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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hi, My name is "Me"

Monday night at gymnastics, the coach asked Grant what his name was. He replied, "Me". She asked him again and he replied, "Me". She then looked at me and I explained that his name is actually Grant but he only refers to himself as "me" (me did it---me hungry---me go too) so I guess maybe he thinks that is his name. I don't know but it was funny! Anyway, this got me to thinking of a few other words he says that are really cute. Now I will admit, before I had children and sometimes even after I had my kids, I am not usually amused by other peoples children's inability to say words correctly. And, Brooklyn spoke perfectly clearly from the time she was 10 months old and had very little trouble ever pronouncing a word correctly. Grant, however, has had a much harder time with words and I happen to think some of his "mess ups" are just adorable. So...here they are:
Morn = more...he has just always put that 'n' on the end of it and now we all find ourselves doing the same thing. ha ha
gwain = green
lellow = yellow
wed = red
boo = blue
ernge = orange
gant = Grant
poopy head = term of endearment
wuv oou = I love you


Logzie said...

I know what you mean. Logan used to say "8, 9, 10" when he meant ALOT. Those were the biggest #'s he knew at the time and to him that meant 'tons'. Measurements are SO hard for kids to understand so eventually we began to 'speak his language' and would say "8, 9, 10" to eachother also. It just became a phrase we used around the house. It became a joke with some of our friends but in time, they too started using it. Crazy!!

KC said...

Haha! He sounds just like Seth! Seth says some of those same words like that. He also says "E-vi" for Levi. It is so cute! Of course when Levi was little, he couldn't say his own name, so he called himself "La-lee". haha It was hilarious! I have him saying that on Video!
This was adorable, thanks for sharing!
Love ya Girl

Amy said...

In my family, we've had quite a few kids that took a little while to learn how to say things correctly. We have a TON of things that we say just to each other (not around other people) that sound so weird!
A few examples:
1. hocks and hoos = socks and shoes
2. shootmoo = bathing suit (I have NO IDEA about this one!)
3. Fick Shil-A = Chic fil-A
4. swanyich = sandwich
5. Moggie = Grammy (this one got EVERYONE calling this particular lady Moggie!)

We have tons more, but I'm sure you can see they just get weirder and weirder. :)

What a cute post, Jen!

Anonymous said...

I suppose to Grant I must be "Aunt Poopy Head" hee hee. You should consider getting these words and phrases that he says on a recording that you can file away in a hope chest of treasures that you will look through often in the later years of your adult life. It will make you cry to actually hear your babies voices as well as looking at their baby photos.