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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Anybody hungry?

So...it's 4:20 Monday afternoon and I have been cooking for an hour now---spagetti with meat sauce AND italian sausage meatballs with fresh from the garden tomatoes, onions and bell peppers. Yum! I have also made a beautiful salad and garlic bread AND I made a New York style cheesecake this morning to have for our dessert. (it has to refridgerate for 3 hours before serving). It's been a nice day and I've been able to get my whole house "cleaned" (not really clean...but very neat and picked up and decently cleaned). I have also managed to get in a 1 hour Tae Bo work out and a shower AND I even did my hair and make up just so I'd look nice for my hubby. This is JUST the way I like things to be when Matt gets home from work at 4:30 pm every day. BUT...guess what? It was all for nothing because he just called and said he'll be working late, possibly all night. UGH! That's just great. Now I have enough food to serve a small army and hardly anyone to eat it. Matt's dad is here...and that's good...but I ate an apple with peanut butter at 3 pm and I'm not the tiniest bit hungry. The kids also had nachos at my mom's house an hour ago so they aren't hungry either so it's pretty much just 1 person who's gonna be eating. Good thing spagetti makes decent left overs!
Anyway, in all, it's been a really nice, peaceful day. I haven't left the house in about 28 hours and that is SO nice. It seems like I am always running here and there...which I like to do...but sometimes we just need a day or two at home.
I've wanted to blog all day but couldn't think of a single interesting thing to say...but now that I've got something to whine about...here I am! ha ha
On a different note: I canNOT believe that school starts in 10 days! That's NUTS! Did we even have a summer? It felt more like a spring break or something---2 weeks of warm but not hot weather. I guess it's actually been 9 weeks...but it sure hasn't felt like it. When I was a kid...it seemed like summer break lasted forever...but now that I am the parent...it certainly goes by WAY faster. I am excited/anxious to get back into a regular schedule though. I've already been thinking of some ideas that I hope to implement starting on the first day of school. One of them is a scheduled 45 minutes of play up stairs EVERY day---me AND the kids. We built that upstairs play room earlier this year and no one hardly ever goes up there. You'd think the kids would be up there all the time since about 90% of their toys are up there...but no. Weeks go buy without one person going up there. They just don't like to go up there by themselves for some reason. In any case, I figure if I schedule this 45 minutes of play each day...not only will we be making use of that wonderful, fun space...but I will also be giving them my much needed undivided attention for a little while every day. I also plan to plan-out healthy snacks for every day too. My kids seem to think that an unhealthy snack is something like a Snickers but a healthy snack is a bag of Doritos. ....?!?! Where they got that idea, I don't know...but we are going to start having things like veggies and fruits and cheese and crackers instead of nachos and cupcakes and soda. I think if I plan these snacks out at the beginning of the week and even prepare them...we will be much more likely to actually eat like this.
Well, I've rambled long enough. I guess I should get up from here and do something more productive with myself. I am hoping to get my house painted next weekend. That is, if I can get everything cleaned up, taped off and figured out (colors) by then. We'll see. These khaki walls are getting awfully boring.....
Love you all!
Enjoy your last full week of Summer break! Spend lots of quality time with your kiddos!


Unknown said...

Wow!! You got a lot accomplished today! That is amazing. Your dinner sounds lovely, sorry that your hubby won't be there to enjoy it. Wish we could come over :)

Can't believe this is your last week of summer. School here doesn't start till September.

KC said...

Wow, ya'll do start school early. I remember when we lived up there, we always started school at the beginning of August also.

Levi doesn't start until August 27. So I at least have a few more weeks to get ready. I am also setting 1hr of each day aside to just spend time playing with the kids. They are loving it!

Girl, I feel you pain. I made such a wonderful/special dinner and got dressed really cute, for my hubby for V-Day last year. Then he didn't even get home until close to 11pm. I was so upset! But that is just something we have to learn to deal with....since we both have husbands who are "on call", and in businesses where they can't just leave when it is time to go...only when the work is done. :)