II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Monday, July 10, 2006

July Tenth Two Thousand and Six

Sooo...I just had to edit my profile to change my age from 27 to 28. Not cool. Still, I thank my lucky stars I am still a couple of years away from 30! I don't know what my big hang-up about the age 30 is, but I definitely have one. It's only when we're talking about me though. It's totally cool for my friends to be 30. I've even come to terms with the fact that my husband is 30. But me? No thank you...I'll pass! ha ha
Anyway, I really just wanted to write a little something and tell you how my day went. This week is VBS (vacation bible school) at our church and I have volunteered to be the kindergarten teacher, so today, I started out my day (8:30-noon) with about 100 kids (30 kindergartners)! It was a little crazy, but fun and I know tomorrow will go much smoother. The REALLY cool thing about today was that Matt took off work, so we got to work together for once! It was wonderful. He is so good with the kids and they took to him right away. He is so much less insecure than I am. When we started singing songs and doing silly hand movements, he was right in there with the kids doing all the movements. Me on the otherhand, felt kinda goofy and wondered how silly I must look. (I hate that about myself!) Anyhow, after that, we went to the BIG waterpark in our town. I say BIG because we have been to several of the area waterparks and I thought they were big. Ha--this place was too big. It's just too hard to keep up with 2 kids at a place like that. Plus, Grant hasn't a care in the world. He just runs here and there, falling in every so often like it's no big deal. He acts like he couldn't care less that we are running after him pulling him up out of the water everytime he goes under. What a goofball! Brooklyn has gotten so much braver than last summer. She goes down all the kid-sized slides and has a blast. After about 3 hours at the waterpark, it started thundering and lightening and they closed the park so we decided to go catch a movie. We saw Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan and it was so cute. I think we all enjoyed it. When we got home, Matt and the kids gave me my birthday card and gift, which was a Lampe Berger. I know, you are going "what the heck is that?" ha ha...well, I don't even really know a whole lot about it, but it's this little glass vase thing that you fill with oil (he bought me Green Apple) and then you light the burner for 2 minutes, then blow it out and it is supposed to make your whole house smell good for about 12 hours afterwards. I had seen one at this little shop and mentioned to him that I wanted one about a month ago. He was SO good to remember and go back and buy it for me. What a great guy I got me! ---which is why I need to get off this computer and get in there with him! Goodnight.....cha cha cha!!!


Amos said...

Yes turning 30 seems to feel really strange, but the awesome part is that if you still have young children you don't feel "old". It is just an age and even though you may feel old, on the outside you will not look it or even act like it. You are full of energy and spunk Jen so don't be nervous at all. It just gets even better! Love you, Amy T

KC said...

Jen we are so much alike it is scary! haha I feel the exact same way about turning 30! Next month I will turn 29, and I dread it being my last year as a "twenty-something" young woman....I feel like hitting 30 will make me "old"...but I have friends who are, and they look great, so I don't know what my hang-up is about it. Something about always thinking 30 was old, when I was a kid I guess. But Stephen turned 30 last year, and I gave him a hard time about it, so I am afraid I may be in for it next year! :o haha