II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

2 + 1 more = too many

So....picture this....I run in the door after having been to aerobics and the dollar store with both kids. I am soaked in sweat, have my hands full of bags and the kids are crying/screaming/yelling at me and each other. I get just inside the house, drop the bags, all except one, and run into the bathroom. I lock the door and open up the little box that holds the key to my future. It's long and white and will eventually show either 1 or 2 pink stripes. Yes, folks...I am talking about a pregnancy test. I pee into a cup, use the enclosed dropper to drop 4 "drips" into the "well" and sit down on the toilet seat to wait. While I am waiting for those little stripes to appear, my two existing children are outside the bathroom door banging on it with all of their might screaming "MAWMEE-MAWMEE-MAWMEE-MAWMEE". All I can think is "Oh Dear God....if this test comes up positive, I am gonna need some major therapy!" Finally, the longest 3 minutes of my life is up and there is only ONE PINK LINE! HOORAY! (by the way, for you male readers...that means negative) For an instant, relief floods my being. Then seconds later, the analytical part of my brain kicks in and I start to analyze how accurate a $1.00 pregnancy test from the dollar store could possibly be. I realize now, when doing something such as a PREGNANCY TEST...it is probably better not to skimp and buy the ultra-generic-cheap version. (but in my defence, it did say Compare to EPT). Anyway, I have decided to give my body another month to welcome the monthly visitor before I do anymore "testing." For those of you who do not know this, I have an IUD in place which is 99.9% effective in preventing pregnancy so this should not even be an issue. That coupled with the fact that we share our bed with a 5-year-old should be 100% effectiveness! ha ha. According to the brochure, like 90% of women with IUD's experience very light or no periods at all. Me on the other hand...well, I haven't been so fortunate---at least not up until this past month. Anyway, I will certainly let you all know if there is anything interesting to report next month.

In other news, Matt and I go for counseling at our church Saturday to discuss Brooklyn's issues with fear and bedtime. I am very excited to come up with some possible solutions to this problem! School starts next Wednesday and I definitely need to get her going to bed at a reasonable time again before then!

I enrolled Grant in preschool today. He will be going on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's for 3 hours in the morning. It won't be a huge help to me since those are the days and times that I go to the gym (and he usually just goes in the nursery anyway) but I know it will be good for him to make some friends and be around other kids his age. Also, they don't allow them to wear diapers to class...so he has to wear underwear or pull-ups. The teacher said that they will have a sticker chart in the bathroom and will get stickers every time they go potty in the toilet. She said they do a potty break about every 30 minutes so hopefully that will catch any accidents. I am really looking forward to getting him potty trained. For the past few months, he has had some major resistance to having his diaper changed and he would gladly wear the same diaper ALL day soaking wet than to have me change it. I don't know what's up with that...but I will be glad when we can just put diapers behind us and start getting some use out of all the cute underwear I've bought him.

Lastly--But certainly not leastly---(is leastly a word? Probably not!) Anyway...we are FINALLY getting our upstairs done. Like really. I think they will be starting on it in the next day or two. We have finally picked out every single thing and met with every single person and finalized all the plans. Now I'm just waiting to see some action! I will try to get up there and take some "before" pictures tomorrow so I can be sure to keep you all updated on the progress. It's going to be SO wonderful once it's done. I expect it to be the favorite room of the entire house eventually.

okay, well this turned out to be long and I need to get to bed so this is goodnight!


KC said...

Girl, you are the second "close" friend of mine who had to take a Prego-Test this month! haha Talk about scary! I couldn't even imagine having another one now...good thing to, since we had Stephen permanently "fixed"! haha But seeing a newborn baby, does make me think about it and how much I love babies...but then I think "good thing we are fixed, I know this feeling will pass as soon as this kid starts crying! haha"

Amy said...

Wow, Jenni! I can't imagine having 2 kids, much less a third! When that maternal instinct kicks in and I start longing for a baby of my own, I just go down the hall from my classroom to spend a few hours in the infant room. There are 6 babies in there and MAN, that will cure that feeling quickly! :) Maybe some day, but not right now!
Of course, then I have my family reminding me that..."Amy, you know you're 28 now. You can start having kids any time. Don't want to wait too late!" Thanks guys. Like I need that reminder!