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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Quick Kidney Stone Update:

I know you guys are probably wondering what's been going on with me since the whole emergency room incident a few nights ago. Well, I ended up passing one stone on Monday evening. But knowing that there was still one more to go, I went to the hospital and had an x-ray on Tuesday and then went to a urologist. He basically told me that yes, according to the report from the ER, I should still have another 4 mm stone up in there trying to come out. The one that I passed was only 1 mm. However, the kind of x-ray that I got doesn't show stones that are composed of uric acic and because the pH of my urine was very high, he suspected that is what the 4 mm stone was made of..So...consequently, he couldn't really tell me much of anything. We ended up deciding that I would just go about my life per normal...but keep a bottle of pain meds close by just in case. I am supposed to call him if/when the pain returns. He also instructed me to start taking pain pills the minute I feel an ounce of pain. Because kidney pain is fast and severe, he said if you don't catch it right away, it will very quickly turn into pain that can't be controlled with pills and will require a shot.
S00000000, everything was going great; I was feeling totally fine. I was SO excited to get back to the gym today and get in a good work out. Which I did. All was well, until about half an hour after my work out when I got THAT pain back in my back. It wasn't severe...and I had to question "is this REALLY happening again" but the longer I went through the day...the more it increased. Now normally I would have taken a pain pill right at that moment, but I wasn't at home and didn't have any and I still had a Wal-Mart trip to make. So, I did my shopping quickly and got home and took a pain pill. That was at about 4 pm. I've been fine ever since...so I don't know what to think. I mean, of course I am glad I am not hurting...but at the same time I wish I knew if this was all over with or if I am going to be going through it all again. ugh.
Anyway, I hated to leave you all hanging since I titled that last post "I thought I was dying".
I'll keep you updated on what happens next!
By the way, here's an interestng tidbit of info I got from the urologist that everyone can use: He said that it's a common myth that urine is supposed to be yellow, but in reality, urine that has any yellow to it is a sign of dehydration. He said that the color of your urine is a good gauge: if it is clear, you're well hydrated, but the darker yellow it is...the more severely you are dehydrated! Also, he said that if a person were to drink enough water a day...they'd NEVER have kidney stones. He explained that if you put a Tbs. of sugar in a shot glass...it would just sit there but if you but a Tbs. of sugar in a gallon bucket...it would dissolve. Well, that's how it is with our kidneys. If we drink enough water to filter out all that stuff....everything works great...but if we don't...that stuff sits down there in the bottom and crystalizes into little stones thus giving us kidney stones. You better believe I am gonna be one water-guzzlin' girl from now on!! :o)


KC said...

I am so glad to know that you are doing better. I will continue to keep you in my prayers though, that the other stone will pass quickly and you will not be in any more pain.
Love ya!

Logzie said...

Thanks for the update...I was thinking about you non stop!

Yes, I have heard that about urine also...and that's why it's always darker when you wake up in the morning...your not drinking water during the nighttime...

Glad you are doing better!

Amos said...

Holy Hannah! I leave the state and you keel over in pain!!! I am glad that you are feeling better. At least for now. I will see you on Tuesday! Has it stopped raining yet? I hope so!

Logzie said...


Love ya girl!