II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

i AM a loser!!!

That is a confession by the way. In this post the word 'loser' refers to losing weight. I have been stuck around 145 forever it seems but lately, I've put on a couple of pounds and I VOW to NEVER have to change the scale over to the 150 again (on old-timey scales like we have at the gym and dr. office)which means I better take control QUICK! I'm probably only a pound or two away from 150 right now so it's back on the losing track for me. I figure I've got another couple of months before I have to start wearing jeans so that gives me just enough time to lose 15 pounds so they'll fit nicely. 2 months=8 weeks so @ 2 lbs./week = 16 pounds!!! Who wants to do it with me? Just think by October 20th, you could be SIXTEEN pounds lighter! It will be so much easier if I can get a group of my friends to do this with me and we can all encourage each other and hold one another accountable!! Each night, I will try to post my calorie count for the day and my exercise log so you can see what I am doing. There is no doubt I can do this and I have no doubt that you can too. It's just two months worth of dedication and will be WAYYYYYY worth it! So come on! Leave me a comment if you're gonna join me, okay!? I am getting excited already just thinking about it.
By the way, here is my plan: I am going to limit myself to no more than 1200 calories/day and exercise at least some every day. My goal is to walk on my treadmill, mow the yard or go to aerobics every day (one of the 3). I will also start doing 30 push ups/day, 100 crunches on my exercise ball/day and a few other stationary exercises. I will also up my water intake as much as possible although I am NOT a big drinker but it really helps to fill me up. If nothing else, I will try to make myself drink a whole glass of water before each meal to take up some room. I will not weigh myself more than once a week (even though it's tempting to do it every day--its depressing when you don't see the numbers go down right away---and they won't. But, after a week, you should see something.)
So, that's it. I hope you'll join me and be 15 pounds lighter in 2 months. What have you got to lose?


Logzie said...

Ok...I am scared to "commit" b/c I have never been sucessful at dieting...but I will give it my best shot! I am so glad you are doing this!! Can you also post like what your typical meals are? That will help me too. I have never counted calories...it always seemed so intimidating. Also, like a daily schedule maybe like when you are doing the excercizes-n-such (fitting it in with the kids etc.). UGH...I am nervous...but glad at the same time!!! I am finally down to 171.5 and I just can't wait to see something in the 160's!! The 150's would be TOO COOL!!!

Rachael said...

hey, you know I am with you. I still have beeen counting my calories most of the time. but have been messing up too. I need to be strict and do it again like before. Also I should really throw in some exercise, that seems to be my real weakness. So here we go again. love ya Rach

KC said...

Woo-Hoo!!! Jenni I am SO PROUD of you!!! You CAN do this, and you WILL! If I have to call you everyday, and hold you accountable, I will! It is so worth it, and you will feel so much better!
I am now only 4 lbs away from my goal...but this is always the hardest to lose! Once I get there, my "treat" will be my first every pedicure.
Be sure and set "small" goals, not just the bottom line...that way you always have a "reachable" goal and it keeps you inspired to keep going.
Love you Girl, and I am right here with you every step of the way!!!