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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aug 27-Nov 27 = 90 days!

So...guess what I just realized? That 90 days from today, August 27 is THANKSGIVING DAY! That means that if we ALL start today...we can be looking WAY good by then! I know this is the wrong blog for this...but I wanted to extend the invitation to ALL my friends and readers and not just those of you who read my P90X blog. So, here's my plan: Let's commit to one another to ALL get at least SOME kind of exercise every day for the next 90 days. That's simple enough, right? I am doing P90X again...but you don't have to do something like that...just make an effort to do SOMETHING. My suggestion would be do some kind of weights every other day and do some kind of cardio every other day. For instance, you could work your arms & abs on Monday, cardio on Tuesday, work on your shoulders/back & abs on Wednesday, cardio on Thursday, work your legs & abs on Friday, cardio on Saturday and on Sunday, do little intervals--5 min. of weights alternating with 5 min. of cardio. That's just a suggestion...but that would be a way to get your whole body worked each week.
Of course, if you also make some changes to your diet..you'll see results MUCH faster! Anyway, feel free to check in with me daily on my P90X blog and leave me comments to let me know you're in this with me.
Thanksgiving is around the corner either way--whether you do it or not...so what have you got to lose? (besides flab? :o)
***By the way, if any of you are interested in doing the P90X program with me, I would be happy to make you a copy of the written work outs. I can't copy the DVD's...but you really don't have to have them. They have the entire workouts written out (including warm up and cool down) in the manual. Just leave me a comment and let me know. **Serious requests only though...since it would be a LOT of copying (paper, ink & postage) to send it to you. :o)


tori said...

i was thinking just recently about getting my butt back in shape... well myself too. :) so i have made a conscious effort to exercise almost daily and make changes in my diet. today i got up early and ran a mile and then after the boys were off to school grace and i went to the Y. i did an hour cycling class and then 15 minutes of abs. my eating today has been ok. for breakfast i made a fruit smoothie with lowfat yogurt, strwberries, 1 banana, blueberries and a dash of OJ. after my workout, i had a protein bar. for lunch i ate a spinach salad with turkey, WW croutons,tomato, and a splash of dressing. i just now had a granola bar for snack. dinner is going to be talapia (SP?) so far so good. thanks for the encouraging!!!

Kate said...

lol - so glad you brought this up. Thanksgiving is my next big goal date and now I'll have some support if I work on it with ya! Thanks Jen. I'm going to be posting about this on my blog as well.

Yeah, I'm so excited! Great minds think alike. I think I'll actually take some "before" pictures tonight so it'll motivate me to get started NOW! I'm at 137, but it's not a firm 137 if you catch my drift. I need to spend a lot more time on strength training and less focus on cardio. I just had my first Wellness Team meeting at work, so I'm extra motivated today. We CAN do this :)

Anonymous said...

So...the first thing that came to mind when you said it's exactly 90 days until Thanksgiving Day was panic! Because most likely less than a week later we'll be welcoming this new baby. That seems SO close!! Realizing it's less than 100 days - and putting it in days, not months - makes it seem much closer too.

So, I can't join you girls on the "losing weight & getting in shape thing" between now & then and will most likely be gaining weight instead. Maybe I can join for the next round after the first of the year - once he gets here?? Good luck ladies!

home4mk said...

my husband is on board and we are currently cleaning out our recently moved in garage for our tv/workout area for in the mornings. i am so excited and ready to WOW relatives over the thanksgiving holiday! we are looking to purchase p90. i would love to get the material you are offering! thank you for the encouragement!

Tammy said...

Now that Emma is going to preschool, I am going to try and carve out some more time for myself, but unfortunately I don't have the kind of time I would like. Basically I'll have 45 minutes from the time I get home from work until I need to pick her up. I'll be spending that time at the track. At least it's SOMETHING.

Tammy said...

Oh yeah, AWESOME job on your P90X Journey! The pictures were AMAZING and inspiring!!!