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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Saturday was my mom's 58th birthday. For some reason, her birthday is always one that seems to somehow get over-looked. We never do anything special for her birthday---and as a matter of fact, I can't really remember EVER celebrating her birthday other than just having a cake. So...this year, since my grandma is (still) with us (she's been very sick) and my aunt is down visiting, my dad was home and my brother and his family were in town, I decided to plan a party. We all got dressed up and went to ShoGun for dinner. I even took the kids to a babysitter's so it was just us adults! (VERY rare for Matt and I to get to do anything with my parents without the kids---since 99% of the time--THEY are the babysitter's).
We had a great dinner and made sure to get lots of pictures. My dad paid the whole bill which was GIGANTIC, so that was a big, unexpected treat for all of us! After that, everyone came back to my house for cake and my special banana pudding (my mom's favorite!) and she opened her gifts. It was a really special night for her I think. My dad, who is Mr. Macho and NEVER hardly EVER shows any kind of a soft side---was VERY emotional that night and could NOT stop talking about how wonderful my mom is and how lucky he is to have her and how he's so sad that he hasn't realized that all these years! Several times throughout the night I saw he had tears in his eyes. That would be a first for me...to see him cry. He is gruff and stern and serious and a manly-man. But I am SO glad to finally see this softer side of him! I knew it was in there! For the past several years, he has been working "away" meaning he's gone for weeks at a time and I think it's really beginning to hit him now--how special family is and how priceless the time we get to spend with each other is. Hallelujah!!
Anyway, here are some pics of our fun night out! This one is of the whole gang:
L-R: Chantel, my dad, me, matt, my mom, my grandma, my aunt, my SIL and my brother.
Me and my hubby---happy to be with all adults!! :o)My mom and dad--looking happy and in love even after all these years! (30 yrs. of marriage!)My brother and his wife. Some of my favorite people in the whole world. This is the brother who drew my butterfuly tattoo for me!
Mom blowing out her candles and opening her presents!


Kate said...

How sweet! Is that a Japanese style hibachi restaurant? Those are awesome! mmmmm, and now I want some bread pudding . . .

Glad you got to enjoy a night out w/ the adults. Happy Birthday MJ's Mom!

Teresa said...

Why is it when a marriage is thriving...it just makes me feel so much better?? Probably b/c you hear of so much divorce and hurting going around that it's just refreshing to hear that your Daddy is still in love with your Mommy and maybe he wasn't as good at showing it to her for a while but atleast now he is! Now is their time!

Thanks for sharing...it brought tears to my eyes!!

Amos said...

Ah, Happy Birthday Carol!!! How sweet of you to get the whole family together and go out for a nice meal. I bet she felt really special.

Tammy said...

Yay for your mom! I'm sure she deserves every minute of that special treatment. And your dad getting emotional is just too sweet. God Bless them and their marriage.

Anonymous said...

Guess what I found the other day?!?
A graduation card from you, your mom and your dad.
I it has a $10 bill and a dime (STILL) taped to the inside.
I always loved your mom and dad!
Tell them hi for me.