II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Current Events:

For those of you familiar with JBF, you will understand what I mean when I sing "She work's hard for the money!" I've been trying to "get it together" for about 3 weeks now but I couldn't find hangers anywhere...which is why my kids clothes are laying in heaps in the floor of their closets. I had to steal all their hangers. Not that they care, I think they like the idea of just throwing their clean clothes in a pile in the floor instead of hanging them all up nice and neat! ha ha

In other news, after a brief complaint from Brooklyn of a sore throat and earache this morning, I made her a last minute dr. appointment for this afternoon. Once there, we found out she had strep throat and an ear infection so I had them swab Grant's throat to check him and sure enough, he has strep too! I was just SO surprised since neither of them has really been complaining (more than normal anyway). Praise God that I was able to get them in today instead of having to wait until Monday! Maybe we caught it early enough that they didn't really feel too much pain.

Also, my grandpa passed away on Wednesday. It was pretty tragic since he hadn't been ill or anything. On Tuesday, he just fell (we aren't sure why--maybe a stroke or heart attack??) but he hit his head and I guess was bleeding pretty badly. My sister, who was there with him, took him to the hospital where they said he was bleeding on his brain and really there was nothing they could do. He passed away the following night. I haven't seen him in nearly 10 years (except at my grandma's funeral about 3 years ago) so it's not terribly saddning for me. Actually, I think he will be much happier to be with my grandma again and in heaven. About 3 months ago, he rededicated his life to God and got baptized. I told my mom...that is what you call "Blessed Assurance!" Last night, I was on the phone talking with my mom, who is staying at his house, and she told me that a few months ago when her and my dad were there, she was going through the house dusting and when she came to a particular picture of my grandma that was sitting beside his bed, she picked it up to dust it off and she had noticed that the whole picture was dusty except for two little lines on top of her lips...where he had been kissing her goodnight! She dusted it before she comprehended what the little lip-marks were. Anyway, last night she was back in his room and she said the picture was just as dusty as it had been months earlier...except for the kiss mark...it was back! Isn't that just the sweetest thing ever? She is going to put that picture in the coffin with him and think that is exactly where it belongs.

Grant starts preschool on Tuesday and I am excited about that. We missed the "Meet Your Teacher" thing which was this morning. For some reason, I thought it was on Sunday, so I was pretty bummed that we missed it, but it probably wouldn't have been good to have him there around all the kids since he has strep throat anyway. I just hope when I take him on Tuesday morning...he doesn't freak out since he won't know the teacher or any of the kids or even what is going on.

Well, that is about it for now. Hope you all have a great weekend! Keep your cool!


Logzie said...

My eyes welled up with tears when I read about the dusty picture of your grandma that your grandpa kissed! That is just the SWEETEST thing ever...true love! I am sorry for your loss. But...how awesome is it that he rededicated his life and was baptized only 3 months ago!!! Praise God! Sorry also to hear about the kids with strep throat. I was sure that Kenzie had it last week and I brought her in to the doc and they swabbed her throat and it was negative...and in a couple days she was fine. I hate sickness!!!! Again, sorry to hear about your Grandpa but just think...he is kissing her lips again right now!

KC said...

Girl this post hit close to home. Since I just lost my Papaw. But my Nanny is still here, and she is grieving. We know he is in no more pain, and he is with God now. So that gives some comfort doesnt' it.
That was the sweetest story! It sounds like the makings of a "hallmark" movie! Talk about a tear jerker! I bawled while reading this.

How did Grant do with starting pre-school?

Love ya girl,