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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I feel dumb asking this, but.....

Hey ya'll. So, I've been shopping around at T-Mobile.com for a new ringtone. I have a few contenders...but I have a question. I don't know who to ask this to...so I am just gonna put it out there for the whole wide world to read (as if everyone reads my blog--ha ha) but anyway, and see what ya'll think.
Would it be bad or sound conceitful if I have the song "Brick House" as my ring tone?
To be totally honest with you, I have never known what that song was talking about...I've just always loved its groovy tune. So, I looked it up at www.wikipedia.com and apparently the term "She's a brick house" refers to a woman who is very voluptuous. "Hmmm...," I thought, "I sorta fit that category." so I almost downloaded it but then I thought..."Hmmm..., I wonder what other people will think about me thinking that about myself?" So I hesitated.
This question is almost an oxymoron considering my current ringtone is "This is why I'm Hot". Even that one, I downloaded because I think it's such a fun song and I really hadn't considered what other people might think about it (like that they'd think I am saying that I, Me, Jennifer is hot).
Another question I have...what do ya'll think about using songs for ringtones that you like the sound of...but don't necessarily agree with the lyrics? I am referring to songs like Carrie Underwood's song about bashing her boyfriends car and stuff like that. There is another song out right now that I like but when I pulled up the lyrics and read them, there were parts of the song that mentioned drinking and had some sexual connotations and I didn't know if that would be "bad" for me to have for my ring tone. Now, mind you, the part of the song that would be the ring tone has none of that in it...but still...the song does. And when I say "bad", I am meaning as a Christian, married woman.
I guess what I am really trying to ask in synopsis is: How much does your ringtone really say about YOU? It is just a fun song you like to listen to...or is it supposed to be indicative of what you believe or how you live your life? I'm sure a good portion of that answer would be "it depends on each individual person" but I am just asking in general, what do ya'll think?

By the way, since I mentioned Wikipedia, I thought I'd explain what that is for those of you who don't know because it is SUCH a cool online resource. Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia and it is mostly used to define or explain slang words. It is written by the public. So when a word is made up...for instance...when people started saying things were "the bomb"...someone could go to Wikipedia and put what they thought that meant. As many people as want to can enter a definition...but...you also vote on what you believe to be the correct definition and the one with the most votes will be listed first and as the strongest definition. As you know with slang words, there isn't an actual "correct" definition necessarily, but it is nice to know what the general public thinks they mean before you go off using them. Anyway, this is important to you and me because at some point our cute little kiddos are probably going to come home from school and say some word that we've never heard and we are gonna need to know what they are talking about. Hooray...now we can find out without ever having to ask them. Although, there's a good chance even they won't know what it means too! When Brooklyn was only 4 years old, she came home from preschool telling me, "Mom, I had fun today at school playing with all my peeps." I was like, "your what?" As far as I knew, "peeps" were those little sugary bunnies you get at Easter time. However, apparently, "peeps" also now refers to your friends, your buddies.
Okay, so if you've never been there, go check out that website and see what some of the words the kids are using today really mean!


mr zig said...

I say go with Brick House. I think don't think people will really think about the meaning of the song when they hear it... in most cases they will think - Hey, cool song! - or Hey, I remember that song! -

Currently I have a ringtone that sings "I got my Mojo Working Babe, and i'm going ta try it on you...." - See, I'm a married man, and no, i'm not going to try to work my Mojo on anyway, and I don't think people think that... its just a cool song as my rington. Having said all that I am not about to have "gangster rap" with swear words as my ringtone because THAT probably would say something about me that I wouldn't want it to say.

Sometimes I think as christians we can just enjoy songs for songs and we don't always have to agree with the "lifestyle" of the artist, or even with the message of the song.

Thats what I think :)

Jenelle said...

If you wouldn't want your kids singing the lyrics, I wouldn't use it. That's my test.

Unknown said...

Hmmm... I never really thought much about it before. I've always just used the ring tones provided. But, I did feel pretty special when my husband chose Johnny Cash "Because you're mine, I walk the line" for his ring tone. So, I guess, without realizing it, the ring tone does mean something to me.

I've always used Wikipedia to look up information about famous people. Never even thought of looking up slang words... thanks for the heads up! :)

Logzie said...

Girl...I think...you think TOO much! HA! *smile*

I say you do what you want to do. The Holy Spirit will convict you if you are doing something you shouldn't. Who cares what others think?

I agree with Zig that we can enjoy songs for songs and don't always have to agree with the lifestyle of the artist etc. and then couple that with what Jenelle said about watching what your children listen to...just like movies. You wouldn't watch a nasty violent movie but you would watch something that maybe your children shouldn't but that's ok b/c your an adult.

I don't know...I don't do anything with ring tones...just don't have the time...but I would say you chose whatever song you want to and enjoy it!

KC said...

I just always use the ring tones that come with my phone. I have never even thought about "buying" a ring tone. I did hear someones the other day and it was "Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do?" I thought, "That's cool!" (Especially with Stephen's profession).

But I would be afraid that I would forget to turn my ringer off before church and be sitting there, and all of the sudden some song start playing out of my purse! haha

Ok, am I just old fashioned or what? You have me filling really "out dated"! haha Yes I know, that big 3-0 is less than a month away now! haha

KC said...

sorry, forgot something!

Girl, if you want "Brickhouse", go for it. That is a fun upbeat song. If I heard that one someone's phone, I wouldn't think "who does she think she is?" I would think "Cool! How do I get that on my phone?!" haha :)

Jen said...

thanks ya'll! I went with Brick house and I love it! You guys are the best!
Love, Jen