Grant had gotten up on top of a high shelf and gotten it down and was chasing Brooklyn around with it, trying to hit her. In a very stern voice, I told him to STOP and give it to me. But instead of listening, he just kept running. I ended up chasing him all over the house and when I finally got to him, I was STEAMING! I bent him over the recliner to give him a good swat but somehow in that split second he moved and turned and I ended up whacking him on the side (in the ribs). He cried and cried and I felt HORRIBLE. I kissed and hugged him and apologized but my emotions were out of control. Then all of a sudden my friend, Tori called me. Just out of the blue with nothing in particular to say. I was actually in a pretty bad mood and didn't feel like chatting but I vented to her about what was going on and she tried to cheer me up. She also said she was at Wal-Mart and shopping with her kids and it wasn't really that she needed to call me, but that she'd felt like God was telling her to call me for some reason. Hmmm...wow! So after I hung up with her, with tears in my eyes, I said, "God please. This is my heartfelt earnest prayer. I NEED your help! I opened my eyes to see a little box pop up on my screen that said "You've got a new e-mail from {my doctor's office}". I clicked to open it and read this, "Jennifer, I just tried the password again, and now it works."
My mouth dropped open! What? It opened? I wrote back to make sure and yep, she wrote me back and said that the very same password that we had both tried many times just minutes earlier...now worked. I had just witnessed a miracle folks! Now I was REALLY overwhelmed with emotion. My heart felt like it was going to burst. How deep is the love of Christ! That He would care about such a teensy little thing that meant so much to me. He knew there was no way my kids could endure another 2 hours of mommy sitting at the computer while they had to entertain themselves. He knew that I was at my breaking point. He loves me THAT much! Awesome! I called my mom to tell her the good news and I could hardly choke the words out through all the tears. The kids looked at me like I was crazy. I bet it did look weird--tears streaming down my smiling face. Quite an oxymoron to a child, I guess. I tried to explain to them it was tears of JOY. I loved and loved on them and said I was so sorry for being such a grouchy-pants all morning and that God had just answered one of my prayers and I was so happy, it made me cry.
Anyway, I know that was a long story...but it was such a big deal for me, I didn't want to leave any of the details out. I don't care what anyone says or thinks...that was no coincidence or luck...that was MY GOD showing me He loves me -- even in the little things.


KC said...

Isn't God Good?! I love it when he reveals himself to us like this.

Amos said...

Wow! That is such an awesome testimony. Remember to think on it or read it again when another trial comes your way. He is FAITHFUL!!!