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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gas Prices Rising---a reason to be Thankful

How many of you, like me, have used the rising gas prices to get out of going somewhere?
I didn't realize it, but as I am sitting here at my desk working, I am thinking about something I am supposed to do today, but don't really want to. AH HA!! I have the perfect reason I can't go---gas. It's not a lie either...I mean, this place I should be going...it's a good half-hour drive there and back...which does mean a lot of gas. A full hour of driving would probably cost me at LEAST $5 in gas...maybe more. I'm not good at figuring out the numbers, but I know I fill up ($60) once every 5 days or so.
Anyway, as I started thinking of it, I have actually been able to use the high gas prices to my advantage SEVERAL times in the recent months. And...no one can disagree either. I mean, especially for me, who lives in the boonies and has to drive a minimum of 20 minutes to get ANYWHERE. It seems ridiculous to drive all the way into town just to go somewhere for an hour (to do something that technically I could do just as well at home) and then have to drive another 30 minutes all the way back. Who can argue with that? Of course, if it was something I REALLY wanted to do....I'd still do it regardless.
Oh for pete's sake...why am I trying to be so elusive? What I'm talking about here is going to the gym. As I mentioned before...my gym...the one I've been going to for 4 1/2 years has closed its doors for remodeling for the next 6 months. My only options now are to 1) stay at home and do my P90X workouts only or 2)Drive to another town and go to that gym. I have a friend who also lives in my town who has been inviting me to come to the gym she is working out at during this time. And as much as I already miss the gym and my classes..I just can't justify driving all that way to do a work out when I can just pop in a DVD at home and do the same thing. I guess if I really, really, really wanted to go...I'd just do it and forget about the gas.
Anyway, I can think of at least 2 more times just this PAST WEEK that I have turned something down because of "the gas prices" and I just wondered...do any of you do this too?
Of course, we all probably stay home more now to save on gas...but I'm talking about using the gas prices as your excuse for getting out of something that you don't WANT to do.


Amy said...

I can totally relate. I've recently been helping out a friend and her wheelchair-bound mom by driving to her house and doing some cleaning or taking her mom to dr's appts or whatever they need. I feel so good helping out but they live 45 minutes from my house! And gas prices being what they are, this does NOT allow me to be able to help out much at all lately. But I feel terrible just sitting at home when they need all the help they can get! I know they understand and they do sometimes compensate me for gas but I hate that high prices and a long drive keep me from helping out as much as I could if they lived next door.
Jason usually takes my car and leaves his gas guzzler truck at home to save $. Trouble is, it's a stick shift and I have no idea how to drive it. So I end up feeling totally trapped at home and going stir-crazy just because gas is so expensive. We REALLY need to get him a newer ride that's better on gas!!!

Jenelle said...

I occassionally use the excuse of gas, but it is more of a factor in deciding between what I want to do and what I really NEED to do.

Teresa said...

We set up a budgeted amout for our gas and we don't go over that amount. So, what that has meant is that we go a lot less places lately. I am finding creative ways to overcome this like finding free events to attend and then b/c it's free, I can justify the gas money and the extra comes out of our 'entertainment' budget and not our 'gas' budget.

Another thing it has meant is that I am paying more for my groceries at the smaller local grocery store b/c it's closer. Yes, I can get WAY better deals at the larger chain store but I would make up for it in the gas money it takes to drive further so it's a wash. Acutally, it takes more time to drive to the bigger store so it's just plain better to get ripped off on my groceries at the smaller local store. LOL! Of course, when I am out near the bigger store I stock up!!